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Proceedings of the 2014 International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
Editors:AJ Brush; Adrian Friday; Julie Kientz; James Scott; Junehwa Song
Location:Seattle, Washington
Dates:2014-Sep-13 to 2014-Sep-17
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2968-2; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: UBICOMP14-2
Links:Conference Website
  1. UBICOMP 2014-09-13 Volume 1
    1. Keynote speaker
    2. Activity and group interactions
    3. Mobile performance
    4. UbiComp and design
    5. In the home
    6. Indoor location
    7. Cities & transportation
    8. Sensing and communication
    9. Mobile applications
    10. Health & children
    11. Sensing in the home
    12. Data mining
    13. Energy & environment
    14. Sensing the body
    15. Public displays & interactions
    16. Input & interaction
    17. Human behavior
    18. Mobile-social
    19. Body signals
    20. Sensing the crowd
    21. Security
    22. Assistive devices
    23. UbiComp at work
    24. Children's therapy
    25. Interruptability & notifications
    26. Cars & driving

UBICOMP 2014-09-13 Volume 1

Keynote speaker

Open data kit: applications of mobile devices in the developing world BIBAFull-Text 1
  Gaetano Borriello

Activity and group interactions

StudentLife: assessing mental health, academic performance and behavioral trends of college students using smartphones BIBAFull-Text 3-14
  Rui Wang; Fanglin Chen; Zhenyu Chen; Tianxing Li; Gabriella Harari; Stefanie Tignor; Xia Zhou; Dror Ben-Zeev; Andrew T. Campbell
High5: promoting interpersonal hand-to-hand touch for vibrant workplace with electrodermal sensor watches BIBAFull-Text 15-19
  Yuhwan Kim; Seungchul Lee; Inseok Hwang; Hyunho Ro; Youngki Lee; Miri Moon; Junehwa Song

Mobile performance

SatScore: uncovering and avoiding a principled pitfall in responsiveness measurements of app launches BIBAFull-Text 21-32
  Zhijia Zhao; Mingzhou Zhou; Xipeng Shen
BatteryExtender: an adaptive user-guided tool for power management of mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 33-43
  Grace Metri; Weisong Shi; Monica Brockmeyer; Abhishek Agrawal
Powerlet: an active battery interface for smartphones BIBAFull-Text 45-56
  Wonwoo Jung; Yohan Chon; Dongwon Kim; Hojung Cha
Mobile video ad caching on smartphones BIBAFull-Text 57-61
  Maria Carpen Amarie; Ioannis Pefkianakis; Henrik Lundgren

UbiComp and design

CAMY: applying a pet dog analogy to everyday ubicomp products BIBAFull-Text 63-74
  Yea-Kyung Row; Tek-Jin Nam
Identity crisis of ubicomp?: mapping 15 years of the field's development and paradigm change BIBAFull-Text 75-86
  Yong Liu; Jorge Goncalves; Denzil Ferreira; Simo Hosio; Vassilis Kostakos
The 4C framework: principles of interaction in digital ecosystems BIBAFull-Text 87-97
  Henrik Sørensen; Dimitrios Raptis; Jesper Kjeldskov; Mikael B. Skov
Creative collaboration with a social robot BIBAFull-Text 99-103
  Peter H., Jr. Kahn; Takayuki Kanda; Hiroshi Ishiguro; Solace Shen; Heather E. Gary; Jolina H. Ruckert

In the home

From today's augmented houses to tomorrow's smart homes: new directions for home automation research BIBAFull-Text 105-115
  Sarah Mennicken; Jo Vermeulen; Elaine M. Huang
UbiComp for animal welfare: envisioning smart environments for kenneled dogs BIBAFull-Text 117-128
  Clara Mancini; Janet van der Linden; Gerd Kortuem; Guy Dewsbury; Daniel Mills; Paula Boyden
Intruders versus intrusiveness: teens' and parents' perspectives on home-entryway surveillance BIBAFull-Text 129-139
  Blase Ur; Jaeyeon Jung; Stuart Schechter
Monitoring household activities and user location with a cheap, unobtrusive thermal sensor array BIBAFull-Text 141-145
  Peter Hevesi; Sebastian Wille; Gerald Pirkl; Norbert Wehn; Paul Lukowicz

