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Proceedings of AH 2006 Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based Systems 2006-06-21

Fullname:Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems
Editors:Vincent P. Wade; Helen Ashman; Barry Smyth
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Dates:2006-Jun-21 to 2006-Jun-23
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2006, Volume 4018
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-540-34696-8 (Print) 978-3-540-34697-5 (Online); hcibib: UMAP06
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  1. Keynote Speakers
  2. Full Papers
  3. Short Papers
  4. Posters
  5. Doctoral Consortium

Keynote Speakers

Knowledge-Driven Hyperlinks: Linking in the Wild BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Sean Bechhofer; Yeliz Yesilada; Bernard Horan; Carole Goble
Scrutable Adaptation: Because We Can and Must BIBAFull-Text 11-19
  Judy Kay
Adapting NLP to Adaptive Hypermedia BIBAFull-Text 20
  Jon Oberlander

Full Papers

Cross-Technique Mediation of User Models BIBAFull-Text 21-30
  Shlomo Berkovsky; Tsvi Kuflik; Francesco Ricci
Authoring Adaptive Learning Designs Using IMS LD BIBAFull-Text 31-40
  Adriana J. Berlanga; Francisco J. García; Jorge Carabias
Ways of Computing Diverse Collaborative Recommendations BIBAFull-Text 41-50
  Derek Bridge; John Paul Kelly
Addictive Links: The Motivational Value of Adaptive Link Annotation in Educational Hypermedia BIBAFull-Text 51-60
  Peter Brusilovsky; Sergey Sosnovsky; Michael Yudelson
An Adaptive Personalized Recommendation Strategy Featuring Context Sensitive Content Adaptation BIBAFull-Text 61-70
  Zeina Chedrawy; Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
An Empirical Study About Calibration of Adaptive Hints in Web-Based Adaptive Testing Environments BIBAFull-Text 71-80
  Ricardo Conejo; Eduardo Guzmán; José-Luis Pérez de-la Cruz; Eva Millán
Combining Adaptive Hypermedia Techniques and Ontology Reasoning to Produce Dynamic Personalized News Services BIBAFull-Text 81-90
  Owen Conlan; Ian O'Keeffe; Shane Tallon
Social Navigation Support in a Course Recommendation System BIBAFull-Text 91-100
  Rosta Farzan; Peter Brusilovsky
Cooperating Search Communities BIBAFull-Text 101-110
  Jill Freyne; Barry Smyth
Temporal Rules for Predicting User Navigation in the Mobile Web BIBAFull-Text 111-120
  Martin Halvey; Mark T. Keane; Barry Smyth
The Value of QoE-Based Adaptation Approach in Educational Hypermedia: Empirical Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 121-130
  Cristina Hava Muntean; Jennifer McManis
GLAM: A Generic Layered Adaptation Model for Adaptive Hypermedia Systems BIBAFull-Text 131-140
  Cédric Jacquiot; Yolaine Bourda; Fabrice Popineau; Alexandre Delteil; Chantal Reynaud
Recomindation: New Functions for Augmented Memories BIBAFull-Text 141-150
  Carolin Plate; Nathalie Basselin; Alexander Kröner; Michael Schneider; Stephan Baldes
Automating Semantic Annotation to Enable Learning Content Adaptation BIBAFull-Text 151-160
  Jelena Jovanovic; Dragan Gasevic; Vladan Devedzic
A Scalable Solution for Adaptive Problem Sequencing and Its Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 161-171
  Amruth Kumar
Interactions Between Stereotypes BIBAFull-Text 172-181
  Zoë Lock; Daniel Kudenko
Adaptation of Cross-Media Surveys to Heterogeneous Target Groups BIBAKFull-Text 182-191
  Alexander Lorz
The Effect of Adapting Feedback Generality in ITS BIBAFull-Text 192-202
  Brent Martin; Antonija Mitrovic
An Authoring Tool for Building Both Mobile Adaptable Tests and Web-Based Adaptive or Classic Tests BIBAFull-Text 203-212
  Cristóbal Romero; Sebastián Ventura; Cesar Hervás; Paul De Bra
ASHDM -- Model-Driven Adaptation and Meta-adaptation BIBAFull-Text 213-222
  Patricia Seefelder de Assis; Daniel Schwabe; Demetrius Arraes Nunes
Visualizing Personal Relations in Online Communities BIBAFull-Text 223-233
  Andrew Webster; Julita Vassileva
A Comparative Study of Compound Critique Generation in Conversational Recommender Systems BIBAKFull-Text 234-243
  Jiyong Zhang; Pearl Pu

