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Adjunct Proceedings of the 2014 International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Fullname:Adjunct Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
Editors:AJ Brush; Adrian Friday; Julie Kientz; James Scott; Junehwa Song
Location:Seattle, Washington
Dates:2014-Sep-13 to 2014-Sep-17
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-3047-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: UBICOMP14-2
Links:Conference Website
  1. UBICOMP 2014-09-13 Volume 2
    1. Posters
    2. Demos
    3. Video presentations
    4. Doctoral school
    5. Programming competition
    6. AwareCast 2014: Third Workshop on Recent Advances in Behavior Prediction and Pro-Active Pervasive Computing
    7. CEA 2014 -- Smart Technology for Cooking and Eating Activities
    8. How do you solve a problem like consent? Workshop addressing the challenge of user consent
    9. Disasters in Personal Informatics: the Unpublished Stories of Failure and Lessons Learned
    10. HASCA -- 2nd International Workshop on Human Activity Sensing Corpus and its Application
    11. HomeSys 2014
    12. 3rd International Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science
    13. Collective Wearables: the Superorganism of Massively Deployed Wearables
    14. PETMEI -- 4th International Workshop on Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Eye-Based Interaction
    15. SmartHealthSys 2014 -- ACM UbiComp Workshop on Smart Health Systems and Applications
    16. UPSIDE -- Workshop on Usable Privacy & Security for Wearable and Domestic Ubiquitous Devices
    17. WAHM 2014 -- Workshop on Ubiquitous Technologies for Augmenting the Human Mind