Indoor location

Graph-based data fusion of pedometer and WiFi measurements for mobile indoor positioning BIBAFull-Text 147-158
  Sebastian Hilsenbeck; Dmytro Bobkov; Georg Schroth; Robert Huitl; Eckehard Steinbach
MobileRF: a robust device-free tracking system based on a hybrid neural network HMM classifier BIBAFull-Text 159-170
  Anindya S. Paul; Eric A. Wan; Fatema Adenwala; Erich Schafermeyer; Nick Preiser; Jeffrey Kaye; Peter G. Jacobs
Indoor-ALPS: an adaptive indoor location prediction system BIBAFull-Text 171-181
  Christian Koehler; Nikola Banovic; Ian Oakley; Jennifer Mankoff; Anind K. Dey
LoCo: a ready-to-deploy framework for efficient room localization using Wi-Fi BIBAFull-Text 183-187
  Jacob T. Biehl; Matthew Cooper; Gerry Filby; Sven Kratz

Cities & transportation

Sensing WiFi packets in the air: practicality and implications in urban mobility monitoring BIBAFull-Text 189-200
  Yohan Chon; Suyeon Kim; Seungwoo Lee; Dongwon Kim; Yungeun Kim; Hojung Cha
Assessing the potential of ride-sharing using mobile and social data: a tale of four cities BIBAFull-Text 201-211
  Blerim Cici; Athina Markopoulou; Enrique Frias-Martinez; Nikolaos Laoutaris
CitySpectrum: a non-negative tensor factorization approach BIBAFull-Text 213-223
  Zipei Fan; Xuan Song; Ryosuke Shibasaki
Classifying the mode of transportation on mobile phones using GIS information BIBAFull-Text 225-229
  Rahul C. Shah; Chieh-yih Wan; Hong Lu; Lama Nachman

Sensing and communication

Capacitive near-field communication for ubiquitous interaction and perception BIBAFull-Text 231-242
  Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl; Sebastian Herber; Raphael Wimmer; Frank Englert; Sebastian Beck; Julian von Wilmsdorff; Reiner Wichert; Arjan Kuijper
MaLoc: a practical magnetic fingerprinting approach to indoor localization using smartphones BIBAFull-Text 243-253
  Hongwei Xie; Tao Gu; Xianping Tao; Haibo Ye; Jian Lv
A battery-free object localization and motion sensing platform BIBAFull-Text 255-259
  Yi Zhao; Anthony LaMarca; Joshua R. Smith
Pulse: low bitrate wireless magnetic communication for smartphones BIBAFull-Text 261-265
  Weiwei Jiang; Denzil Ferreira; Jani Ylioja; Jorge Goncalves; Vassilis Kostakos

Mobile applications

Detecting hybrid and electric vehicles using a smartphone BIBAFull-Text 267-275
Mobile maestro: enabling immersive multi-speaker audio applications on commodity mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 277-288
  Hyosu Kim; SangJeong Lee; Jung-Woo Choi; Hwidong Bae; Jiyeon Lee; Junehwa Song; Insik Shin
User interaction-based profiling system for Android application tuning BIBAFull-Text 289-299
  Seokjun Lee; Chanmin Yoon; Hojung Cha
SENSeTREAM: enhancing online live experience with sensor-federated video stream using animated two-dimensional code BIBAFull-Text 301-305
  Takuro Yonezawa; Masaki Ogawa; Yutaro Kyono; Hiroki Nozaki; Jin Nakazawa; Osamu Nakamura; Hideyuki Tokuda

Health & children

Using electrodermal activity to recognize ease of engagement in children during social interactions BIBAFull-Text 307-317
  Javier Hernandez; Ivan Riobo; Agata Rozga; Gregory D. Abowd; Rosalind W. Picard
Persuasive technology to improve eating behavior using a sensor-embedded fork BIBAFull-Text 319-329
  Azusa Kadomura; Cheng-Yuan Li; Koji Tsukada; Hao-Hua Chu; Itiro Siio
Bilicam: using mobile phones to monitor newborn jaundice BIBAFull-Text 331-342
  Lilian de Greef; Mayank Goel; Min Joon Seo; Eric C. Larson; James W. Stout; James A. Taylor; Shwetak N. Patel
Classifying children with 3D depth cameras for enabling children's safety applications BIBAFull-Text 343-347
  Can Basaran; Hee Jung Yoon; Ho Kyung Ra; Sang Hyuk Son; Taejoon Park; JeongGil Ko

