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ACM Computer Graphics 21

  1. ACMCG 1986-11-00 Volume 21 Issue 2

ACMCG 1986-11-00 Volume 21 Issue 2

ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop on Software Tools for User Interface Management BIB 71-72
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; David Kasik; James Rhyne; James Thomas
Goals and Objectives for User Interface Software BIBA 73-78
  Bill Betts; David Burlingame; Gerhard Fischer; Jim Foley; Mark Green; David Kasik; Stephen T. Kerr; Dan Olsen; James Thomas
Tools and Methodology for User Interface Development BIBA 78-87
  Jim Rhyne; Roger Ehrich; John Bennett; Tom Hewett; John Sibert; Terry Bleser
Reference Models, Window Systems, and Concurrency BIBA 87-97
  Keith A. Lantz; Peter P. Tanner; Carl Binding; Kuan-Tsae Huang; Andrew Dwelly
The Run-Time Structure of UIMS-Supported Applications BIBA 97-101
  John R. Dance; Tamar E. Granor; Ralph D. Hill; Scott E. Hudson; Jon Meads; Brad A. Myers; Andrew Schulert
Collaboration of UIMS Designers and Human Factors Specialists BIBA 102-105
  John L. Bennett
An Object-Oriented Construction and Tool Kit for Human-Computer Communication BIBA 105-109
  Gerhard Fischer
Transformations on a Formal Specification of User-Computer Interfaces BIBA 109-113
  James Foley
Directions for User Interface Management Systems Research BIBA 113-116
  Mark Green
Some Important Features and Issues in User Interface Management Systems BIBA 116-120
  Ralph D. Hill
UIMS Support for Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIBA 120-124
  Scott E. Hudson
Multi-Process Structuring of User Interface Software BIBA 124-130
  Keith A. Lantz
Gaining General Acceptance for UIMSs BIBA 130-134
  Brad A. Myers
Larger Issues in User Interface Mangement BIBA 134-137
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen
Dialogue Management for Gestural Interfaces BIBA 137-142
  Jim Rhyne
Multi-Thread Input BIBA 142-145
  Peter P. Tanner
Bibliography of Software Tools for User Interface Development BIBA 145-147
  A Anonymous