UBICOMP 2014-09-13 Volume 2


Protecting mobile users from visual privacy attacks BIBAFull-Text 1-4
  Mohammed Eunus Ali; Tanzima Hashem; Anika Anwar; Lars Kulik; Ishrat Ahmed; Egemen Tanin
Adding directional context to gestures using Doppler effect BIBAFull-Text 5-8
  Adeola Bannis; Shijia Pan; Pei Zhang
Locator: a self-adaptive framework for the recognition of relevant places BIBAFull-Text 9-12
  Paul Baumann; Johannes Klaus; Silvia Santini
Portrait pigeon: an interactive photo messaging wall for seniors BIBAFull-Text 13-17
  Robin N. Brewer; Moritz Gellner; Anne Marie Piper
Holes, pits, and valleys: guiding large-display touchless interactions with data-morphed topographies BIBAFull-Text 19-22
  Debaleena Chattopadhyay; Said Achmiz; Shivin Saxena; Malvika Bansal; Davide Bolchini; Stephen Voida
ContextSense: unobtrusive discovery of incremental social context using dynamic bluetooth data BIBAFull-Text 23-26
  Zhenyu Chen; Yiqiang Chen; Lisha Hu; Shuangquan Wang; Xinlong Jiang; Xiaojuan Ma; Nicholas D. Lane; Andrew T. Campbell
Temperature sharing to support remote relationships BIBAFull-Text 27-30
  Chia-Fang Chung; James Hwang; Sean A. Munson
A multi-tiered model for context-aware systems BIBAFull-Text 31-34
  Cristiano André da Costa; Jorge Luis Victoria Barbosa; Adenauer Corrêa Yamin; Rodrigo da Rosa Righi; Cláudio Resin Geyer
Living with the user: design drama for dementia care through responsive scripted experiences in the home BIBAFull-Text 35-38
  Tim Coughlan; Michael Brown; Glyn Lawson; Derek McAuley; Allen Tsai; Therese Koppe; Meretta Elliott; Stephen Green; Sharon Baurley; Jen Martin
BiliCam: using mobile phones to monitor newborn jaundice BIBAFull-Text 39-42
  Lilian de Greef; James W. Stout; Mayank Goel; James A. Taylor; Min Joon Seo; Shwetak N. Patel; Eric C. Larson
Negative energy detector using cellphone bluetooth and contact list BIBAFull-Text 43-46
  Zhanwei Du; Chuang Ma; Yongjian Yang; Bo Yang
Extreme mediation: observing mental and physical health in everyday life BIBAFull-Text 47-50
  Anthony Faiola; Preethi Srinivas
Future directions for providing better IoT infrastructure BIBAFull-Text 51-54
  Márcio Miguel Gomes; Rodrigo da Rosa Righi; Cristiano André da Costa
SAP dissimilarity based high performance Wi-Fi indoor localization BIBAFull-Text 55-58
  Yang Gu; Yiqiang Chen; Junfa Liu; Xinlong Jiang
FlierMeet: cross-space public information reposting with mobile crowd sensing BIBAFull-Text 59-62
  Bin Guo; Xing Xie; Huihui Chen; Shenlong Huangfu; Zhiwen Yu; Zhu Wang
Activity recognition exploiting classifier level fusion of acceleration and physiological signals BIBAFull-Text 63-66
  Haodong Guo; Gencai Chen; Ling Chen; Yanbin Shen
Designing a mobile system for public safety using open crime data and crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 67-70
  Yun Huang; Yang Wang; Corey White
Crowdsensing traces using bluetooth low energy (BLE) proximity tags BIBAFull-Text 71-74
  Shuja Jamil; Ahmed Lbath; Anas Basalamah
MugShots: everyday objects as social catalysts BIBAFull-Text 75-78
  Hsin-Liu Cindy Kao; Chris Schmandt
Motivational affordances and personality types in personal informatics BIBAFull-Text 79-82
  Yamini Karanam; Hanan Alotaibi; Leslie Filko; Elham Makhsoom; Lindsay Kaser; Stephen Voida
Wearable computing for older adults: initial insights into head-mounted display usage BIBAFull-Text 83-86
  Kai Kunze; Niels Henze; Koichi Kise
Interfacing information in affective user studies BIBAFull-Text 87-90
  Kyeong-An Kwon; Dvijesh Shastri; Ioannis Pavlidis
Programming tool of context-aware applications for behavior change BIBAFull-Text 91-94
  Jisoo Lee; Winslow Burleson; Erin Walker; Eric B. Hekler
Logmusic: context-based social music recommendation service on mobile device BIBAFull-Text 95-98
  Mirim Lee; Jun-Dong Cho
Eco-feedback for non-consumption BIBAFull-Text 99-102
  Veranika Lim; Joes Janmaat; Arvid Jense; Mathias Funk
MemoryRetrospect: lifelogging with social awareness BIBAFull-Text 103-106
  Lipeng Liu; Rong Li; Yongxiong Sun; Yinghan Li; Zhanwei Du; Qiuyang Huang
Detecting traffic congestions using cell phone accelerometers BIBAFull-Text 107-110
  Mingqi Lv; Daqiang Zhang; Ling Chen; Gencai Chen
The myth of subtle notifications BIBAFull-Text 111-114
  Afra Mashhadi; Akhil Mathur; Fahim Kawsar
A safety assessment system for sidewalks at night utilizing smartphones' light sensors BIBAFull-Text 115-118
  Yuki Matsuda; Ismail Arai
Towards automated thermal profiling of buildings at scale using unmanned aerial vehicles and 3D-reconstruction BIBAFull-Text 119-122
  Matthew Louis Mauriello; Jon E. Froehlich
3D FDM-PAM: rapid and precise indoor 3D localization using acoustic signal for smartphone BIBAFull-Text 123-126
  Masanari Nakamura; Masanori Sugimoto; Takayuki Akiyama; Hiromichi Hashizume
Influencing driver behavior through future expressway traffic predictions BIBAFull-Text 127-130
  Naoto Nakazato; Takuji Narumi; Toshiki Takeuchi; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Kyohei Suwa; Michitaka Hirose
Smartphone application launch with smarter scheduling BIBAFull-Text 131-134
  David T. Nguyen; Ge Peng; Daniel Graham; Gang Zhou
Atmos: a hybrid crowdsourcing approach to weather estimation BIBAFull-Text 135-138
  Evangelos Niforatos; Pedro Campos; Athanasios Vourvopoulos; Andre Doria; Marc Langheinrich
Attelia: sensing user's attention status on smart phones BIBAFull-Text 139-142
  Tadashi Okoshi; Hideyuki Tokuda; Jin Nakazawa
Implicit gaze based annotations to support second language learning BIBAFull-Text 143-146
  Ayano Okoso; Kai Kunze; Koichi Kise
Non-invasive rapid and efficient firmware update for wireless sensor networks BIBAFull-Text 147-150
  Hui Ung Park; Jongsoo Jeong; Pyeongsoo Mah
Cricking: browsing physical space with smart glass BIBAFull-Text 151-154
  Zulqarnain Rashid; Enric Peig; Rafael Pous; Joan Melià-Seguí
Mobile augmented reality for browsing physical spaces BIBAFull-Text 155-158
  Zulqarnain Rashid; Marc Morenza-Cinos; Rafael Pous; Joan Melià-Seguí
Evaluating the use of ambient and tangible interaction approaches for personal indoor climate preferences BIBAFull-Text 159-162
  Markus Rittenbruch; Jared Donovan; Yasu Santo
Wearable sensors in ecological rehabilitation environments BIBAFull-Text 163-166
  Gina Sprint; Douglas Weeks; Vladimir Borisov; Diane Cook
Providing services on demand by user action modeling on smart phones BIBAFull-Text 167-170
  Kumar Vishal; Romil Bansal; Anoop M. Namboodiri; C. V. Jawahar
The proxemic web: designing for proxemic interactions with responsive web design BIBAFull-Text 171-174
  Ryan Sukale; Stephen Voida; Olesia Koval
Contexto: lessons learned from mobile context inference BIBAFull-Text 175-178
  Moshe Unger; Lior Rokach; Ariel Bar; Ehud Gudes; Bracha Shapira
My data store: toward user awareness and control on personal data BIBAFull-Text 179-182
  Michele Vescovi; Bruno Lepri; Christos Perentis; Corrado Moiso; Chiara Leonardi
SPELL: affecting thermal comfort through perceptive techniques BIBAFull-Text 183-186
  Annamaria Andrea Vitali; Donatella Sciuto; Marco Spadafora; Margherita Pillan; Alessandro A. Nacci
Yet another approach for food recognition: monitoring power leakage from microwave oven BIBAFull-Text 187-190
  Wei Wei; Yoshihiro Kawahara; Akihiro Nakamata; Tohru Asami
Plex: finger-worn textile sensor for mobile interaction during activities BIBAFull-Text 191-194
  Sang Ho Yoon; Ke Huo; Karthik Ramani
Arfid: a reconfigurable fabric of input devices for the internet of things BIBAFull-Text 195-198
  James Youngquist; Joshua R. Smith; Aaron Parks; Benjamin Ransford
LifeDelivery: recruiting participants to deliver users' daily goods! BIBAFull-Text 199-202
  Weidan Zhao; Zhanwei Du; Yongjian Yang; Chijun Zhang; Wu Liao