Sensing in the home

Identifying outlets at which electrical appliances are used by electrical wire sensing to gain positional information about appliance use BIBAFull-Text 349-360
  Quan Kong; Takuya Maekawa
A self-calibrating approach to whole-home contactless power consumption sensing BIBAFull-Text 361-371
  Md Tanvir Islam Aumi; Sidhant Gupta; Cameron Pickett; Matt Reynolds; Shwetak Patel
Smart-mat: recognizing and counting gym exercises with low-cost resistive pressure sensing matrix BIBAFull-Text 373-382
  Mathias Sundholm; Jingyuan Cheng; Bo Zhou; Akash Sethi; Paul Lukowicz
Powering wireless sensor nodes with ambient temperature changes BIBAFull-Text 383-387
  Chen Zhao; Sam Yisrael; Joshua R. Smith; Shwetak N. Patel

Data mining

MobileMiner: mining your frequent patterns on your phone BIBAFull-Text 389-400
  Vijay Srinivasan; Saeed Moghaddam; Abhishek Mukherji; Kiran K. Rachuri; Chenren Xu; Emmanuel Munguia Tapia
A hierarchical hidden semi-Markov model for modeling mobility data BIBAFull-Text 401-412
  Mitra Baratchi; Nirvana Meratnia; Paul J. M. Havinga; Andrew K. Skidmore; Bert A. K. G. Toxopeus
Mining multivariate time series with mixed sampling rates BIBAFull-Text 413-423
  Ricardo Cachucho; Marvin Meeng; Ugo Vespier; Siegfried Nijssen; Arno Knobbe
Predicting activity attendance in event-based social networks: content, context and social influence BIBAFull-Text 425-434
  Rong Du; Zhiwen Yu; Tao Mei; Zhitao Wang; Zhu Wang; Bin Guo

Energy & environment

Energy diet: energy feedback on a bathroom scale BIBAFull-Text 435-446
  Pei-Yi Kuo; Michael S. Horn
Energy advisors at work: charity work practices to support people in fuel poverty BIBAFull-Text 447-458
  Joel E. Fischer; Enrico Costanza; Sarvapali D. Ramchurn; James Colley; Tom Rodden
Conversations with my washing machine: an in-the-wild study of demand shifting with self-generated energy BIBAFull-Text 459-470
  Jacky Bourgeois; Janet van der Linden; Gerd Kortuem; Blaine A. Price; Christopher Rimmer
Indoor air quality monitoring system for smart buildings BIBAFull-Text 471-475
  Xuxu Chen; Yu Zheng; Yubiao Chen; Qiwei Jin; Weiwei Sun; Eric Chang; Wei-Ying Ma

Sensing the body

BioScope: an extensible bandage system for facilitating data collection in nursing assessments BIBAFull-Text 477-480
  Cheng-Yuan Li; Chi-Hsien Yen; Kuo-Cheng Wang; Chuang-Wen You; Seng-Yong Lau; Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen; Polly Huang; Hao-Hua Chu
Gait analysis using shoe-worn inertial sensors: how is foot clearance related to walking speed? BIBAFull-Text 481-485
  Kamiar Aminian; Farzin Dadashi; Benoit Mariani; Constanze Lenoble-Hoskovec; Brigitte Santos-Eggimann; Christophe J. Büla

Public displays & interactions

Projective testing of diurnal collective emotion BIBAFull-Text 487-497
  Jorge Goncalves; Pratyush Pandab; Denzil Ferreira; Mohammad Ghahramani; Guoying Zhao; Vassilis Kostakos
PriCal: context-adaptive privacy in ambient calendar displays BIBAFull-Text 499-510
  Florian Schaub; Bastian Könings; Peter Lang; Björn Wiedersheim; Christian Winkler; Michael Weber
Mercury: an application store for open display networks BIBAFull-Text 511-522
  Sarah Clinch; Mateusz Mikusz; Miriam Greis; Nigel Davies; Adrian Friday
AiD: augmented information display BIBAFull-Text 523-527
  Shuguang Wu; Jun Xiao

