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Proceedings of the 2089 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1989 ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology
Editors:Dan R. Olsen, Jr.
Location:Williamsburg, Virginia
Dates:1989-Nov-13 to 1989-Nov-15
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-335-3; ACM Order Number 429892; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: UIST89
  1. 3D/Gesture
  2. User Interface Structures I
  3. A Larger View of User Interface Design
  4. Automatic Layout
  5. Graphical Techniques and Constraints
  6. Panel
  7. User Interface Structures II
  8. Tool Kits


Specifying Composite Illustrations with Communicative Goals BIBAK 1-9
  Doree Duncan Seligmann; Steven Feiner
The Cognitive Coprocessor Architecture for Interactive User Interfaces BIBA 10-18
  George G. Robertson; Stuart K. Card; Jock D. Mackinlay
Hands-on Interaction with Virtual Environments BIBAK 19-24
  David J. Sturman; David Zeltzer; Steve Pieper

User Interface Structures I

Separating User Interface and Functionality Using a Frame Based Data Model BIBA 25-33
  Jan Wielemaker; Anjo Anjewierden
Standardizing the Interface Between Applications and UIMSs BIBA 34-42
  Pedro Szekely
An Architecture for Expert System User Interface Design and Management BIBA 43-52
  Jonas Lowgren

A Larger View of User Interface Design

A Procedure for Evaluating Human-Computer Interface Development Tools BIB 53-61
  Deborah Hix
Improving Usability by Sharing Knowledge BIBA 62-66
  Michael D. Coble; Elizabeth G. Hetzler; Steven W. Totten

Automatic Layout

Transformations on a Dialog Tree: Rule-Based Mapping of Content to Style BIB 67-75
  William E. Bennett; Stephen J. Boies; John D. Gould; Sharon L. Greene; Charles F. Wiecha
Scope: Automated Generation of Graphical Interfaces BIBAK 76-85
  Clifford M. Beshers; Steven K. Feiner
Chisel: A System for Creating Highly Interactive Screen Layouts BIBAK 86-94
  Gurminder Singh; Mark Green

Graphical Techniques and Constraints

Creating Graphical Interactive Application Objects by Demonstration BIBAK 95-104
  Brad A. Myers; Brad Vander Zanden; Roger B. Dannenberg
Graphical Specification of Flexible User Interface Displays BIBA 105-114
  Scott E. Hudson
Defining the Presentation of Application Data by a Graphical Language BIBA 115-123
  Qijing Mao; Juwei Tai


Direct Manipulation or Programming: How Should We Design Interfaces? BIB 124-126
  Charles Wiecha

User Interface Structures II

A Gesture Based User Interface Prototyping System BIBA 127-132
  Roger B. Dannenberg; Dale Amon
An Event Language for Building User Interface Frameworks BIBAK 133-140
  Niels Vejrup Carlsen; Niels Jorgen Christensen; Hugh A. Tucker
A Presentation Manager Based on Application Semantics BIBA 141-148
  Scott McKay; William York; Michael McMahon

Tool Kits

Using GELO to Visualize Software Systems BIBA 149-157
  Steven P. Reiss; Scott Meyers; Carolyn Duby
Unidraw: A Framework for Building Domain-Specific Graphical Editors BIBAK 158-167
  John M. Vlissides; Mark A. Linton
Ensemble: A Graphical User Interface Development System for the Design and Use of Interactive Toolkits BIBAK 168-179
  Michael K. Powers