Memo-it: don't write your diary, sense it BIBAFull-Text 203-206
  Karl Aberer; Michele Catasta; Georgios Christodoulou; Ivan Gavrilovic; Filip Hrisafov; Mathieu Monney; Abdessalam Ouaazki; Boris Perovic; Horia Radu; Jean-Eudes Ranvier; Matteo Vasirani; Zhixian Yan
A tangible approach to time management BIBAFull-Text 207-210
  Ryan Ahmed; Michael Frontz; Alex Chambers; Stephen Voida
Expression: a dyadic conversation aid using Google Glass for people with visual impairments BIBAFull-Text 211-214
  Asm Iftekhar Anam; Shahinur Alam; Mohammed Yeasin
RFID-die: battery-free orientation sensing using an array of passive tilt switches BIBAFull-Text 215-218
  Lars Büthe; Gerhard Tröster; Michael Hardegger; Patrick Brülisauer
Squeeze the moment: denoting diary events by squeezing BIBAFull-Text 219-222
  Ming Ki Chong; Jon Whittle; Umar Rashid; Chee Siang Ang
Hunting relics: a collaborative exergame on an interactive floor for children BIBAFull-Text 223-226
  Franceli L. Cibrian; Ana I. Martinez-Garcia; Monica Tentori
Stereoscopic 3D mobile maps for indoor navigation in multi-level buildings BIBAFull-Text 227-230
  Ashley Colley; Jonna Häkkilä; Juho Rantakari
An immersive fire training system using Kinect BIBAFull-Text 231-234
  Qiuhai He; Guoying Zhao; Xiaopeng Hong; Xinyuan Huang
The moment: a mobile tool for people with depression or bipolar disorder BIBAFull-Text 235-238
  Sky Tien-Yun Huang; Chloe Mun Yee Kwan; Akane Sano
Smarter eyewear: using commercial EOG glasses for activity recognition BIBAFull-Text 239-242
  Shoya Ishimaru; Yuji Uema; Kai Kunze; Koichi Kise; Katsuma Tanaka; Masahiko Inami
Drone, your brain, ring course: accept the challenge and prevail! BIBAFull-Text 243-246
  Nataliya Kosmyna; Franck Tarpin-Bernard; Bertrand Rivet
SHE: smart home energy management system for appliance identification and personalized scheduling BIBAFull-Text 247-250
  Ting Liu; Siyun Chen; Yuqi Liu; Zhanbo Xu; Yulin Che; Yufei Duan
Collaborative geometry-aware augmented reality with depth sensors BIBAFull-Text 251-254
  Yuhao Ma; Kyle Boos; Joshua Ferguson; Donald Patterson; Kevin Jonaitis
Networked on-line audio dilation BIBAFull-Text 255-258
  John S., III Novak; Jason Leigh; Aashish Tandon; Robert V. Kenyon
MiniOrb: a sensor interaction platform for indoor climate preferences BIBAFull-Text 259-262
  Markus Rittenbruch; Jared Donovan; Yasu Santo
ColPhone: a smartphone is just a piece of the puzzle BIBAFull-Text 263-266
  Ahmed Salem; Tamer Nadeem
Memory specs: an annotation system on Google Glass using document image retrieval BIBAFull-Text 267-270
  Katsuma Tanaka; Motoi Iwata; Kai Kunze; Koichi Kise
HoppingDuster: self-adaptive cleaning robot based on aerial vehicle BIBAFull-Text 271-274
  Kenji Tei; Kazuya Aizawa; Shunichiro Suenaga; Ryuichi Takahashi; Shun Lee; Yoshiaki Fukazawa
A noise map of New York city BIBAFull-Text 275-278
  Yilun Wang; Yu Zheng; Tong Liu
Physics education with Google Glass gPhysics experiment app BIBAFull-Text 279-282
  Jens Weppner; Paul Lukowicz; Michael Hirth; Jochen Kuhn
Shiny: an activity logging platform for Google Glass BIBAFull-Text 283-286
  Shoya Ishimaru; Jens Weppner; Andreas Poxrucker; Kai Kunze; Paul Lukowicz; Koichi Kise
Bring your own device: ubiquitous approach to digital affinity diagram collaboration BIBAFull-Text 287-290
  William Widjaja; Masayuki Sawamura
Supporting walking school buses BIBAFull-Text 291-294
  Christopher Winstanley; Nigel Davies; Mike Harding; Sarah Norgate
When your sensor earns money: exchanging data for cash with Bitcoin BIBAFull-Text 295-298
  Dominic Wörner; Thomas von Bomhard
Multi-device activity logging BIBAFull-Text 299-302
  Mattia Zeni; Ilya Zaihrayeu; Fausto Giunchiglia

Video presentations

Walkthrough research: methodological potentials for head-mounted cameras as reflexive tools in museum contexts BIBAFull-Text 303-306
  Jamie Allen; Chris Whitehead; Dionísio Soares Paiva; Jakob Bak; Catherine Descure
Exploring interactive furniture with EmotoCouch BIBAFull-Text 307-310
  Sarah Mennicken; James Scott; A. J. Bernheim Brush; Asta Roseway
SoberDiary: a phone-based support system for assisting recovery from alcohol dependence BIBAFull-Text 311-314
  Kuo-Cheng Wang; Ming-Chyi Huang; Yi-Hsuan Hsieh; Seng-Yong Lau; Chi-Hsien Yen; Hsin-Liu (Cindy) Kao; Chuang-Wen You; Hao-Hua Chu; Yen-Chang Chen
MagicWatch: interacting & segueing BIBAFull-Text 315-318
  Feng Yang; Shugang Wang; Shijian Li; Gang Pan; Runhe Huang