Input & interaction

IdentityLink: user-device linking through visual and RF-signal cues BIBAFull-Text 529-539
  Le T. Nguyen; Yu Seung Kim; Patrick Tague; Joy Zhang
Leveraging directional antenna capabilities for fine-grained gesture recognition BIBAFull-Text 541-551
  Pedro Melgarejo; Xinyu Zhang; Parameswaran Ramanathan; David Chu
BendID: flexible interface for localized deformation recognition BIBAFull-Text 553-557
  Vinh P. Nguyen; Sang Ho Yoon; Ansh Verma; Karthik Ramani
GazeHorizon: enabling passers-by to interact with public displays by gaze BIBAFull-Text 559-563
  Yanxia Zhang; Jörg Müller; Ming Ki Chong; Andreas Bulling; Hans Gellersen
AirLink: sharing files between multiple devices using in-air gestures BIBAFull-Text 565-569
  Ke-Yu Chen; Daniel Ashbrook; Mayank Goel; Sung-Hyuck Lee; Shwetak Patel

Human behavior

Privacy behaviors of lifeloggers using wearable cameras BIBAFull-Text 571-582
  Roberto Hoyle; Robert Templeman; Steven Armes; Denise Anthony; David Crandall; Apu Kapadia
Money walks: a human-centric study on the economics of personal mobile data BIBAFull-Text 583-594
  Jacopo Staiano; Nuria Oliver; Bruno Lepri; Rodrigo de Oliveira; Michele Caraviello; Nicu Sebe
Connecting personal-scale sensing and networked community behavior to infer human activities BIBAFull-Text 595-606
  Nicholas D. Lane; Li Pengyu; Lin Zhou; Feng Zhao


CheckInside: a fine-grained indoor location-based social network BIBAFull-Text 607-618
  Moustafa Elhamshary; Moustafa Youssef
Breaking boundaries: the uses & gratifications of Grindr BIBAFull-Text 619-630
  Chad Van De Wiele; Stephanie Tom Tong
Probabilistic identification of visited point-of-interest for personalized automatic check-in BIBAFull-Text 631-642
  Kyosuke Nishida; Hiroyuki Toda; Takeshi Kurashima; Yoshihiko Suhara
Challenges and opportunities in data mining contact lists for inferring relationships BIBAFull-Text 643-647
  Jason Wiese; Jason I. Hong; John Zimmerman

Body signals

Intelligent sleep stage mining service with smartphones BIBAFull-Text 649-660
  Weixi Gu; Zheng Yang; Longfei Shangguan; Wei Sun; Kun Jin; Yunhao Liu
Health chair: implicitly sensing heart and respiratory rate BIBAFull-Text 661-671
  Erin Griffiths; T. Scott Saponas; A. J. Bernheim Brush
Towards circadian computing: "early to bed and early to rise" makes some of us unhealthy and sleep deprived BIBAFull-Text 673-684
  Saeed Abdullah; Mark Matthews; Elizabeth L. Murnane; Geri Gay; Tanzeem Choudhury
Heart rate monitoring through the surface of a drinkware BIBAFull-Text 685-689
  Hiroshi Chigira; Masayuki Ihara; Minoru Kobayashi; Akimichi Tanaka; Tomohiro Tanaka

Sensing the crowd

Steered crowdsensing: incentive design towards quality-oriented place-centric crowdsensing BIBAFull-Text 691-701
  Ryoma Kawajiri; Masamichi Shimosaka; Hisashi Kahima
CrowdRecruiter: selecting participants for piggyback crowdsensing under probabilistic coverage constraint BIBAFull-Text 703-714
  Daqing Zhang; Haoyi Xiong; Leye Wang; Guanling Chen
Diagnosing New York city's noises with ubiquitous data BIBAFull-Text 715-725
  Yu Zheng; Tong Liu; Yilun Wang; Yanmin Zhu; Yanchi Liu; Eric Chang
Orchestration support for participatory sensing campaigns BIBAFull-Text 727-738
  Ellie D'Hondt; Jesse Zaman; Eline Philips; Elisa Gonzalez Boix; Wolfgang De Meuter


Secure bootstrapping of cloud-managed ubiquitous displays BIBAFull-Text 739-750
  Mohit Sethi; Elena Oat; Mario Di Francesco; Tuomas Aura
Secure and private proofs for location-based activity summaries in urban areas BIBAFull-Text 751-762
  Anh Pham; Kévin Huguenin; Igor Bilogrevic; Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Zero-effort payments: design, deployment, and lessons BIBAFull-Text 763-774
  Christopher Smowton; Jacob R. Lorch; David Molnar; Stefan Saroiu; Alec Wolman
SmudgeSafe: geometric image transformations for smudge-resistant user authentication BIBAFull-Text 775-786
  Stefan Schneegass; Frank Steimle; Andreas Bulling; Florian Alt; Albrecht Schmidt

