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Proceedings of the 1992 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1992 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Location:Monterey, California
Dates:1992-Nov-15 to 1992-Nov-18
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-549-6 pbk 0-89791-550-X; ACM Order Number 429923; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST92
  1. Plenary Speaker
  2. 3D User Interfaces
  3. Information Intensive Interfaces
  4. Audio and Asynchronous Services
  5. By Example I
  6. By Example II
  7. Multimedia User Interfaces
  8. CSCW
  9. Plenary Speaker
  10. Panel
  11. Toolkits

Plenary Speaker

User Interfaces in GigaPC Environments BIBA i
  Raj Reddy

3D User Interfaces

Interactive Shadows BIBAKPDF 1-6
  Kenneth P. Herndon; Robert C. Zeleznik; Daniel C. Robbins; D. Brookshire Conner; Scott S. Snibbe; Andries van Dam
Two-Handed Gesture in Multi-Modal Natural Dialogue BIBAKPDF 7-14
  Richard A. Bolt; Edward Herranz
A Testbed for Characterizing Dynamic Response of Virtual Environment Spatial Sensors BIBAKPDF 15-22
  Bernard D. Adelstein; Eric R. Johnston; Stephen R. Ellis

Information Intensive Interfaces

The Information Grid: A Framework for Information Retrieval and Retrieval-Centered Applications BIBAPDF 23-32
  Ramana Rao; Stuart K. Card; Herbert D. Jellinek; Jock D. Mackinlay; George G. Robertson
Frameworks for Interactive, Extensible, Information-Intensive Applications BIBAKPDF 33-41
  Craig L. Zarmer; Chee Chew
An Explanatory and "Argumentative" Interface for a Model-Based Diagnostic System BIBAPDF 43-52
  Christopher A. Miller; Raymond Larson

Audio and Asynchronous Services

Techniques for Low Cost Spatial Audio BIBAPDF 53-59
  David A. Burgess
Mapping GUIs to Auditory Interfaces BIBAKPDF 61-70
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; W. Keith Edwards
Tools for Building Asynchronous Servers to Support Speech and Audio Applications BIBAKPDF 71-78
  Barry Arons

By Example I

Some Virtues and Limitations of Action Inferring Interfaces BIBAKPDF 79-88
  Edwin Bos
Adding Rule-Based Reasoning to a Demonstrational Interface Builder BIBAKPDF 89-97
  Gene L. Fisher; Dale E. Busse; David A. Wolber
A History-Based Macro by Example System BIBAKPDF 99-106
  David Kurlander; Steven Feiner

By Example II

Declarative Programming of Graphical Interfaces by Visual Examples BIBAKPDF 107-116
  Ken Miyashita; Satoshi Matsuoka; Shin Takahashi; Akinori Yonezawa; Tomihisa Kamada
Graphical Styles for Building User Interfaces by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 117-124
  Osamu Hashimoto; Brad A. Myers

Multimedia User Interfaces

Programming Time in Multimedia User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 125-134
  Nuno M. Guimaraes; Nuno M. Correia; Telmo A. Carmo
MediaMosaic -- A Multimedia Editing Environment BIBAKPDF 135-141
  Jin-Kun Lin
The Role of Natural Language in a Multimodal Interface BIBAPDF 143-149
  Philip R. Cohen


TelePICTIVE: Computer-Supported Collaborative GUI Design for Designers with Diverse Expertise BIBAKPDF 151-160
  David S. Miller; John G. Smith; Michael J. Muller
Tools for Supporting the Collaborative Process BIBAPDF 161-170
  James R. Rhyne; Catherine G. Wolf
Transparency and Awareness in a Real-Time Groupware System BIBAPDF 171-180
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Alain Karsenty

Plenary Speaker

Bringing the Computer into the World BIBA iii
  Tony Hoeber


Animation of User Interfaces BIB iii
  Chuck Clanton; Jock Mackinlay; Dave Ungar; Emilie Young


Progress in Building User Interface Toolkits: The World According to XIT BIBAKPDF 181-190
  Jurgen Herczeg; Hubertus Hohl; Matthias Ressel
Using Taps to Separate the User Interface from the Application Code BIBAKPDF 191-198
  Thomas Berlage
Probabilistic State Machines: Dialog Management for Inputs with Uncertainty BIBAPDF 199-208
  Scott E. Hudson; Gary L. Newell