Doctoral school

Ambient assisted living: towards a model of technology adoption and use among elderly users BIBAFull-Text 319-324
  Christina Jaschinski
Automated mobile systems for multidimensional well-being sensing and feedback BIBAFull-Text 325-330
  Mashfiqui Rabbi
Smart garments: an on-body interface for sensory augmentation and substitution BIBAFull-Text 331-336
  Halley P. Profita
Improving smartphone responsiveness through I/O optimizations BIBAFull-Text 337-342
  David T. Nguyen
Designing specialized technology to aid assistance dogs BIBAFull-Text 343-348
  Charlotte Robinson
Adaptive sensor cooperation for predicting human mobility BIBAFull-Text 349-354
  Paul Baumann
Bridging the gap between law & HCI: designing effective regulation of human autonomy in everyday ubicomp systems BIBAFull-Text 355-360
  Lachlan Urquhart

Programming competition

Connect the dots by understanding user status and transitions BIBAFull-Text 361-366
  Xuan Bao; Yilin Shen; Neil Zhenqiang Gong; Hongxia Jin; Bing Hu
How the availability of Wi-Fi connections influences the use of mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 367-372
  Paul Baumann; Silvia Santini
An analysis of the transitions between mobile application usages based on Markov chains BIBAFull-Text 373-378
  Charles Gouin-Vallerand; Neila Mezghani
Diversity in locked and unlocked mobile device usage BIBAFull-Text 379-384
  Daniel Hintze; Sebastian Scholz; Rainhard D. Findling; René Mayrhofer; Muhammad Muaaz
Exploring variety seeking behavior in mobile users BIBAFull-Text 385-390
  Kasthuri Jayarajah; Robert Kauffman; Archan Misra
Quality matters: usage-based app popularity prediction BIBAFull-Text 391-396
  Eric Malmi
Social context discovery from temporal app use patterns BIBAFull-Text 397-402
  Panagiotis Papapetrou; George Roussos
The device analyzer competition BIBAFull-Text 403-407
  Andrew Rice; Alastair R. Beresford
When did your smartphone bother you last? BIBAFull-Text 409-414
  Jeremiah Smith; Anna Lavygina; Alessandra Russo; Naranker Dulay

AwareCast 2014: Third Workshop on Recent Advances in Behavior Prediction and Pro-Active Pervasive Computing

3rd workshop on recent advances in behavior prediction and pro-active pervasive computing BIBAFull-Text 415-420
  Klaus David; Stephan Sigg; Rico Kusber; Brian Ziebart; Sian Lun Lau
A survey of proactive pervasive computing BIBAFull-Text 421-430
  Sebastian VanSyckel; Christian Becker
Multi-sensor physical activity recognition in free-living BIBAFull-Text 431-440
  Katherine Ellis; Suneeta Godbole; Jacqueline Kerr; Gert Lanckriet
Regression tree classification for activity prediction in smart homes BIBAFull-Text 441-450
  Bryan Minor; Diane J. Cook
Event driven time synchronization of mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 451-457
  Dennis Kroll; Rico Kusber; Klaus David
Beyond horizontal location context: measuring elevation using smartphone's barometer BIBAFull-Text 459-468
  Guangwen Liu; Khan Muhammad Asif Hossain; Masayuki Iwai; Masaki Ito; Yoshito Tobe; Kaoru Sezaki; Dunstan Matekenya
Designing and evaluating active learning methods for activity recognition BIBAFull-Text 469-478
  Salikh Bagaveyev; Diane J. Cook

