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User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction 9

Editors:Alfred Kobsa
Standard No:ISSN 0924-1868 (print) EISSN 1573-1391 (online)
Links:link.springer.com | Table of Contents
  1. UMUAI 1999-04 Volume 9 Issue 1/2
  2. UMUAI 1999-09 Volume 9 Issue 3
  3. UMUAI 1999 Volume 9 Issue 4

UMUAI 1999-04 Volume 9 Issue 1/2

Lifelike Pedagogical Agents for Mixed-initiative Problem Solving in Constructivist Learning Environments BIBAKFull-Text 1-44
  James C. Lester; Brian A. Stone
Mixed-Initiative Issues in an Agent-Based Meeting Scheduler BIBAKFull-Text 45-78
  Amedeo Cesta; Daniela D'Aloisi
Exploring Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Using Computer Dialogue Simulation BIBAKFull-Text 79-91
  Masato Ishizaki; Matthew Crocker
A Computational Mechanism for Initiative in Answer Generation BIBAKFull-Text 93-132
  Nancy Green; Sandra Carberry
User-Tailored Planning of Mixed Initiative Information-Seeking Dialogues BIBAKFull-Text 133-166
  Adelheit Stein; Jon Atle Gulla; Ulrich Thiel
An Approach to Mixed Initiative Spoken Information Retrieval Dialogue BIBAKFull-Text 167-213
  Eli Hagen

UMUAI 1999-09 Volume 9 Issue 3

Logic-Based Representation and Reasoning for User Modeling Shell Systems BIBAKFull-Text 217-282
  Wolfgang Pohl
Erratum BIBFull-Text 283

UMUAI 1999 Volume 9 Issue 4

A Fuzzy-Based Approach to Stereotype Selection in Hypermedia BIBAKFull-Text 285-320
  Luigi Di Lascio; Enrico Fischetti
Human Plausible Reasoning for Intelligent Help BIBAKFull-Text 321-375
  Maria Virvou; Benedict Du Boulay