Short Papers

Adapting Educational Hypermedia to Interaction Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 244-248
  Alessandro Assis; Michael Danchak; Linda Polhemus
UbiquiTo-S: A Preliminary Step Toward Semantic Adaptive Web Services BIBAFull-Text 249-253
  Francesca Carmagnola; Federica Cena; Cristina Gena; Ilaria Torre
Considering Additional Adaptation Concerns in the Design of Web Applications BIBAFull-Text 254-258
  Sven Casteleyn; Zoltán Fiala; Geert-Jan Houben; Kees van der Sluijs
Towards Measuring the Cost of Changing Adaptive Hypermedia Systems BIBAFull-Text 259-263
  Nathalie Colineau; Cécile Paris; Ross Wilkinson
Adaptive Patient Education Framework Featuring Personalized Cardiovascular Risk Management Interventions BIBAFull-Text 264-268
  Selena Davis; Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
Using Contexts to Personalize Educational Topic Maps BIBAFull-Text 269-273
  Christo Dichev; Darina Dicheva
Combining Coherence and Adaptation in Discourse-Oriented Hypermedia Generation BIBAFull-Text 274-278
  Kateryna Falkovych; Federica Cena; Frank Nack
A Graph-Based Monitoring Tool for Adaptive Hypermedia Course Systems BIBAFull-Text 279-282
  Manuel Freire; Pilar Rodríguez
Much to Know About History BIBAFull-Text 283-287
  Eelco Herder; Harald Weinreich; Hartmut Obendorf; Matthias Mayer
Learning Object Context for Adaptive Learning Design BIBAFull-Text 288-292
  Jelena Jovanovic; Dragan Gasevic; Colin Knight; Griff Richards
Personalised Navigation System with Multidimensional Linkbases BIBAFull-Text 293-297
  Panchit Longpradit; Christopher Bailey; Wendy Hall; Gary Wills
Personalized Navigation in Open Information Space Represented by Ontology BIBAFull-Text 298-302
  Katarína Matusíková; Mária Bieliková
A Unified Approach to Adaptive Hypermedia Personalisation and Adaptive Service Composition BIBAFull-Text 303-307
  Ian O'Keeffe; Owen Conlan; Vincent Wade
Can Adaptive Systems Participate in Their Design? Meta-adaptivity and the Evolution of Adaptive Behavior BIBAFull-Text 308-312
  Alexandros Paramythis
A System for Adaptive Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 313-317
  Ioannis Psarras; Joemon Jose
Describing Adaptive Navigation Requirements of Web Applications BIBAFull-Text 318-322
  Gonzalo Rojas; Pedro Valderas; Vicente Pelechano
Learning Styles Adaptation Language for Adaptive Hypermedia BIBAFull-Text 323-327
  Natalia Stash; Alexandra Cristea; Paul De Bra
Context-Based Navigational Support in Hypermedia BIBAFull-Text 328-332
  Sebastian Stober; Andreas Nürnberger
Contextual Media Integration and Recommendation for Mobile Medical Diagnosis BIBAFull-Text 333-337
  David Wilson; Eoin McLoughlin; Dympna O'Sullivan; Michela Bertolotto