CEA 2014 -- Smart Technology for Cooking and Eating Activities

Summary for the workshop on smart technology for cooking and eating activities (CEA'14) BIBAFull-Text 479-485
  Kiyoharu Aizawa; Takuya Funatomi; Yoko Yamakata
Discriminating practical recipes based on content characteristics in popular social recipes BIBAFull-Text 487-496
  Yohei Seki; Kouta Ono
Recipe search for blog-type recipe articles based on a user's situation BIBAFull-Text 497-506
  Takuya Kadowaki; Shinsuke Mori; Yoko Yamakata; Katsumi Tanaka
Construction of a cooking ontology from cooking recipes and patents BIBAFull-Text 507-516
  Hidetsugu Nanba; Toshiyuki Takezawa; Yoko Doi; Kazutoshi Sumiya; Miho Tsujita
Design and assessment of enabling environments for cooking activities BIBAFull-Text 517-526
  Farah Arab; Anaïs Giroux; Jérémy Bauchet; Sylvain Giroux; Hélène Pigot
Using social media to change eating habits without conscious effort BIBAFull-Text 527-535
  Toshiki Takeuchi; Takuji Narumi; Tatsuya Fujii; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Kyohei Ogawa; Michitaka Hirose
Feature optimization for recognizing food using power leakage from microwave oven BIBAFull-Text 537-546
  Akihiro Nakamata; Tohru Asami; Wei Wei; Yoshihiro Kawahara
Frequency statistics of words used in Japanese food records of FoodLog BIBAFull-Text 547-552
  Sosuke Amano; Makoto Ogawa; Kiyoharu Aizawa
A framework for recipe text interpretation BIBAFull-Text 553-558
  Hirokuni Maeta; Shinsuke Mori; Tetsuro Sasada
Automatic extraction of ingredient's substitutes BIBAFull-Text 559-564
  Corrado Boscarino; Nicole J. J. P. Koenderink; Vladimir Nedovic; Jan L. Top
Automatic recipe cuisine classification by ingredients BIBAFull-Text 565-570
  Han Su; Man-Kwan Shan; Ting-Wei Lin; Janet Chang; Cheng-Te Li
Estimating nutritional value from food images based on semantic segmentation BIBAFull-Text 571-576
  Kyoko Sudo; Jun Shimamura; Kazuhiko Murasaki; Yukinobu Taniguchi
A method for detecting gaze-required action while cooking for assisting video communication BIBAFull-Text 577-582
  Yoko Yamakata; Takuya Funatomi; Asuka Miyazawa; Michihiko Minoh; Atsushi Hashimoto
KUSK dataset: toward a direct understanding of recipe text and human cooking activity BIBAFull-Text 583-588
  Atsushi Hashimoto; Shinsuke Mori; Tetsuro Sasada; Michihiko Minoh; Yoko Yamakata
Food image recognition with deep convolutional features BIBAFull-Text 589-593
  Yoshiyuki Kawano; Keiji Yanai
Unravelling the language of eating BIBAFull-Text 595-600
  Nicole J. J. P. Koenderink; Andrea van Doorn; Jan L. Top
Naturalistic control of conversation by meal: induction of attentive listening attitude through uneven meal distribution in co-dining BIBAFull-Text 601-606
  Tomoo Inoue
Application of an anthropomorphic dining agent to idea generation BIBAFull-Text 607-612
  Rui Liu; Tomoo Inoue

How do you solve a problem like consent? Workshop addressing the challenge of user consent

How do you solve a problem like consent?: the workshop BIBAFull-Text 613-619
  Ewa Luger; Marina Jirotka; Tom Rodden; Lilian Edwards
Revisiting signals and noise for ethical and legal research using online data BIBAFull-Text 621-622
  Erin Kenneally
Who owns your data? BIBAFull-Text 623-628
  Gilad Rosner
Do we really need an online informed consent?: discussion from a technocratic point of view BIBAFull-Text 629-634
  Javier Bustos-Jiménez
An emerging tool kit for attaining informed consent in UbiComp BIBAFull-Text 635-639
  Stuart Moran; Ewa Luger; Tom Rodden
Literatin: beyond awareness of readability in terms and conditions BIBAFull-Text 641-646
  Stuart Moran; Ewa Luger; Tom Rodden
Usable consents: tracking and managing use of personal data with a consent transaction receipt BIBAFull-Text 647-652
  Mark Lizar; Mary Hodder
Consenting agents: semi-autonomous interactions for ubiquitous consent BIBAFull-Text 653-658
  Richard Gomer; m. c. schraefel; Enrico Gerding
Sustaining consent through agency: a framework for future development BIBAFull-Text 659-664
  Ewa Luger; Tom Rodden
Studying MarathonLive: consent for in-the-wild research BIBAFull-Text 665-670
  Edward Anstead; Martin Flintham; Steve Benford

Disasters in Personal Informatics: the Unpublished Stories of Failure and Lessons Learned

Disasters in personal informatics: the unpublished stories of failure and lessons learned BIBAFull-Text 673-678
  Jon E. Froehlich; Jakob Eg Larsen; Matthew Kay; Edison Thomaz
Activity tracking: are we more than the sum of our programming? BIBAFull-Text 679-682
  Halimat Alabi; Yvonne Coady
Personal informatics for non-geeks: lessons learned from ordinary people BIBAFull-Text 683-686
  Gul Calikli; Blaine Price; Mads Schaarup Andersen; Bashar Nuseibeh; Arosha Bandara
Social networking use and RescueTime: the issue of engagement BIBAFull-Text 687-690
  Emily I. M. Collins; Jon Bird; Anna L. Cox; Daniel Harrison
The long tail issue in large scale deployment of personal informatics BIBAFull-Text 691-694
  Andrea Cuttone; Jakob Eg Larsen
Failures in sharing personal data on social networking sites BIBAFull-Text 695-698
  Daniel A. Epstein; James Fogarty; Sean A. Munson
Tracking physical activity: problems related to running longitudinal studies with commercial devices BIBAFull-Text 699-702
  Daniel Harrison; Nadia Berthouze; Paul Marshall; Jon Bird
Exploring users' creation of personalized behavioral plans BIBAFull-Text 703-706
  Jisoo Lee; Winslow Burleson; Erin Walker; Eric B. Hekler
Lessons learned from an initial effort to bring a quantified self "meetup" experience to a new demographic BIBAFull-Text 707-710
  Victor R. Lee; Mary Briggs
Be like water: suggestions for handling undesirable hardware outcomes in personal informatics fieldwork BIBAFull-Text 711-714
  Jason Zietz

HASCA -- 2nd International Workshop on Human Activity Sensing Corpus and its Application