Assistive devices

CrossNavi: enabling real-time crossroad navigation for the blind with commodity phones BIBAFull-Text 787-798
  Longfei Shangguan; Zheng Yang; Zimu Zhou; Xiaolong Zheng; Chenshu Wu; Yunhao Liu
Chroma: a wearable augmented-reality solution for color blindness BIBAFull-Text 799-810
  Enrico Tanuwidjaja; Derek Huynh; Kirsten Koa; Calvin Nguyen; Churen Shao; Patrick Torbett; Colleen Emmenegger; Nadir Weibel

UbiComp at work

The architecture of innovation: tracking face-to-face interactions with ubicomp technologies BIBAFull-Text 811-822
  Chloë Brown; Christos Efstratiou; Ilias Leontiadis; Daniele Quercia; Cecilia Mascolo; James Scott; Peter Key
Lunch line: using public displays and mobile devices to encourage healthy eating in an organization BIBAFull-Text 823-834
  Kerry Shih-Ping Chang; Catalina M. Danis; Robert G. Farrell
Exploring delegate engagement with an augmented conference BIBAFull-Text 835-845
  Nick Taylor; Tom Bartindale; John Vines; Patrick Olivier
Container throughput estimation leveraging ship GPS traces and open data BIBAFull-Text 847-851
  Longbiao Chen; Daqing Zhang; Gang Pan; Leye Wang; Xiaojuan Ma; Chao Chen; Shijian Li

Children's therapy

Robot-based augmentative and alternative communication for nonverbal children with communication disorders BIBAFull-Text 853-859
  Kyung Hea Jeon; Seok Jeong Yeon; Young Tae Kim; Seokwoo Song; John Kim
Moving towards a real-time system for automatically recognizing stereotypical motor movements in individuals on the autism spectrum using wireless accelerometry BIBAFull-Text 861-872
  Matthew S. Goodwin; Marzieh Haghighi; Qu Tang; Murat Akcakaya; Deniz Erdogmus; Stephen Intille
SensoryPaint: a multimodal sensory intervention for children with neurodevelopmental disorders BIBAFull-Text 873-884
  Kathryn E. Ringland; Rodrigo Zalapa; Megan Neal; Lizbeth Escobedo; Monica Tentori; Gillian R. Hayes
Collective use of a situated display to encourage positive behaviors in children with behavioral challenges BIBAFull-Text 885-895
  Aleksandar Matic; Gillian R. Hayes; Monica Tentori; Maryam Abdullah; Sabrina Schuck

Interruptability & notifications

InterruptMe: designing intelligent prompting mechanisms for pervasive applications BIBAFull-Text 897-908
  Veljko Pejovic; Mirco Musolesi
Assessing the availability of users to engage in just-in-time intervention in the natural environment BIBAFull-Text 909-920
  Hillol Sarker; Moushumi Sharmin; Amin Ahsan Ali; Md. Mahbubur Rahman; Rummana Bari; Syed Monowar Hossain; Santosh Kumar
Geofencing 2.0: taking location-based notifications to the next level BIBAFull-Text 921-932
  Sandro Rodriguez Garzon; Bersant Deva
Large-scale evaluation of call-availability prediction BIBAFull-Text 933-937
  Martin Pielot

Cars & driving

Car-level congestion and position estimation for railway trips using mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 939-950
  Yuki Maekawa; Akira Uchiyama; Hirozumi Yamaguchi; Teruo Higashino
Modeling heterogeneous routing decisions in trajectories for driving experience learning BIBAFull-Text 951-961
  Jiangchuan Zheng; Lionel M. Ni
PocketParker: pocketsourcing parking lot availability BIBAFull-Text 963-973
  Anandatirtha Nandugudi; Taeyeon Ki; Carl Nuessle; Geoffrey Challen
Elastic pathing: your speed is enough to track you BIBAFull-Text 975-986
  Xianyi Gao; Bernhard Firner; Shridatt Sugrim; Victor Kaiser-Pendergrast; Yulong Yang; Janne Lindqvist