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Proceedings of the 3rd ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'

Fullname:Proceedings of the 3rd ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'
Editors:Constantine Stephanidis; Noelle Carbonell
Location:Obernai, France
Dates:1997-Nov-03 to 1997-Nov-04
Standard No:hcibib: UI4ALL97
Links:Call for Papers and Participation | Proceedings
  1. Invited Talks
  2. Long Papers
  3. Short Papers
  4. Poster Presentations
"Foreword" BIBPDF 1
  Constantine Stephanidis; Noelle Carbonell

Invited Talks

Bringing Computing to the Maintainers of Large Vehicles BIBAPDF 1
  Len Bass
Intelligent Multimedia Interaction BIBAPDF 2
  Mark T. Maybury

Long Papers

Supporting Interface Adaptation: the AVANTI Web Browser BIBAKPDF 14
  C. Stephanidis; A. Paramythis; C. Karagiannidis; A. Savidis
Adaptation Agents: Providing Uniform Adaptations in Open Service Architectures BIBAPDF 15
  Markus Bylund; Annika Wærn
The PPP Persona: Towards a Highly Personalised User Interface BIBAPDF 9
  Elisabeth Andre; Thomas Rist; Jochen Mueller
How to Integrate Concepts for the Design and the Evaluation of Adaptable and Adaptive User Interfaces BIBAPDF 15
  Chris Stary; Alex Totter
IRIS: an Intelligent Tool Supporting Visual Exploration of Spatially Referenced Data BIBAPDF 14
  Gennady L. Andrienko; Natalia V. Andrienko
Unified Manipulation of Interaction Objects: Integration, Augmentation, Expansion and Abstraction BIBAPDF 15
  Anthony Savidis; Constantine Stephanidis
A Review of User Interface Design Guidelines for Public Information Kiosk Systems BIBAPDF 17
  M. C. Maguire

Short Papers

Adapting Multimedia Information for Internationalisation and; for Users with Disabilities BIBAPDF 6
  Martin Prime
Convene -- MUD Interfaces for Disabled Users BIBAPDF 6
  Kent Saxin Hammarstroem; Kristina Höök; Anna-Lena Ereback
Impediments to Designing and Developing for Accessibility, Accommodation and High Quality Interaction BIBAPDF 5
  D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis
From Adaptable Interfaces to Model-Based Interface Development: The GIPSE Project BIBAPDF 7
  G. Patry; P. Girard
Using Agents in Social Navigation BIBAPDF 3
  David Benyon; Alan Munro
A World Wide Web-Based HCI-Library Designed for Interaction Studies BIBAKPDF 6
  Ketil Perstrup; Erik Frokjeer; Maria Konstantinovitz; Thorbjorn Konstantinovitz; Flemming S. Sorensen; Jytte Varming
METADYNE: A Dynamic Adaptive Hypermedia System for Teaching BIBAKPDF 7
  Nicolas Delestre; Catherine Greboval; Jean-Pierre Pecuchet
A Design Methodology and a Prototyping Tool for Adaptive Interface Design BIBAKPDF 6
  Sebastien Romitti; Charles Santoni; Philippe Francois
Adaptive Toolbars: An Architectural Overview BIBAPDF 7
  T. Miah; M. Karageorgou; R. P. Knott
An Adaptive USENET Interface Supporting Situated Actions BIBAPDF 6
  Christopher Lueg
Visual Scripting for Virtual Behaviours BIBAPDF 5
  Mansoo Kim; Ee-Taek Lee
Error Recovery Representations in Interactive System Development BIBAPDF 7
  Francis Jambon
Visual Representation Concept of Factory Information BIBAPDF 6
  Gert Zulch; Volker Keller; Axel Fischer
Customising by Demonstration Generic Systems to Specific Tasks BIBAPDF 7
  P. Girard; G. Pierra; J. C. Potier
Seeing the Wood for the Trees BIBAPDF 6
  Phil Turner; Alex R. Rogers; Susan Turner; Jeremy Ellman
Certifying Web Accessibility for the Handicapped by ISO 9241 Conformance Testing BIBAPDF 7
  Henrike Gappa; Reinhard Oppermann; Michael Pieper
The Difficulties and the Possibilities of Adapted Access for the Blind to the Web BIBAKPDF 7
  Siwar Farhat
Customising HTML by Filtering: Techniques for Making the Internet Accessible to the Visually Handicapped BIBAPDF 6
  Djamel Hadjadj; Robert Agro; Dominique Burger

Poster Presentations

A Textual Journal for Telecommunication Services BIBAPDF 3
  Olivier Cure
Adoption and Diffusion of Groupware in Software Engineering Projects BIBAPDF 3
  Sarah Drummond; Cornelia Boldyreff
Towards an Oral Interface for Data Entry: The MAUD System BIBPDF
  A. Fohr; J.-P. Haton; J.-F. Mari; K. Smaili; I. Zitouni
The SVT: A Workflow Visualisation Tool BIBAPDF 3
  Martin Howard
User Interface of a New Generation of Authoring Environment of Multimedia Documents BIBAPDF 3
  Muriel Jourdan; Cicile Roisin; Laurent Tardif
Querying by Iconic User Interface on an Object-Oriented Database Desktop BIBAPDF 2
  Armstrong Kadyamatimba; John Mariani