International workshop on human activity sensing corpus and its application (HASCA2014) BIBAFull-Text 715-719
  Nobuo Kawaguchi; Sozo Inoue; Nobuhiko Nishio; Susanna Pirttikangas; Daniel Roggen
A pedestrian flow analysis system using Wi-Fi packet sensors to a real environment BIBAFull-Text 721-730
  Yuki Fukuzaki; Nobuhiko Nishio; Masahiro Mochizuki; Kazuya Murao
Room exit recognition using mobile accelerometers and illuminometers BIBAFull-Text 731-735
  Tatsuya Isoda; Shuji Kutsuna; Sozo Inoue; Masato Kawano
User activity recognition method based on atmospheric pressure sensing BIBAFull-Text 737-746
  Keisuke Komeda; Masahiro Mochizuki; Nobuhiko Nishiko
Limitations with activity recognition methodology & data sets BIBAFull-Text 747-756
  Jeffrey W. Lockhart; Gary M. Weiss
A method for tracking on-body sensor positions utilizing prior knowledge BIBAFull-Text 757-766
  Naoto Migita; Sozo Inoue; Takuya Yumiyama; Takeshi Nishida
On strategies for budget-based online annotation in human activity recognition BIBAFull-Text 767-776
  Tudor Miu; Paolo Missier; Daniel Roggen; Thomas Plötz
Cross-assistive approach for PDR and Wi-Fi positioning BIBAFull-Text 777-786
  Kazuya Miyazaki; Nobuhiko Nishio; Masahiro Mochizuki; Kazuya Murao
A recognition method for combined activities with accelerometers BIBAFull-Text 787-796
  Kazuya Murao; Tsutomu Terada
Pedestrian dead reckoning based on human activity sensing knowledge BIBAFull-Text 797-806
  Yuya Murata; Kei Hiroi; Katsuhiko Kaji; Nobuo Kawaguchi
Towards a unified system for multimodal activity spotting: challenges and a proposal BIBAFull-Text 807-816
  Long-Van Nguyen-Dinh; Gerhard Tröster; Alberto Calatroni
Exploring combinations of missing data complement for fault tolerant activity recognition BIBAFull-Text 817-826
  Ren Ohmura; Ryoma Uchida
Improving activity recognition via automatic decision tree pruning BIBAFull-Text 827-832
  Thomas Phan
Cost-sensitive feature selection for on-body sensor localization BIBAFull-Text 833-842
  Ramyar Saeedi; Brian Schimert; Hassan Ghasemzadeh
Adapting Wi-Fi samples to environmental changes automatically BIBAFull-Text 843-852
  Takashi Sakaguchi; Nobuhiko Nishio; Masahiro Mochizuki; Kazuya Murao
Kraken.me: multi-device user tracking suite BIBAFull-Text 853-862
  Immanuel Schweizer; Benedikt Schmidt
Training human activity recognition for labels with inaccurate time stamps BIBAFull-Text 863-872
  Takamichi Toda; Naonori Ueda; Sozo Inoue; Shota Tanaka
CrowdSignals: a call to crowdfund the community's largest mobile dataset BIBAFull-Text 873-877
  Evan Welbourne; Emmanuel Munguia Tapia

HomeSys 2014

HomeSys 2014 BIBAKFull-Text 879-885
  Tim Coughlan; Rob Comber; Richard Mortier; Thomas Ploetz; Val Mitchell
Sensemaking in the autonomic smart-home BIBAFull-Text 887-894
  Robin Despouys; Rémi Sharrock; Isabelle Demeure
Early lessons from the development of SPOK, an end-user development environment for smart homes BIBAFull-Text 895-902
  Joëlle Coutaz; Sybille Caffiau; Alexandre Demeure; James L. Crowley
An exploration of user recognition on domestic networks using NetFlow records BIBAFull-Text 903-910
  Anthony Brown; Richard Mortier; Tom Rodden
A user demand and preference profiling method for residential energy management BIBAFull-Text 911-918
  Ting Liu; Yulin Che; Yuqi Liu; Zhanbo Xu; Yufei Duan; Siyun Chen
Placing information at home: using room context in domestic design BIBAFull-Text 919-922
  Nico Castelli; Corinna Ogonowski; Gunnar Stevens; Timo Jakobi
Finding roles for interactive furniture in homes with EmotoCouch BIBAFull-Text 923-930
  Sarah Mennicken; James Scott; A. J. Bernheim Brush; Asta Roseway
Wearables or infrastructure: contrasting approaches to collecting behavioural data in the home BIBAFull-Text 931-938
  Victoria Shipp; Tim Coughlan; Sarah Martindale; Elizabeth Evans; Kher Hui Ng; Richard Mortier; Stuart Reeves
CARL: activity-aware automation for energy efficiency BIBAFull-Text 939-946
  Brian L. Thomas; Diane J. Cook
Smart heating control with occupancy prediction: how much can one save? BIBAFull-Text 947-954
  Wilhelm Kleiminger; Silvia Santini; Friedemann Mattern
The HomeCar organiser: designing for blurring home-car boundaries BIBAFull-Text 955-962
  Chandrika Cycil; Mark Perry; Rachel Eardley
Blurred lines: how does cross-disciplinary research work in practice BIBAFull-Text 963-970
  Becky Mallaband; Victoria Haines
PORTS: an interdisciplinary and systemic approach to studying energy use in the home BIBAFull-Text 971-978
  Garrath T. Wilson; Tracy Bhamra; Kerstin Leder Mackley; Sarah Pink; Val Mitchell
Characteristic-based security analysis of personal networks BIBAFull-Text 979-986
  Andrew J. Paverd; Fadi El-Moussa; Ian Brown
Beyond boundaries: the home as city infrastructure for smart citizens BIBAFull-Text 987-990
  Mara Balestrini; Paul Marshall; Tomas Diez

