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Proceedings of the 2006 ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

Fullname:VRST'06 ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
Editors:Mel Slater; Yoshifumi Kitamura; Ayellet Tal; Angelos Amditis; Yiorgos Chrysanthou
Location:Limassol, Cyprus
Dates:2006-Nov-01 to 2006-Nov-03
Standard No:ISBN: 1-59593-321-2; Order Number: 609060; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: VRST06
  1. Human factors I
  2. Tracking
  3. Rendering I
  4. Haptics & interaction
  5. Cultural heritage, education, and entertainment
  6. Characters & cities
  7. Rendering II
  8. Interaction
  9. Navigation
  10. Hardware & systems
  11. Collaboration
  12. Haptics in VR (special session)
  13. Modeling
  14. Human factors II
  15. Tutorial I
  16. Tutorial II
Scientific challenges ingame technology BIBAFull-Text 1
  Mark Overmars
Real images for virtual reality BIBAFull-Text 2
  Luc Robert

Human factors I

Perceptual sensitivity to visual/kinesthetic discrepancy in hand speed, and why we might care BIBAKFull-Text 3-8
  Eric Burns; Frederick P. Brooks
Evaluating the effectiveness of occlusion reduction techniques for 3D virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 9-18
  Niklas Elmqvist; M. Eduard Tudoreanu
Evaluating the effects of real world distraction on user performance in virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 19-26
  Yi Wang; Kunmi Otitoju; Tong Liu; Sijung Kim; Doug A. Bowman
The benefits of third-person perspective in virtual and augmented reality? BIBAKFull-Text 27-30
  Patrick Salamin; Daniel Thalmann; Frédéric Vexo
Mixed reality: are two hands better than one? BIBAKFull-Text 31-34
  Aaron Kotranza; John Quarles; Benjamin Lok


Development of a tracking method for augmented reality applied to NPP maintenance work and its experimental evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 35-44
  Zhiqiang Bian; Hirotake Ishii; Masanori Izumi; Hiroshi Shimoda; Hidekazu Yoshikawa; Yoshitsugu Morishita; Yoshiki Kanehira
Sceptre: an infrared laser tracking system for virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 45-50
  Christian Wienss; Igor Nikitin; Gernot Goebbels; Klaus Troche; Martin Göbel; Lialia Nikitina; Stefan Müller
Spatial input device structure and bimanual object manipulation in virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 51-60
  Arjen van Rhijn; Jurriaan D. Mulder
Interactive modelling and tracking for mixed and augmented reality BIBAKFull-Text 61-64
  R. Freeman; A. Steed

Rendering I

Traversal fields for ray tracing dynamic scenes BIBAKFull-Text 65-74
  Peijie Huang; Wencheng Wang; Gang Yang; Enhua Wu
Pyramidal displacement mapping: a GPU based artifacts-free ray tracing through an image pyramid BIBAKFull-Text 75-82
  Kyoungsu Oh; Hyunwoo Ki; Cheol-Hi Lee
Novel view generation for a real-time captured video object BIBAKFull-Text 83-86
  Hua Chen; Peter F. Elzer
Hardware-accelerated jaggy-free visual hulls with silhouette maps BIBAKFull-Text 87-90
  Chulhan Lee; Junho Cho; Kyoungsu Oh

Haptics & interaction

A fluid resistance map method for real-time haptic interaction with fluids BIBAKFull-Text 91-99
  Yoshinori Dobashi; Makoto Sato; Shoichi Hasegawa; Tsuyoshi Yamamoto; Mitsuaki Kato; Tomoyuki Nishita
Interaction techniques in large display environments using hand-held devices BIBAKFull-Text 100-103
  Seokhee Jeon; Jane Hwang; Gerard J. Kim; Mark Billinghurst
Simple user-generated motion cueing can enhance self-motion perception (Vection) in virtual reality BIBAKFull-Text 104-107
  Bernhard E. Riecke
Separating the effects of level of immersion and 3D interaction techniques BIBAKFull-Text 108-111
  Ryan P. McMahan; Doug Gorton; Joe Gresock; Will McConnell; Doug A. Bowman
Limpid desk: see-through access to disorderly desktop in projection-based mixed reality BIBAKFull-Text 112-115
  Daisuke Iwai; Kosuke Sato

