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Proceedings of the 1998 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1998 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Location:San Francisco, CA
Dates:1998-Nov-01 to 1998-Nov-04
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-034-1; ACM Order Number 429982; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST98
  1. Working the Web
  2. Visualization
  3. More than a Mouse
  4. Panel
  5. Blurring the Physical and Virtual
  6. Zoomable User Interfaces
  7. Demonstrations
  8. Enabling Architectures
  9. Information Rich Worlds
  10. Structuring Pen Input
  11. Fast Pen Input

Working the Web

Scratchpad: Mechanisms for Better Navigation in Directed Web Searching BIBAKPDF 1-8
  Dale Newfield; Bhupinder Singh Sethi; Kathy Ryall
Internet Scrapbook: Automating Web Browsing Tasks by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 9-18
  Atsushi Sugiura; Yoshiyuki Koseki


Constant Density Visualizations of Non-Uniform Distributions of Data BIBAKPDF 19-28
  Allison Woodruff; James Landay; Michael Stonebraker
Interactive Visualization of Serial Periodic Data BIBAKPDF 29-38
  John V. Carlis; Joseph A. Konstan
Popup Vernier: A Tool for Sub-Pixel-Pitch Dragging with Smooth Mode Transition BIBAKPDF 39-48
  Yuji Ayatsuka; Jun Rekimoto; Satoshi Matsuoka

More than a Mouse

Interaction and Modeling Techniques for Desktop Two-Handed Input BIBAKPDF 49-58
  Ken Hinckley; Mary Czerwinski; Mike Sinclair
An Insidious Haptic Invasion: Adding Force Feedback to the X Desktop BIBAKPDF 59-64
  Timothy Miller; Robert Zeleznik
Don't Click, Paint! Using Toggle Maps to Manipulate Sets of Toggle Switches BIBAKPDF 65-66
  Patrick Baudisch


Artists and Technologists Working Together BIBAKPDF 67-69
  Jon Meyer; Andrew Glassner; Scott Minneman; Michael Naimark; Loretta Staples

Blurring the Physical and Virtual

A User Interface using Fingerprint Recognition: Holding Commands and Data Objects on Fingers BIBAKPDF 71-79
  Atsushi Sugiura; Yoshiyuki Koseki
Informative Things: How to Attach Information to the Real World BIBAKPDF 81-88
  Rob Barrett; Paul P. Maglio
The Programmable Hinge: Toward Computationally Enhanced Crafts BIBAKPDF 89-96
  Thomas Wrensch; Michael Eisenberg

Zoomable User Interfaces

Critical Zones in Desert Fog: Aids to Multiscale Navigation BIBAKPDF 97-106
  Susanne Jul; George W. Furnas
MuSE: A Multiscale Editor BIBAKPDF 107-116
  George W. Furnas; Xiaolong Zhang


A Multiple Timeline Editor for Developing Multi-Threaded Animated Interfaces BIBAKPDF 117-118
  David Wolber
A Framework for Sharing Handwritten Notes BIBAKPDF 119-120
  Richard C. Davis; James Lin; Jason A. Brotherton; James A. Landay; Morgan N. Price; Bill N. Schilit
PadPrints: Graphical Multiscale Web Histories BIBAKPDF 121-122
  Ron R. Hightower; Laura T. Ring; Jonathan I. Helfman; Benjamin B. Bederson; James D. Hollan

Enabling Architectures

A Negotiation Architecture for Fluid Documents BIBAKPDF 123-132
  Bay-Wei Chang; Jock D. Mackinlay; Polle T. Zellweger; Takeo Igarashi
Supporting Worker Independence in Collaboration Transparency BIBAKPDF 133-142
  James "Bo" Begole; Mary Beth Rosson; Clifford A. Shaffer
Graphical Query Specification and Dynamic Result Previews for a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 143-151
  Steve Jones

Information Rich Worlds

Data Mountain: Using Spatial Memory for Document Management BIBAKPDF 153-162
  George Robertson; Mary Czerwinski; Kevin Larson; Daniel C. Robbins; David Thiel; Maarten van Dantzich
Audio Hallway: A Virtual Acoustic Environment for Browsing BIBAKPDF 163-170
  Chris Schmandt
Of Vampire Mirrors and Privacy Lamps: Privacy Management in Multi-User Augmented Environments BIBAKPDF 171-172
  Andreas Butz; Clifford Beshers; Steven Feiner
Path Drawing for 3D Walkthrough BIBAKPDF 173-174
  Takeo Igarashi; Rieko Kadobayashi; Kenji Mase; Hidehiko Tanaka

Structuring Pen Input

Spatial Interpretation of Domain Objects Integrated into a Freeform Electronic Whiteboard BIBAKPDF 175-184
  Thomas P. Moran; William van Melle; Patrick Chiu
Automatic Construction of Intelligent Diagram Editors BIBAKPDF 185-194
  Sitt Sen Chok; Kim Marriott
A Dynamic Grouping Technique for Ink and Audio Notes BIBAKPDF 195-202
  Patrick Chiu; Lynn Wilcox

Fast Pen Input

The Music Notepad BIBAKPDF 203-210
  Andrew Forsberg; Mark Dieterich; Robert Zeleznik
Integrating Pen Operations for Composition by Example BIBAKPDF 211-212
  Toshiyuki Masui
Cirrin: A Word-Level Unistroke Keyboard for Pen Input BIBAKPDF 213-214
  Jennifer Mankoff; Gregory D. Abowd
Quikwriting: Continuous Stylus-Based Text Entry BIBAKPDF 215-216
  Ken Perlin