User Modelling: An Empirical Study for Affect Perception Through Keyboard and Speech in a Bi-modal User Interface BIBAFull-Text 338-341
  Efthymios Alepis; Maria Virvou
The AHES Taxonomy: Extending Adaptive Hypermedia to Software Components BIBAFull-Text 342-345
  Frank Hanisch; Meike Muckenhaupt; Franz Kurfess; Wolfgang Straßer
Web-Based Recommendation Strategy in a Cadastre Information System BIBAFull-Text 346-349
  Dariusz Król; Michaó Szymanski; Bogdan Trawinski
Topic-Centered Adaptive Curriculum for E-Learning BIBAFull-Text 350-353
  Yanyan Li; Ronghuai Huang
Semantic-Based Thematic Search for Personalized E-Learning BIBAFull-Text 354-357
  Yanyan Li; Ronghuai Huang
Adaptation in Adaptable Personal Information Environment BIBAFull-Text 358-361
  Thanyalak Maneewatthana; Gary Wills; Wendy Hall
Towards Formalising Adaptive Behaviour Within the Scope of E-Learning BIBAFull-Text 362-365
  Felix Mödritscher
Informing Context to Support Adaptive Services BIBAFull-Text 366-369
  Alexander O'Connor; Vincent Wade
eDAADe: An Adaptive Recommendation System for Comparison and Analysis of Architectural Precedents BIBAFull-Text 370-373
  Shu-Feng Pan; Ji-Hyun Lee
On the Dynamic Adaptation of Computer Assisted Assessment of Free-Text Answers BIBAFull-Text 374-377
  Diana Pérez-Marín; Enrique Alfonseca; Pilar Rodríguez
An Adaptive Hypermedia System Using a Constraint Satisfaction Approach for Information Personalization BIBAFull-Text 378-388
  Syed Sibte Raza Abidi; Yan Zeng
My Compiler Really Understands Me: An Adaptive Programming Language Tutor BIBAFull-Text 389-392
  Kate Taylor; Simon Moore

Doctoral Consortium

Adaptive Learning for Very Young Learners BIBAFull-Text 393-397
  J. Enrique Agudo; Héctor Sánchez; Mercedes Rico
A Collaborative Constraint-Based Adaptive System for Learning Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML BIBAFull-Text 398-403
  Nilufar Baghaei
Decentralized Mediation of User Models for a Better Personalization BIBAFull-Text 404-408
  Shlomo Berkovsky
From Interoperable User Models to Interoperable User Modeling BIBAFull-Text 409-413
  Francesca Carmagnola; Federica Cena
Assessment of Motivation in Online Learning Environments BIBAFull-Text 414-418
  Mihaela Cocea
User-System-Experience Model for User Centered Design in Computer Games BIBAFull-Text 419-424
  Ben Cowley; Darryl Charles; Michaela Black; Ray Hickey
Adaptive Support for Cross-Language Text Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 425-429
  Ernesto William De Luca; Andreas Nürnberger
Some Ideas for a Collaborative Search of the Optimal Learning Path BIBAFull-Text 430-434
  Sergio Gutiérrez Santos; Abelardo Pardo; Carlos Delgado Kloos
Interception of User's Interests on the Web BIBAFull-Text 435-439
  Michal Barla
Intervention Strategies to Increase Self-efficacy and Self-regulation in Adaptive On-Line Learning BIBAFull-Text 440-444
  Teresa Hurley
Dynamic Content Discovery, Harvesting and Delivery, from Open Corpus Sources, for Adaptive Systems BIBAFull-Text 445-451
  Séamus Lawless; Vincent Wade
Personalised Multimodal Interfaces for Mobile Geographic Information Systems BIBAFull-Text 452-456
  Eoin Mac Aoidh
A Model for Personalized Learning Through IDTV BIBAFull-Text 457-461
  Marta Rey-López; Ana Fernández-Vilas; Rebeca P. Díaz-Redondo
Performance Enhancement for Open Corpus Adaptive Hypermedia Systems BIBAFull-Text 462-466
  Lejla Rovcanin; Cristina Hava Muntean; Gabriel-Miro Muntean
Personalized Navigation in the Semantic Web BIBAFull-Text 467-471
  Michal Tvarozek