Cultural heritage, education, and entertainment

Usability evaluation of the EPOCH multimodal user interface: designing 3D tangible interactions BIBAKFull-Text 116-122
  Panagiotis Petridis; Katerina Mania; Daniel Pletinckx; Martin White
Entertainment virtual reality system for simulation of spaceflights over the surface of the planet Mars BIBAKFull-Text 123-132
  Ricardo Olanda; Manolo Pérez; Pedr Morillo; Marcos Fernández; Sergio Casas
A versatile large-scale multimodal VR system for cultural heritage visualization BIBAKFull-Text 133-140
  Chris Christou; Cameron Angus; Celine Loscos; Andrea Dettori; Maria Roussou
System and infrastructure considerations for the successful introduction of augmented reality guides in cultural heritage sites BIBAKFull-Text 141-144
  Athanasios M. Demiris; Vassilios Vlahakis; Nicolaos Ioannidis

Characters & cities

From motion capture to action capture: a review of imitation learning techniques and their application to VR-based character animation BIBAKFull-Text 145-154
  Bernhard Jung; Heni Ben Amor; Guido Heumer; Matthias Weber
Real-time generation of populated virtual cities BIBAKFull-Text 155-164
  Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira; Soraia Raupp Musse
From motion capture data to character animation BIBAKFull-Text 165-168
  Gaojin Wen; Zhaoqi Wang; Shihong Xia; Dengming Zhu
Learning system for human motion characters of traditional arts BIBAKFull-Text 169-172
  Yoshinori Maekawa; Takuya Oda; Taku Komura; Yoshihisa Shinagawa

Rendering II

Utilizing jump flooding in image-based soft shadows BIBAKFull-Text 173-180
  Guodong Rong; Tiow-Seng Tan
Layered probability maps: basic framework and prototype system BIBAKFull-Text 181-188
  Yutaka Kunita; Masahiro Ueno; Keiji Tanaka
Dynamic load-balanced rendering for a CAVE system BIBAKFull-Text 189-192
  Tetsuro Ogi; Takaya Uchino
Dynamic aspects of real-time face-rendering BIBAKFull-Text 193-196
  Yvonne Jung; Christian Knöpfle


Interactive editing of segmented volumetric datasets in a hybrid 2D/3D virtual environment BIBAKFull-Text 197-206
  Alexander Bornik; Reinhard Beichel; Dieter Schmalstieg
Robust line tracking using a particle filter for camera pose estimation BIBAKFull-Text 207-211
  Fakhreddine Ababsa; Malik Mallem
A reprocessing tool for quantitative data analysis in a virtual environment BIBAKFull-Text 212-215
  E. J. Griffith; M. Koutek; F. H. Post; T. Heus; H. J. J. Jonker
The development of glove-based interfaces with the TRES-D methodology BIBAKFull-Text 216-219
  José P. Molina; Arturo S. García; Diego Martinez; Francisco J. Manjavacas; Victor Blasco; Victor López; Pascual González


Supporting guided navigation in mobile virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 220-226
  Rafael Garcia Barbosa; Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues
Navigation aids for multi-floor virtual buildings: a comparative evaluation of two approaches BIBAKFull-Text 227-235
  Luca Chittaro; Subramanian Venkataraman
Z-Goto for efficient navigation in 3D environments from discrete inputs BIBAKFull-Text 236-239
  Martin Hachet; Fabrice Decle; Pascal Guitton
3D visualization technologies for teleguided robots BIBAKFull-Text 240-243
  Salvatore Livatino; Filippo Privitera

