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Proceedings of the 7th ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'

Fullname:Proceedings of the 7th ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'
Editors:Noelle Carbonell; Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Paris, France
Dates:2002-Oct-23 to 2002-Oct-25
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN: 3-540-00855-1; hcibib: UI4ALL02
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  1. Accessibility Issues
  2. Design and Assessment
  3. Towards an Information Society for All
  4. Novel Interaction Paradigms -- New Modalities and Dialogue Styles
  5. Novel Interaction Paradigms -- Accessibility Issues
  6. Mobile Computing -- Design and Evaluation

Accessibility Issues

Effects of Multimodal Feedback on the Performance of Older Adults with Normal and Impaired Vision BIBA 3-22
  Julie A. Jacko; Ingrid U. Scott; Francois Sainfort; Kevin P. Moloney; Thitima Kongnakorn; Brynley S. Zorich; V. Kathlene Emery
Age Related Differences and the Depth vs. Breadth Tradeoff in Hierarchical Online Information Systems BIBA 23-42
  Panayiotis Zaphiris; Sri Hastuti Kurniawan; R. Darin Ellis
Criteria for Usability of Accessible Web Sites BIBA 43-55
  Barbara Leporini; Fabio Paterno
Making Accessibility Guidelines Usable BIBA 56-67
  Alexis Donnelly; Mark Magennis
Adaptive Navigation of Visually Impaired Users in a Virtual Environment on the World Wide Web BIBA 68-79
  Vladislav Nemec; Zdenek Mikovec; Pavel Slavik
Fax Registration of Information about Disaster Victims BIBA 80-87
  Tsuyoshi Ebina; Fumiko Matsumoto; Hiroyuki Ohno

Design and Assessment

Designing User Interfaces for a Variety of Users: Possible Contributions from Model-Based Development Schemes BIBA 91-105
  Chris Stary
Implementing Inclusive Design: The Discrepancy between Theory and Practice BIBA 106-117
  Hua Dong; Simeon Keates; P. John Clarkson; Julia Cassim
Scenario-Based Argumentation for Universal Access BIBA 118-128
  Demosthenes Akoumianakis; Constantine Stephanidis
Computer Environments for Improving End-User Accessibility BIBA 129-140
  M. F. Costabile; D. Fogli; G. Fresta; P. Mussio; A. Piccinno
USERfit Tool. A Tool to Facilitate Design for All BIBA 141-152
  Julio Abascal; Myriam Arrue; Nestor Garay; Jorge Tomas
Universal Access to Assistive Technology through Client-Centred Cognitive Assessment BIBA 153-164
  Patrick Langdon; Ray Adams; P. John Clarkson

Towards an Information Society for All

Applying a Holistic Approach to Develop User-Friendly, Customer-Oriented E-government Portal Interfaces BIBA 167-178
  Maria A. Wimmer; Ute Holler
Digital Television for All: User Preferences and Designers' Views on What Would Suit the User BIBA 179-186
  Leena Eronen
A Metaphor for Personalized Television Programming BIBA 187-194
  Konstantinos Chorianopoulos; Diomidis Spinellis
Universal Access to Multimodal ITV Content: Challenges and Prospects BIBA 195-208
  Soha Maad
Multimodal Dialogue Systems: A Case Study for Interactive TV BIBA 209-218
  Aseel Ibrahim; Pontus Johansson
Toward Cultural Representation and Identification for All in Community-Based Virtual Environments BIBA 219-238
  Elaine M. Raybourn
Sociable Information Environments BIBA 239-248
  Michael Pieper; Renate Anderweit
Using Biometrics as an Enabling Technology in Balancing Universality and Selectivity for Management of Information Access BIBA 249-259
  M. C. Fairhurst; R. M. Guest; F. Deravi; J. George

Novel Interaction Paradigms -- New Modalities and Dialogue Styles

Ubiquitous Interaction -- Using Surfaces in Everyday Environments as Pointing Devices BIBA 263-279
  Albrecht Schmidt; Martin Strohbach; Kristof van Laerhoven; Hans-W. Gellersen
3D-Audio News Presentation Modeling BIBA 280-286
  Safia Djennane
Toward Optimization of Multimodal User Interfaces for Tactical Audio Applications BIBA 287-298
  Zeljko Obrenovic; Dusan Starcevic; Emil Jovanov
A Computer Vision and Hearing Based User Interface for a Computer Game for Children BIBA 299-318
  Perttu Hamalainen; Johanna Hoysniemi
Software Architecture for Multimodal User Input -- FLUID BIBA 319-338
  Tommi Ilmonen; Janne Kontkanen
Anthropomorphic vs. Non-anthropomorphic Software Interface Feedback for Online Systems Usage BIBA 339-349
  Pietro Murano
A Scalable Avatar for Conversational User Interfaces BIBA 350-359
  Uwe Berner; Thomas Rieger
Evaluation and Validation of a Conversational Agent Embodied in a Bookstore BIBA 360-371
  Giovanni Semeraro; Hans H. K. Andersen; Verner Andersen; Pasquale Lops; Fabio Abbattista

Novel Interaction Paradigms -- Accessibility Issues

A Usability Evaluation of a Joystick-Operated Full-Screen Magnifier BIBA 375-386
  Sri Hastuti Kurniawan; Alasdair King; David Gareth Evans; Paul Blenkhorn
Finger Instead of Mouse: Touch Screens as a Means of Enhancing Universal Access BIBA 387-397
  Andreas Holzinger
A Multi-lingual Augmentative Communication System BIBA 398-408
  Norman Alm; Mamoru Iwabuchi; Peter N. Andreasen; Kenryu Nakamura
E-cane with Situation Presumption for the Visually Impaired BIBA 409-421
  Yoshihiro Yasumuro; Mikako Murakami; Masataka Imura; Tomohiro Kuroda; Yoshitsugu Manabe; Kunihiro Chihara

Mobile Computing -- Design and Evaluation

Augmentative and Alternative Communication: The Future of Text on the Move BIBA 425-441
  Anders Sewerin Johansen; John Paulin Hansen
Sociability and Mobility Concepts for the Connected Home BIBA 442-457
  Elmo Diederiks; Richard van de Sluis; Ramon van de Ven
Design Ideas for Everyday Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Based on Qualitative User Data BIBA 458-464
  Anu Kankainen; Antti Oulasvirta
Providing Device Independence to Mobile Services BIBA 465-473
  Stina Nylander; Markus Bylund
User Interface Design for PDAs: Lessons and Experience with the WARD-IN-HAND Prototype BIBA 474-485
  P. Karampelas; Demosthenes Akoumianakis; Constantine Stephanidis
Evaluating User Interfaces with Metaphors of Human Thinking BIBA 486-507
  Kasper Hornbaek; Erik Frokjaer
Evaluating Sonified Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: An Immersive Reading Experience on a Mobile Device BIBA 508-523
  Mikael Goldstein; Gustav Oquist; Staffan Bjork
Universal Remote Console -- Prototyping for the Alternate Interface Access Standard BIBA 524-531
  Gottfried Zimmermann; Gregg Vanderheiden; Al Gilman