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Proceedings of the 2003 ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

Fullname:VRST'03 ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
Location:Osaka, Japan
Dates:2003-Oct-01 to 2003-Oct-03
Standard No:ISBN: 1-58113-569-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: VRST03
  1. Keynote
  2. Algorithms
  3. Real-time rendering
  4. Interaction techniques
  5. VR based entertainment & education
  6. Authoring tools & systems
  7. Distributed VR
  8. Devices
  9. Haptics
  10. Human factors in collaborative virtual environment


Perceptive agents and systems in virtual reality BIBFull-Text 1-3
  Demetri Terzopoulos
Virtual unreality: storytelling in virtual environments BIBFull-Text 4-6
  Marc Cavazza


Partitioning crowded virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 7-14
  Anthony Steed; Roula Abou-Haidar
Significant facet retrieval for real-time 3D sound rendering in complex virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 15-21
  Chris Joslin; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Time-critical collision detection using an average-case approach BIBAKFull-Text 22-31
  Jan Klein; Gabriel Zachmann

Real-time rendering

Real-time reflection on moving vehicles in urban environments BIBAKFull-Text 32-40
  Alexandre Meyer; Céline Loscos
Real-time rendering of woven clothes BIBAFull-Text 41-47
  Neeharika Adabala; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann; Guangzheng Fei
Incremental rendering of deformable trimmed NURBS surfaces BIBAKFull-Text 48-55
  Gary K. L. Cheung; Rynson W. H. Lau; Frederick W. B. Li
A real-time shadow approach for an augmented reality application using shadow volumes BIBAKFull-Text 56-65
  Michael Haller; Stephan Drab; Werner Hartmann

Interaction techniques

Interactive modeling of trees by using growth simulation BIBAKFull-Text 66-72
  Katsuhiko Onishi; Shoichi Hasuike; Yoshifumi Kitamura; Fumio Kishino
A comparative study on user performance in the Virtual Dressmaker application BIBAKFull-Text 73-80
  Markus Wacker; Stanislav L. Stoev; Michael Keckeisen; Wolfgang Straßer
Information-rich virtual environments: theory, tools, and research agenda BIBAKFull-Text 81-90
  Doug A. Bowman; Chris North; Jian Chen; Nicholas F. Polys; Pardha S. Pyla; Umur Yilmaz

VR based entertainment & education

The ANIMUS project: a framework for the creation of interactive creatures in immersed environments BIBAKFull-Text 91-99
  Daniel Torres; Pierre Boulanger
Alternative reality: a new platform for virtual reality art BIBAKFull-Text 100-107
  Marc Cavazza; Simon Hartley; Jean-Luc Lugrin; Mikael Le Bras
Tele-sports and tele-dance: full-body network interaction BIBAKFull-Text 108-116
  Benjamin Schaeffer; Mark Flider; Hank Kaczmarski; Luc Vanier; Lance Chong; Yu Hasegawa-Johnson

Authoring tools & systems

Towards virtual environment authoring tools for content developers BIBAKFull-Text 117-123
  Mark Green
A novel method for supporting collaborative interaction management in Web-based CVE BIBAKFull-Text 124-131
  Qingping Lin; Weihua Wang; Liang Zhang; Tian Fook Choo
Mimicking video: real-time morphable 3D model fitting BIBAKFull-Text 132-139
  Kazuhiro Hiwada; Atsuto Maki; Akiko Nakashima

Distributed VR

The role of structural reflection in distributed Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 140-149
  Paul Okanda; Gordon Blair
Deployment issues of a VoIP conferencing system in a Virtual Conferencing Environment BIBAKFull-Text 150-159
  R. Venkatesha Prasad; Richard Hurni; H. S. Jamadagni; H. N. Shankar
A scalable dynamic load distribution scheme for multi-server distributed virtual environment systems with highly-skewed user distribution BIBAKFull-Text 160-168
  Kyungmin Lee; Dongman Lee


Super wide viewer using catadioptrical optics BIBAKFull-Text 169-175
  Hajime Nagahara; Yasushi Yagi; Masahiko Yachida
Performance evaluation of programmable graphics hardware for image filtering and stereo matching BIBAKFull-Text 176-183
  Kaoru Sugita; Takeshi Naemura; Hiroshi Harashima
The optical tweezers: multiple-point interaction technique BIBAKFull-Text 184-187
  Sergey V. Matveyev; Martin Göbel


A haptic feedback device based on an active mesh BIBAKFull-Text 188-195
  Andrea Mazzone; Christian Spagno; Andreas Kunz
Novel actuators for haptic displays based on electroactive polymers BIBAKFull-Text 196-204
  Andrea Mazzone; Rui Zhang; Andreas Kunz
The CAT for efficient 2D and 3D interaction as an alternative to mouse adaptations BIBAKFull-Text 205-212
  Martin Hachet; Pascal Guitton; Patrick Reuter

Human factors in collaborative virtual environment

Visual attention based information culling for Distributed Virtual Environments BIBAFull-Text 213-222
  Ashweeni Kumar Beeharee; Adrian J. West; Roger Hubbold
A model of dynamic interest management: interaction analysis in collaborative virtual environment BIBAKFull-Text 223-230
  Dawei Ding; Miaoling Zhu
Design and evaluation of team work in distributed collaborative virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 231-238
  Gernot Goebbels; Vali Lalioti; Martin Göbel