Hardware & systems

The illusionhole with polarization filters BIBAKFull-Text 244-251
  Yoshifumi Kitamura; Tomokazu Nakayama; Takashi Nakashima; Sumihiko Yamamoto
Extending the scene graph with a dataflow visualization system BIBAKFull-Text 252-260
  Michael Kalkusch; Dieter Schmalstieg
Media productions for a dome display system BIBAKFull-Text 261-264
  Athanasios Gaitatzes; Georgios Papaioannou; Dimitrios Christopoulos; Gjergji Zyba
Analytical compensation of inter-reflection for pattern projection BIBAKFull-Text 265-268
  Yasuhiro Mukaigawa; Takayuki Kakinuma; Yuichi Ohta


P2P Network for very large virtual environment BIBAKFull-Text 269-276
  Romain Cavagna; Christian Bouville; Jerome Royan
Dynamic interactive VR network services for education BIBAKFull-Text 277-286
  Krzysztof Walczak; Rafal Wojciechowski; Wojciech Cellary
Are two heads better than one?: object-focused work in physical and in virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 287-296
  Ilona Heldal; Maria Spante; Mike Connell

Haptics in VR (special session)

A differential method for the haptic rendering of deformable objects BIBAKFull-Text 297-304
  Remis Balaniuk
A framework for bounded-time collision detection in haptic interactions BIBAKFull-Text 305-311
  Maurizio de Pascale; Domenico Prattichizzo
Tactylus, a pen-input device exploring audiotactile sensory binding BIBAKFull-Text 312-315
  Ernst Kruijff; Gerold Wesche; Kai Riege; Gernot Goebbels; Martijn Kunstman; Dieter Schmalstieg
Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation for pseudo-haptic feedback BIBAKFull-Text 316-319
  Ernst Kruijff; Dieter Schmalstieg; Steffi Beckhaus
A haptic toolkit for the development of immersive and web-enabled games BIBAKFull-Text 320-323
  E. Ruffaldi; A. Frisoli; M. Bergamasco; C. Gottlieb; F. Tecchia


PNORMS: platonic derived normals for error bound compression BIBAKFull-Text 324-333
  João Fradinho Oliveira; Bernard Francis Buxton
Intuitively specifying object dynamics in virtual environments using VR-WISE BIBAKFull-Text 334-337
  Bram Pellens; Frederic Kleinermann; Olga De Troyer
A robust method for analyzing the physical correctness of motion capture data BIBAKFull-Text 338-341
  Yi Wei; Shihong Xia; Dengming Zhu
Developing a 3D simulated bio-terror crises communication training module BIBAKFull-Text 342-345
  Edward Carpenter; Induk Kim; Laura Arns; Mohan J. Dutta-Berman; Krishna Madhavan
Simplified animation circuit for metadata-based behavior model query and retrieval BIBAKFull-Text 346-349
  Tien-Lung Sun; Yu-Lun Chang

Human factors II

Control of eye-movement to decrease VE-sickness BIBAKFull-Text 350-355
  Michiteru Kitazaki; Tomoaki Nakano; Naoyuki Matsuzaki; Hiroaki Shigemasu
Hand-held virtual reality: a feasibility study BIBAKFull-Text 356-363
  Jane Hwang; Jaehoon Jung; Gerard Jounghyun Kim
Presence in response to dynamic visual realism: a preliminary report of an experiment study BIBAKFull-Text 364-367
  Pankaj Khanna; Insu Yu; Jesper Mortensen; Mel Slater
The impact of immersive virtual reality displays on the understanding of data visualization BIBAKFull-Text 368-371
  Ahmed Bayyari; M. Eduard Tudoreanu
Effects of physical display size and amplitude of oscillation on visually induced motion sickness BIBAKFull-Text 372-375
  Hiroaki Shigemasu; Toshiya Morita; Naoyuki Matsuzaki; Takao Sato; Masamitsu Harasawa; Kiyoharu Aizawa
Variations in physiological responses of participants during different stages of an immersive virtual environment experiment BIBAKFull-Text 376-382
  Andrea Brogni; Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy; Anthony Steed; Mel Slater

Tutorial I

Building a complete virtual reality application BIBAFull-Text 383
  Franco Tecchia

Tutorial II

Virtual reality systems and applications BIBAFull-Text 384
  A. Gaitatzes; G. Papaioannou; D. Christopoulos