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Proceedings of the 6th ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'

Fullname:Proceedings of the 6th ERCIM Workshop on 'User Interfaces for All'
Note:Information Society for All
Editors:Pier Luigi Emiliani; Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Florence, Italy
Dates:2000-Oct-25 to 2000-Oct-26
Standard No:hcibib: UI4ALL00
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  1. Invited Speech
  2. Long Papers
  3. Short Papers
  4. Position Papers
  5. Interactive Posters

Invited Speech

The Human Factors of the Information Society BIBAPDF 1
  Gavriel Salvendy

Long Papers

A Simplistic Approach to Internationalization: Design Considerations for an Autonomous Intelligent Agent BIBAPDF 13
  Theresa A. O'Connell
Mindless Visualisations BIBAPDF 14
  Claire Knight; Malcolm Munro
Usability Issues in Software to Assist People with Brain Injuries BIBAPDF 15
  E. Bonneville; J. C. Muzio; M. Serra
Designing an Adaptive Virtual Guide for Web Applications BIBAPDF 11
  Luisa Marucci; Fabio Paterno
Intention-Guided Web Sites: A New Perspective on Adaptation BIBAPDF 15
  M. Baldoni; C. Baroglio; A. Chiarotto; A. Martelli; V. Patti
A Structured Contextual Approach to Design for All BIBAPDF 15
  Chris Stary
Trusty Interaction in Visual Environments BIBAPDF 12
  P. Bottoni; M. F. Costabile; S. Levialdi; M. Matera; P. Mussio
Visualizing Computational Wear with Physical Wear BIBAPDF 12
  Xiaoyang Mao; Yuji Hatanaka; Atsumi Imamiya; Yuki Kato; Kentaro Go
A Gesture-Based Interface for Seamless Communication between Real and Virtual Worlds BIBAPDF 13
  Masaki Omata; Kentaro Go; Atsumi Imamiya
Effect of "Sound Fonts" in an Aural Presentation BIBAKPDF 10
  Philippe Truillet; Bernard Oriola; Jean-Luc Nespoulous; Nadine Vigouroux
GroupMark: A WWW Recommender System Combining Collaborative and Information Filtering BIBAPDF 13
  Duncan Pemberton; Tom Rodden; Rob Procter
Cognitive Training by Animated Pedagogical Agents (TAPA) -- Development of a Tele-Medical System for Memory Improvement in Children with Epilepsy BIBAKPDF 11
  Holger Tebarth; Yehya Mohamad; Michael Pieper

Short Papers

Embedding Plasticity in the Development Process of Interactive Systems BIBAPDF 6
  Gaelle Calvary; Joelle Coutaz; David Thevenin
Interface Support for Elderly People with Impaired Sight or Memory BIBAPDF 6
  Mary Zajicek
Experimenting with Metaphors for All: A User Interface for a Mobile Electronic Payment Device BIBAPDF 6
  Kristiina Karvonen
MFB (Music For the Blind): A Software Able to Transcribe and Create Musical Scores into Braille and to be Used by Blind Persons BIBAKPDF 6
  Didier Langolff; Nadine Jessel; Danny Levy
Architectural Models for User Interfaces of Web-Based Applications BIBAPDF 6
  Petr Hejda
An Evaluation of a Graphical History Tool with an Eye Tracker BIBAPDF 6
  Hisanori Masuda; Atsumi Imamiya; Kentaro Go; Xiaoyang Mao
Investigating the Use of Force Feedback for Motion-Impaired Users BIBAPDF 6
  Simeon Keates; Patrick Langdon; John Clarkson; Peter Robinson
Managing the Complexity of the User Interface of a MRI Guided Surgery System BIBAPDF 7
  Lasse Jyrkinen; Risto Ojala; Lasse Haataja; Roberto Blanco; Rauli Klemola; Olli Silven; Osmo Tervonen
Tele-Nursing System with Realistic Sensations using Virtual Locomotion Interface BIBAPDF 7
  Tsutomu Miyasato

Position Papers

Towards an Inclusive Information Society: Some Principles from the Margins BIBAKPDF 12
  Alexis Donnelly
'Open Access for All?' A Study of the Employment Service's Touch-Screen Kiosks from the Perspective of Disabled Job Seekers BIBAPDF 14
  Tara Qavi; David Wastell
Mobile Communication for People with Disabilities and Older People: New Opportunities for Autonomous Life BIBAPDF 14
  Julio Abascal; Anton Civit
Context Separation Using Structured Knowledge Models For Reusable Interactive Computer Assisted Learning Resources BIBAKPDF 12
  L. M. MacKinnon; K. E. Brown
User Interface Approaches for Accessibility in Complex World-Wide-Web Applications -- An Example Approach from the PEARL Project BIBAPDF 9
  Martyn Cooper; Liliana Patricia Santacruz Valencia; Alexis Donnelly; Paul Sergeant
A Ubiquitous Interaction Model for a Natural and Cultural Heritage Museum Proposal of the Montsec Area BIBAKPDF 11
  Montserrat Sendin; Jesus Lores; Carles Aguilo; Xavier Palau
An Assessment of Using Integrated Information Sources in Clinical Environments BIBAPDF 12
  Bob Steele; Susana Goncalves
From Adaptations to User Interfaces for All BIBAKPDF 11
  Pier Luigi Emiliani; Constantine Stephanidis
From User interfaces for all to an Information Society for All: Recent Achievements and Future Challenges BIBAPDF 14
  C. Stephanidis

Interactive Posters

Interfaces for Geographic Applications on the World Wide Web: an Adaptive Computational Hypermedia BIBAPDF 2
  P. Carrara; G. Fresta; A. Rampini
MAGUS: Modelling Access with GIS in Urban Systems: An Application for Wheelchair Users in Northamptonshire BIBAPDF 2
  Linda Beale; Hugh Matthews; Phil Picton; David Briggs
Aiding Designers to Design for All: The IRIS Approach BIBAPDF 3
  Koutsabasis Panayiotis; Jenny S. Darzentas; Thomas Spyrou; Kostas Lambrinoudakis; John Darzentas
User Interface for Efficient Querying in Picture DBS BIBAPDF 2
  Zdenek Mikovec; Pavel Slavik
Adaptable Speech-Based Interfaces BIBAPDF 2
  Pavel Zikovsky; Pavel Slavik
Fischlar on a PDA: A Handheld User Interface to a Video Indexing, Browsing and, Playback System BIBAPDF 2
  Hyowon Lee; Alan F. Smeaton; Peter McCann; Noel Murphy; Noel E. O'Connor; Sean Marlow
VITIPI: A Universal Writing Interface for All BIBAPDF 2
  Philippe Boissiere; Daniel Dours
Self-Organising Map Browser for Database Retrieval BIBAPDF 2
  Antti Kerminen; Antti Raike; Mauri Kaipainen
Designing and Using Efficient Interfaces for Switch Accessibility BIBAPDF 2
  David Colven; Andrew Lysley
FACT-V: Universal Access and Quality of Interaction for Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) BIBAPDF 2
  Iwao Kobayashi; Akihiro Iwazaki; Katsuhiro Sasaki
Age-Related Differences in Driver-INFO2000 Interaction BIBAPDF 2
  A. Toffetti; E. Nodari; C. Zoldan; A. De Angeli; W. Gerbin
The User Centered Design Approach to Develop an Adaptive Web-Based IR System BIBAPDF 2
  Francesca Rizzo
Consumeter -- An Information Tool BIBAPDF 2
  Antti Ellonen