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Virtual Reality 4

Standard No:ISSN 1359-4338 (print) EISSN 1434-9957 (online)
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  1. VR 1999-03 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. VR 1999-06 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. VR 1999-09 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. VR 1999-12 Volume 4 Issue 4

VR 1999-03 Volume 4 Issue 1

Guest editorial -- Collaborative virtual environments BIBFull-Text 1-3
  E. Churchill; D. Snowdon
An active worlds interface to Basic Support for Cooperative Working (BSCW) to enhance chance encounters BIBAKFull-Text 4-14
  A. Huxor
Spin: A 3D interface for cooperative work BIBAKFull-Text 15-25
  C. Dumas; G. Saugis; S. Degrande; P. Plénacoste; C. Chaillou; M. Viaud
Virtual environments for work, study and leisure BIBAKFull-Text 26-37
  I. Tomek; R. Giles
Human-systems interaction for virtual environment team training BIBAKFull-Text 38-48
  L. McCarthy; R. Stiles; W. L. Johnson; J. Rickel
Nonverbal communication interface for collaborative virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 49-59
  A. Guye-Vuillème; T. K. Capin; S. Pandzic; N. Magnenat Thalmann
Constructing social systems through computer-mediated communication BIBAKFull-Text 60-73
  B. Becker; G. Mark
Empathy online BIBAKFull-Text 74-84
  J. Preece

VR 1999-06 Volume 4 Issue 2

Natural language control of interactive 3D animation and computer games BIBAKFull-Text 85-102
  M. Cavazza; I. Palmer
Creating natural language interfaces to VR systems BIBAKFull-Text 103-113
  S. S. Everett; K. Wauchope; M. A. Pérez Quiñones
Spoken language and multimodal applications for electronic realities BIBAKFull-Text 114-128
  A. Cheyer; L. Julia
ICOME: An Immersive Collaborative 3D Object Modelling Environment BIBAKFull-Text 129-138
  C. Raymaekers; T. De Weyer; K. Coninx; F. Van Reeth; E. Flerackers
Calibration of electromagnetic tracking devices BIBAKFull-Text 139-150
  V. Kindratenko

VR 1999-09 Volume 4 Issue 3

Foreword: Applications of virtual environments and wearable computers for medicine BIBFull-Text 151
The Wearable Motherboard™: The first generation of adaptive and responsive textile structures (ARTS) for medical applications BIBAKFull-Text 152-168
  C. Gopalsamy; S. Park; R. Rajamanickam; S. Jayaraman
Virtual reality in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation BIBAKFull-Text 169-183
  S. Di Girolamo; W. Di Nardo; P. Picciotti; G. Paludetti; F. Ottaviani
Ophthalmoscopic examination training using virtual reality BIBAKFull-Text 184-191
  D. Lee; M. Woo; D. Vredevoe; J. Kimmick; W. J. Karplus; D. J. Valentino
Virtual risks: Rich domain risk and technology transfer failure as design criteria in the Sheffield Knee Arthroscopy Trainer (SKATS) BIBAKFull-Text 192-202
  Professor J. G. Arthur; A. D. McCarthy; C. Baber; P. J. Harley
Banded matrix approach to Finite Element modelling for soft tissue simulation BIBAKFull-Text 203-212
  J. Berkley; S. Weghorst; H. Gladstone; G. Raugi; D. Berg; M. Ganter
Using virtual reality techniques in maxillofacial surgery planning BIBAKFull-Text 213-222
  P. Neumann; D. Siebert; A. Schulz; G. Faulkner; M. Krauss; T. Tolxdorff
Application of virtual reality in hospital facilities design BIBAKFull-Text 223-234
  V. Giallorenzo; P. Banerjee; L. Conroy; J. Franke
Simulation of frontal orbital advancement BIBAKFull-Text 235-240
  H. A. Grabowski; S. Hassfeld; R. Krempien; J. Münchenberg; J. Brief

VR 1999-12 Volume 4 Issue 4

Editorial BIBFull-Text 241-242
The reality of medical work: The case for a new perspective on telemedicine BIBAKFull-Text 243-249
  R. Rajani; M. Perry
Evaluating the effectiveness of augmented reality displays for a manual assembly task BIBAKFull-Text 250-259
  K. M. Baird; W. Barfield
Peltier Haptic Interface (PHI) for improved sensation of touch in virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 260-264
  P. Sines; B. Das
ICOME: An Immersive Collaborative 3D Object Modelling Environment BIBAKFull-Text 265-274
  C. Raymaekers; T. De Weyer; K. Coninx; F. Van Reeth; E. Flerackers
Virtual marketplaces: Building Management Information Systems for internet brokerage BIBAKFull-Text 275-290
  T. Kollmann