3rd International Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science

3rd international workshop on mobile systems for computational social science BIBAFull-Text 991-994
  Junehwa Song
Inferring human mobility from sparse low accuracy mobile sensing data BIBAFull-Text 995-1004
  Andrea Cuttone; Sune Lehmann; Jakob Eg Larsen
Adding intelligence to your mobile device via on-device sequential pattern mining BIBAFull-Text 1005-1014
  Abhishek Mukherji; Vijay Srinivasan; Evan Welbourne
LiPS: linked participatory sensing for optimizing social resource allocation BIBAFull-Text 1015-1024
  Mina Sakamura; Takuro Yonezawa; Jin Nakazawa; Kazunori Takashio; Hideyuki Tokuda
Anticipatory mobile computing for behaviour change interventions BIBAFull-Text 1025-1034
  Veljko Pejovic; Mirco Musolesi
Mobile monitoring of formal and informal social interactions at workplace BIBAFull-Text 1035-1044
  Aleksandar Matic; Venet Osmani; Oscar Mayora-Ibarra
Uncovering embarrassing moments in in-situ exposure of incoming mobile messages BIBAFull-Text 1045-1054
  Chulhong Min; Youngki Lee; Saumay Pushp; Seungwoo Kang; Seungchul Lee; Junehwa Song; Inseok Hwang

Collective Wearables: the Superorganism of Massively Deployed Wearables

The socio-technical superorganism vision BIBAFull-Text 1055-1056
  Franco Zambonelli
Human aware superorganisms BIBAFull-Text 1057-1062
  Nicola Bicocchi; Damiano Fontana; Franco Zambonelli
A web of wearables BIBAFull-Text 1063-1068
  Erik Wilde; Stefan Lüder; Jack Hodges; Florian Michahelles; Mareike Kritzler
Collective wristwear: the world in the hands of humankind BIBAFull-Text 1069-1070
  Alois Ferscha
Goal oriented smart watches for cyber physical superorganisms BIBAFull-Text 1071-1076
  Gerold Hoelzl; Alois Ferscha; Peter Halbmayer; Welma Pereira
The superorganism of massive collective wearables BIBAFull-Text 1077-1084
  Alois Ferscha; Paul Lukowicz; Franco Zambonelli

PETMEI -- 4th International Workshop on Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Eye-Based Interaction

4th international workshop on pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction BIBAFull-Text 1085-1091
  Thies Pfeiffer; Sophie Stellmach; Yusuke Sugano
Guiding visual search tasks using gaze-contingent auditory feedback BIBAFull-Text 1093-1102
  Viktor Losing; Thies Pfeiffer; Lukas Rottkamp; Michael Zeunert
Daily activity recognition combining gaze motion and visual features BIBAFull-Text 1103-1111
  Yuki Shiga; Andreas Dengel; Takumi Toyama; Koichi Kise; Yuzuko Utsumi
Eye gaze tracking using an RGBD camera: a comparison with a RGB solution BIBAFull-Text 1113-1121
  Xuehan Xiong; Qin Cai; Zicheng Liu; Zhengyou Zhang
Gaze-controlled gaming: immersive and difficult but not cognitively overloading BIBAFull-Text 1123-1129
  Krzysztof Krejtz; Cezary Biele; Dominik Chrzastowski; Agata Kopacz; Anna Niedzielska; Piotr Toczyski; Andrew Duchowski
Identification of purchasing scenarios through eye-tracking features BIBAFull-Text 1131-1140
  Yannick Lufimpu-Luviya; Pierre Drap; Djamel Merad; Thierry Baccino; Véronique Drai-Zerbib; Bernard Fertil
Gaze and mouse coordination in everyday work BIBAFull-Text 1141-1150
  Daniel J. Liebling; Susan T. Dumais
Pupil: an open source platform for pervasive eye tracking and mobile gaze-based interaction BIBAFull-Text 1151-1160
  Moritz Kassner; William Patera; Andreas Bulling
Compensation of head movements in mobile eye-tracking data using an inertial measurement unit BIBAFull-Text 1161-1167
  Linnéa Larsson; Marcus Nyström; Andrea Schwaller; Martin Stridh; Kenneth Holmqvist
Privacy considerations for a pervasive eye tracking world BIBAFull-Text 1169-1177
  Daniel J. Liebling; Sören Preibusch

SmartHealthSys 2014 -- ACM UbiComp Workshop on Smart Health Systems and Applications

