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Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction
Editors:Jiawan Zhang; Gennaro Costagliola; Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
Location:Tianjin, China
Dates:2013-Aug-17 to 2013-Aug-18
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-1988-1; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: VINCI13
Links:Conference Website
  1. Full papers
  2. Posters
  3. Demo
  4. Keynote speeches (abstracts)

Full papers

Constructing collaborative services through augmented documents and objects BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Paolo Bottoni; Kamen Kanev; Nikolay Mirenkov
Multilevel interaction model for hierarchical tasks in information visualization BIBAFull-Text 11-16
  Lei Ren; Jin Cui; Yi Du; Guozhong Dai
Visually modelling data intensive web applications to assist end-user development BIBAFull-Text 17-26
  Vincenzo Deufemia; Chris D'Souza; Athula Ginige
A microstructure evolution visualization method based on neutrosophic set theory and cellular automaton technique BIBAFull-Text 27-33
  Haifeng Li; Dayi Yang; Yangyang Fu; Hujie Huang; Hongyuan Fang
Intent-driven model synthesis BIBAFull-Text 34-43
  Mofei Song; Feiqian Zhang; Zhengxing Sun; Yan Zhang
Visual analysis of retweeting propagation network in a microblogging platform BIBAFull-Text 44-53
  Quan Li; Huamin Qu; Li Chen; Robert Wang; Junhai Yong; Detan Si
ERELT: a faster alternative to the list-based interfaces for tree exploration and searching in mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 54-63
  Abhishek P. Chhetri; Kang Zhang; Eakta Jain
Time-space varying visual analysis of micro-blog sentiment BIBAFull-Text 64-71
  Chenghai Zhang; Yuhua Liu; Changbo Wang
Culture influence on aesthetic perception of Chinese and western paintings: evidence from eye movement patterns BIBAFull-Text 72-78
  Zaijia Liu; Xianjun Sam Zheng; Mingyang Wu; Rui Dong; Kaiping Peng
Visualizing large trees with divide & conquer partition BIBAFull-Text 79-87
  Jie Liang; Simeon Simoff; Quang Vinh Nguyen; Mao Lin Huang
3DRC: a novel technique in evaluating stakeholders project views BIBAFull-Text 88-96
  Rossella Aiello; Giancarlo Nota; Gennaro Costagliola; Fabrizio Torre
A novel map-based visualization method based on liquid modelling BIBAFull-Text 97-104
  Robert P. Biuk-Aghai; Wai Hou Ao


Euler diagram codes: interpretation and generation BIBAFull-Text 105-106
  Paolo Bottoni; Gennaro Costagliola; Mattia De Rosa; Andrew Fish; Vittorio Fuccella
Best view selection of 3D models based on unsupervised feature learning and discrimination ability BIBAFull-Text 107-108
  Chenxi Li; Zhengxing Sun; Mofei Song; Yejia Zhang
Visual and interactive analysis of a large collection of open data with the relative neighborhood graph BIBAFull-Text 109-110
  T. Liu; F. Bouali; G. Venturini
Exploring mapping-based visualisations of large remote image databases BIBAFull-Text 111-112
  William Plant; Gerald Schaefer
A method of hierarchical time-series data visualization BIBAFull-Text 113-114
  Ning Li; Zhifang Jiang; Zixiang Liu; Xiangxu Meng
Air pollution data visualization based on the shape of a tree BIBAFull-Text 115-116
  Xiaoting Bi; Zhifang Jiang; Shenghui Cheng; Xiangxu Meng


Demonstrating data using storyboard visualization tool BIBAFull-Text 117
  Gerry Derksen; Stan Ruecker; Tim Causer; Melissa Terras

Keynote speeches (abstracts)

Interaction and evaluation techniques for information visualization: future directions BIBAFull-Text 118
  Andreas Kerren
Interdisciplinary studies on information art & design BIBAFull-Text 119
  Ying-Qing Xu
"Big picture": mixed-initiative visual analytics of big data BIBAFull-Text 120
  Michelle X. Zhou
Visualisation of large image collections BIBAFull-Text 121
  Gerald Schaefer