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Proceedings of the 1994 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1994 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Location:Marina del Rey, California
Dates:1994-Nov-02 to 1994-Nov-04
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-657-3; ACM Order Number 429946; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST94
  1. Opening Plenary
  2. Visualization I
  3. Speech and Sound
  4. Groupware and 3D Tools
  5. Demos
  6. Demonstrational User Interfaces
  7. Visualization II
  8. Panel
  9. Constraints
  10. Drawing and Sketching
  11. Closing Plenary
  12. Two Hands and Three Dimensions

Opening Plenary

Creating the Invisible Interface BIBAPDF 1
  Mark Weiser

Visualization I

Galaxy of News: An Approach to Visualizing and Understanding Expansive News Landscapes BIBAKPDF 3-12
  Earl Rennison
Laying Out and Visualizing Large Trees Using a Hyperbolic Space BIBAKPDF 13-14
  John Lamping; Ramana Rao
Powers of Ten Thousand: Navigating in Large Information Spaces BIBAPDF 15-16
  Henry Lieberman
Pad++: A Zooming Graphical Interface for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics BIBAKPDF 17-26
  Benjamin B. Bederson; James D. Hollan
Reconnaissance Support for Juggling Multiple Processing Options BIBAKPDF 27-28
  Aran Lunzer

Speech and Sound

Putting People First: Specifying Proper Names in Speech Interfaces BIBAKPDF 29-37
  Matt Marx; Chris Schmandt
An Architecture for Transforming Graphical Interfaces BIBAKPDF 39-47
  W. Keith Edwards; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
ENO: Synthesizing Structured Sound Spaces BIBAKPDF 49-57
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; William W. Gaver

Groupware and 3D Tools

An Architecture for an Extensible 3D Interface Toolkit BIBAKPDF 59-67
  Marc P. Stevens; Robert C. Zeleznik; John F. Hughes
3D Widgets for Exploratory Scientific Visualization BIBAKPDF 69-70
  Kenneth P. Herndon; Tom Meyer
Building Distributed, Multi-User Applications by Direct Manipulation BIBAKPDF 71-81
  Krishna Bharat; Marc H. Brown
Ramonamap -- An Example of Graphical Groupware BIBAKPDF 83-84
  Joel F. Bartlett


Pad++: Advances in Multiscale Interfaces BIB --
  Benjamin B. Bederson; Larry Stead; James D. Hollan
Abstract Data Visualization at AT&T: Software and Beyond BIB --
  Brian S. Johnson
TacTool: A Tactile Interface Development Tool BIB --
  David Keyson
Powers of Ten Thousand: A Translucent Zooming Technique BIB --
  Henry Lieberman
SpeechActs BIB --
  Nicole Yankelovich

Demonstrational User Interfaces

Interactive Generation of Graphical User Interfaces by Multiple Visual Examples BIBAKPDF 85-94
  Ken Miyashita; Satoshi Matsuoka; Shin Takahashi; Akinori Yonezawa
A Pure Reasoning Engine for Programming by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 95-101
  Martin R. Frank; James D. Foley
Evolutionary Learning of Graph Layout Constraints from Examples BIBAKPDF 103-108
  Toshiyuki Masui

Visualization II

Developing Calendar Visualizers for the Information Visualizer BIBAKPDF 109-118
  Jock D. Mackinlay; George G. Robertson; Robert DeLine
Data Visualization Sliders BIBAKPDF 119-120
  Stephen G. Eick
Translucent Patches -- Dissolving Windows -- BIBAKPDF 121-130
  Axel Kramer
Nova: Low-Cost Data Animation Using a Radar-Sweep Metaphor BIBAKPDF 131-132
  Ralph E. Griswold; Clinton L. Jeffery


Model-Based User Interfaces: What are They and Why Should We Care? BIBKPDF 133-135
  Noi Sukaviriya; Srdjan Kovacevic; James D. Foley; Brad A. Myers; Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt


SkyBlue: A Multi-Way Local Propagation Constraint Solver for User Interface Construction BIBAKPDF 137-146
  Michael Sannella
Dialing for Documents: An Experiment in Information Theory BIBAKPDF 147-155
  Harald Rau; Steven S. Skiena
Optimizing Toolkit-Generated Graphical Interfaces BIBAKPDF 157-166
  Bradley T. Vander Zanden

Drawing and Sketching

Blending Structured Graphics and Layout BIBAKPDF 167-174
  Steven H. Tang; Mark A. Linton
A Perceptually-Supported Sketch Editor BIBAKPDF 175-184
  Eric Saund; Thomas P. Moran
A Mark-Based Interaction Paradigm for Free-Hand Drawing BIBAKPDF 185-192
  Thomas Baudel

Closing Plenary

Trends in the Computer Industry: Life-Long Subscriptions, Magical Cures, and Profits Along the Information Highway BIBAPDF 193
  Don Norman

Two Hands and Three Dimensions

Extending a Graphical Toolkit for Two-Handed Interaction BIBAKPDF 195-204
  Stephane Chatty
Two-Handed Polygonal Surface Design BIBAKPDF 205-212
  Chris Shaw; Mark Green
A Survey of Design Issues in Spatial Input BIBAKPDF 213-222
  Ken Hinckley; Randy Pausch; John C. Goble; Neal F. Kassell