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Proceedings of the 1996 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1996 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Location:Seattle, Washington
Dates:1996-Nov-06 to 1996-Nov-08
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-798-7; ACM Order Number 429962; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST96
  1. Keynote Speaker
  2. Papers: CSCW and Agents
  3. Papers: Information Visualization (TechNote)
  4. Papers: Information Visualization
  5. Papers: Practice
  6. Panel
  7. Keynote Speaker
  8. Papers: Virtual Reality (TechNote)
  9. Papers: Virtual Reality
  10. Papers: Virtual Reality (TechNote)
  11. Papers: Tools
  12. Banquet Speaker
  13. Papers: Constraints
  14. Papers: Interaction Techniques
  15. Papers: Interaction Techniques (TechNote)
  16. Papers: Programming by Demonstration

Keynote Speaker

Java: A Language Driven by a UI Vision BIB --
  James Gosling

Papers: CSCW and Agents

Efficient Distributed Implementation of Semi-Replicated Synchronous Groupware BIBAKPDF 1-10
  T. C. Nicholas Graham; Tore Urnes; Roy Nejabi
A Mechanism for Supporting Client Migration in a Shared Window System BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Goopeel Chung; Prasun Dewan
Adding a Collaborative Agent to Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 21-30
  Charles Rich; Candace L. Sidner

Papers: Information Visualization (TechNote)

A Viewer for Postscript Documents BIBAKPDF 31-32
  Adam Ginsburg; Joe Marks; Stuart Shieber

Papers: Information Visualization

Adding Imageability Features to Information Displays BIBAKPDF 33-39
  Matthew Chalmers; Robert Ingram; Christoph Pfranger
FOCUS: The Interactive Table for Product Comparison and Selection BIBAKPDF 41-50
  Michael Spenke; Christian Beilken; Thomas Berlage
3D Magic Lenses BIBAKPDF 51-58
  John Viega; Matthew J. Conway; George Williams; Randy Pausch

Papers: Practice

The VIEP System: Interacting with Collaborative Multimedia BIBAKPDF 59-66
  Steven L. Rohall; Eric P. Lahtinen
The "Growing Up" of HyperBraille -- An Office Workspace for Blind People BIBAKPDF 67-73
  Thomas G. Kieninger


Where is Information Visualization Technology Going? BIBAPDF 75-77
  Mountaz Hascoet-Zizi; Catherine Plaisant; Chris Ahlberg; Matthew Chalmers; Robert Korfhage; Ramana Rao

Keynote Speaker

3-D User Interfaces: When Results Matter BIB --
  Fred Brooks

Papers: Virtual Reality (TechNote)

The Go-Go Interaction Technique: Non-Linear Mapping for Direct Manipulation in VR BIBAKPDF 79-80
  Ivan Poupyrev; Mark Billinghurst; Suzanne Weghorst; Tadao Ichikawa
Head-Tracked Orbital Viewing: An Interaction Technique for Immersive Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 81-82
  David R. Koller; Mark R. Mine; Scott E. Hudson

Papers: Virtual Reality

Language-Level Support for Exploratory Programming of Distributed Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 83-94
  Blair MacIntyre; Steven Feiner

Papers: Virtual Reality (TechNote)

Aperture Based Selection for Immersive Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 95-96
  Andrew Forsberg; Kenneth Herndon; Robert Zeleznik
The Lego Interface Toolkit BIBAKPDF 97-98
  Matthew Ayers; Robert Zeleznik

Papers: Tools

XXL: A Dual Approach for Building User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 99-108
  Eric Lecolinet
Using the Multi-Layer Model for Building Interactive Graphical Applications BIBAKPDF 109-118
  Jean-Daniel Fekete; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Easily Adding Animations to Interfaces Using Constraints BIBAKPDF 119-128
  Brad A. Myers; Robert C. Miller; Rich McDaniel; Alan Ferrency

Banquet Speaker

User Interface Design in the Unreal World: What I Learned at Disney BIB --
  Randy Pausch

Papers: Constraints

Indigo: A Local Propagation Algorithm for Inequality Constraints BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Alan Borning; Richard Anderson; Bjorn Freeman-Benson
An Empirical Study of Constraint Usage in Graphical Applications BIBAKPDF 137-146
  Bradley T. Vander Zanden; Scott A. Venckus
Ultra-Lightweight Constraints BIBAKPDF 147-155
  Scott E. Hudson; Ian Smith

Papers: Interaction Techniques

A New Direct Manipulation Technique for Aligning Objects in Drawing Programs BIBAKPDF 157-164
  Roope Raisamo; Kari-Jouko Raiha

Papers: Interaction Techniques (TechNote)

Penumbrae for 3D Interactions BIBAKPDF 165-166
  Yuji Ayatsuka; Satoshi Matsuoka; Jun Rekimoto
Tilting Operations for Small Screen Interfaces BIBAKPDF 167-168
  Jun Rekimoto
Local Tools: An Alternative to Tool Palettes BIBAKPDF 169-170
  Benjamin B. Bederson; James D. Hollan; Allison Druin; Jason Stewart; David Rogers; David Proft
The Cage: Efficient Construction in 3D using a Cubic Adaptive Grid BIBAKPDF 171-172
  Patrick Baudisch

Papers: Programming by Demonstration

Simplifying Macro Definition in Programming by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 173-182
  Atsushi Sugiura; Yoshiyuki Koseki
Ambiguous Intentions: A Paper-Like Interface for Creative Design BIBAKPDF 183-192
  Mark D. Gross; Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Inductive Groups BIBAKPDF 193-199
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Xinyu Deng