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Proceedings of the 1991 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1991 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Editors:Jock Mackinlay
Location:Hilton Head, South Carolina
Dates:1991-Nov-11 to 1991-Nov-13
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-451-1; ACM Order Number 429913; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST91
  1. Virtual Workspaces
  2. Interactive Components
  3. Banquet
  4. CSCW
  5. UI Frameworks
  6. Input Techniques
  7. Constraint Techniques
  8. Internationalization
  9. UI Builders

Virtual Workspaces

Hybrid User Interfaces: Breeding Virtually Bigger Interfaces for Physically Smaller Computers BIBAKPDF 9-17
  Steven Feiner; Ari Shamash
On Temporal-Spatial Realism in the Virtual Reality Environment BIBAPDF 19-25
  Jiandong Liang; Chris Shaw; Mark Green
The DigitalDesk Calculator: Tangible Manipulation on a Desk Top Display BIBAKPDF 27-33
  Pierre Wellner

Interactive Components

Buttons as First Class Objects on an X Desktop BIBAPDF 35-44
  George G. Robertson; D. Austin, Jr. Henderson; Stuart K. Card
EmbeddedButtons: Documents as User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 45-53
  Eric A. Bier
Interactive Graph Layout BIBAPDF 55-64
  Tyson R. Henry; Scott E. Hudson


A Nose Gesture Interface Device: Extending Virtual Realities BIBAPDF 65-68
  Tyson R. Henry; Scott E. Hudson; Andrey K. Yeatts; Brad A. Myers; Steven Feiner


Primitives for Programming Multi-User Interfaces BIBAPDF 69-78
  Prasun Dewan; Rajiv Choudhary
MMM: A User Interface Architecture for Shared Editors on a Single Screen BIBAKPDF 79-86
  Eric A. Bier; Steve Freeman
Comparing the Programming Demands of Single-User and Multi-User Applications BIBAKPDF 87-94
  John F. Patterson

UI Frameworks

The PICASSO Application Framework BIBAKPDF 95-105
  Lawrence A. Rowe; Joseph A. Konstan; Brian C. Smith; Steve Seitz; Chung Liu
An Event-Object Recovery Model for Object-Oriented User Interfaces BIBAPDF 107-115
  Haiying Wang; Mark Green
SUIT: The Pascal of User Interface Toolkits BIBAKPDF 117-125
  Randy Pausch; Nathaniel R., II Young; Robert DeLine

Input Techniques

Stylus User Interfaces for Manipulating Text BIBAPDF 127-135
  David Goldberg; Aaron Goodisman
Issues in Combining Marking and Direct Manipulation Techniques BIBAKPDF 137-144
  Gordon Kurtenbach; William Buxton
Smoothly Integrating Rule-Based Techniques into a Direct Manipulation Interface Builder BIBAKPDF 145-153
  Scott E. Hudson; Andrey K. Yeatts

Constraint Techniques

The Importance of Pointer Variables in Constraint Models BIBAKPDF 155-164
  Brad Vander Zanden; Brad A. Myers; Dario Giuse; Pedro Szekely
A General Framework for Bi-Directional Translation between Abstract and Pictorial Data BIBAKPDF 165-174
  Shin Takahashi; Satoshi Matsuoka; Akinori Yonezawa


A Model for Input and Output of Multilingual Text in a Windowing Environment BIBAKPDF 175-183
  Yutaka Kataoka; Masato Morisaki; Hiroshi Kuribayashi; Hiroyoshi Ohara
XJp System: An Internationalized Language Interface for the X Window System BIBAKPDF 185-193
  Masato Morisaki; Etsuo Kawada; Hiroshi Kuribayashi; Seiji Kuwari; Masahiko Narita
A Flexible Chinese Character Input Scheme BIBAKPDF 195-200
  S. C. Hsu

UI Builders

A Unidraw-Based User Interface Builder BIBAKPDF 201-210
  John M. Vlissides; Steven Tang
Separating Application Code from Toolkits: Eliminating the Spaghetti of Call-Backs BIBAKPDF 211-220
  Brad A. Myers
A Demonstrational Technique for Developing Interfaces with Dynamically Created Objects BIBAKPDF 221-230
  David Wolber; Gene Fisher