SmartHealthSys 2014: ACM ubicomp international workshop on smart health systems and applications BIBAFull-Text 1179-1185
  Hassan Ghasemzadeh; Parisa Rashidi; Michael Ong; Diane Cook; Roozbeh Jafari; George Demiris; Misha Pavel; Marjorie Skubic
Using electronic health records to predict severity of condition for congestive heart failure patients BIBAFull-Text 1187-1192
  Costas Sideris; Nabil Alshurafa; Behnam Shahbazi; Majid Sarrafzadeh; Mohammad Pourhomayoun
Modeling visit behaviour in smart homes using unsupervised learning BIBAFull-Text 1193-1200
  Ahmed Nait Aicha; Gwenn Englebienne; Ben Kröse
Digital memory notebook: experimental evaluation of motivational reward strategies BIBAFull-Text 1201-1208
  Christa Simon; Ramyar Saeedi; Chris Cain; Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe; Shervin Hajiammini; Diane Cook
Longitudinal ambient sensor monitoring for functional health assessments: a case study BIBAFull-Text 1209-1216
  Saskia Robben; Margriet Pol; Ben Kröse
Smart home-based longitudinal functional assessment BIBAFull-Text 1217-1224
  Prafulla Dawadi; Diane J. Cook; Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe
Evolving health consultancy by predictive caravan health sensing in developing countries BIBAFull-Text 1225-1232
  Eiko Kai; Ashir Ahmed; Sozo Inoue; Atsushi Taniguchi; Naoki Nakashima; Yasunobu Nohara; Masaru Kitsuregawa
User-centric exergaming with fine-grain activity recognition: a dynamic optimization approach BIBAFull-Text 1233-1240
  Bobak Mortazavi; Sunghoon Ivan Lee; Majid Sarrafzadeh
A new illness recognition framework using frequent temporal pattern mining BIBAFull-Text 1241-1247
  Zahra Hajihashemi; Mihail Popescu
Accuracy-coverage tradeoff of nocturnal vital sign estimation in smart beds BIBAFull-Text 1249-1256
  Daniel Waltisberg; Oliver Amft; Gerhard Tröster
Friend recommendation for weight loss app BIBAFull-Text 1257-1264
  Anming Li; Hareton Leung; Yvette Lui
Collaborative opportunistic sensing with mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 1265-1272
  Luis A. Castro; Jesús Favela; Jessica Beltrán; Edgar Chávez; Moisés Perez; Marcela Rodriguez; Eduardo Quintana; René Navarro
Beyond sensors: reading patients through caregivers and context BIBAFull-Text 1273-1277
  Greg Barish; Eric Elbogen; Patricia Lester; William R. Saltzman

UPSIDE -- Workshop on Usable Privacy & Security for Wearable and Domestic Ubiquitous Devices

Workshop on usable privacy & security for wearable and domestic ubiquitous devices (UPSIDE) BIBAFull-Text 1279-1282
  Jaeyeon Jung; Tadayoshi Kohno
Augmented reality: hard problems of law and policy BIBAFull-Text 1283-1288
  Franziska Roesner; Tadayoshi Kohno; Tamara Denning; Ryan Calo; Bryce Clayton Newell
MarkIt: privacy markers for protecting visual secrets BIBAFull-Text 1289-1295
  Nisarg Raval; Landon Cox; Animesh Srivastava; Ashwin Machanavajjhala; Kiron Lebeck
Reactive security: responding to visual stimuli from wearable cameras BIBAFull-Text 1297-1306
  Robert Templeman; Apu Kapadia; Roberto Hoyle; David Crandall
Courteous glass BIBAFull-Text 1307-1312
  Jaeyeon Jung; Matthai Philipose
To have and have not: variations on secret sharing to model user presence BIBAFull-Text 1313-1320
  Quentin Staórd-Fraser; Graeme Jenkinson; Frank Stajano; Max Spencer; Chris Warrington; Jeunese Payne
Exploring the design space for geo-fenced connected devices and services at home BIBAFull-Text 1321-1327
  Geert Vanderhulst; Marc Van den Broeck; Fahim Kawsar
My thoughts are not your thoughts BIBAFull-Text 1329-1338
  Benjamin Johnson; Thomas Maillart; John Chuang

WAHM 2014 -- Workshop on Ubiquitous Technologies for Augmenting the Human Mind

WAHM 2014: workshop on ubiquitous technologies for augmenting the human mind BIBAFull-Text 1339-1345
  Tilman Dingler; Albrecht Schmidt; Kai Kunze; Marc Langheinrich; Nigel Davies; Niels Henze
Recall your actions!: using wearable activity recognition to augment the human mind BIBAFull-Text 1347-1353
  Manuel Dietrich; Kristof van Laerhoven
My good old kodak: understanding the impact of having only 24 pictures to take BIBAFull-Text 1355-1360
  Evangelos Niforatos; Marc Langheinrich; Agon Bexheti
Recording events, interactions, and annotations to communicate reasoning in medical situations BIBAFull-Text 1361-1368
  Dawood Al-Masslawi; Rodger Lea; Sidney Fels; Leanne M. Currie
Augmenting the home to remember: initial user perceptions BIBAFull-Text 1369-1372
  Ashley Colley; Jonna Häkkilä; Juho Rantakari
Exploring the role of prospective memory in location-based reminders BIBAFull-Text 1373-1380
  Yao Wang; Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones
Wearable digitization of life science experiments BIBAFull-Text 1381-1388
  Philipp M. Scholl; Kristof Van Laerhoven
Déjà vu -- technologies that make new situations look familiar: position paper BIBAFull-Text 1389-1396
  Albrecht Schmidt; Marc Langheinrich; Nigel Davies; Geoff Ward
Lifelogging for 'observer' view memories: an infrastructure approach BIBAFull-Text 1397-1404
  Sarah Clinch; Paul Metzger; Nigel Davies
Position paper: brain teasers -- toward wearable computing that engages our mind BIBAFull-Text 1405-1408
  Shoya Ishimaru; Kai Kunze; Koichi Kise; Masahiko Inami