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Proceedings of the 2003 International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

Fullname:Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
Editors:Anind K. Dey; Albrecht Schmidt; Joseph F. McCarthy
Location:Seattle, Washington
Dates:2003-Oct-12 to 2003-Oct-15
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2864
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/b93949 hcibib: UBICOMP03; ISBN: 978-3-540-20301-8 (print), 978-3-540-39653-6 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. Location and Space
  2. Modeling and Inference
  3. Context Awareness
  4. New Devices and Technologies
  5. Domestic Environments and Healthcare
  6. Social Aspect and Privacy
  7. New Interfaces

Location and Space

Building World Models by Ray-Tracing within Ceiling-Mounted Positioning Systems BIBAFull-Text 1-17
  Robert K. Harle; Andy Hopper
On a Location Model for Fine-Grained Geocast BIBAFull-Text 18-35
  Frank Dürr; Kurt Rothermel
RightSPOT: A Novel Sense of Location for a Smart Personal Object BIBAFull-Text 36-43
  John Krumm; Gerry Cermak; Eric Horvitz
User-Friendly Surveying Techniques for Location-Aware Systems BIBAFull-Text 44-53
  James Scott; Mike Hazas

Modeling and Inference

Sto(ry)chastics: A Bayesian Network Architecture for User Modeling and Computational Storytelling for Interactive Spaces BIBAFull-Text 54-72
  Flavia Sparacino
Inferring High-Level Behavior from Low-Level Sensors BIBAFull-Text 73-89
  Donald J. Patterson; Lin Liao; Dieter Fox; Henry Kautz
Activity Zones for Context-Aware Computing BIBAFull-Text 90-106
  Kimberle Koile; Konrad Tollmar; David Demirdjian; Howard Shrobe; Trevor Darrell

Context Awareness

Context-Aware User Authentication -- Supporting Proximity-Based Login in Pervasive Computing BIBAFull-Text 107-123
  Jakob E. Bardram; Rasmus E. Kjær; Michael Ø. Pedersen
Secure Spontaneous Device Association BIBAFull-Text 124-131
  Tim Kindberg; Kan Zhang
AwareCon: Situation Aware Context Communication BIBAFull-Text 132-139
  Michael Beigl; Albert Krohn; Tobias Zimmer; Christian Decker; Philip Robinson
liquid: Context-Aware Distributed Queries BIBAFull-Text 140-148
  Jeffrey Heer; Alan Newberger; Chris Beckmann; Jason I. Hong
Is Context-Aware Computing Taking Control away from the User? Three Levels of Interactivity Examined BIBAFull-Text 149-156
  Louise Barkhuus; Anind Dey

New Devices and Technologies

Tools for Studying Behavior and Technology in Natural Settings BIBAFull-Text 157-174
  Stephen S. Intille; Emmanuel Munguia Tapia; John Rondoni; Jennifer Beaudin; Chuck Kukla; Sitij Agarwal; Ling Bao; Kent Larson
Very Low-Cost Sensing and Communication Using Bidirectional LEDs BIBAFull-Text 175-191
  Paul Dietz; William Yerazunis; Darren Leigh
SPECs: Another Approach to Human Context and Activity Sensing Research, Using Tiny Peer-to-Peer Wireless Computers BIBAFull-Text 192-199
  Mik Lamming; Denis Bohm
A 2-Way Laser-Assisted Selection Scheme for Handhelds in a Physical Environment BIBAFull-Text 200-207
  Shwetak N. Patel; Gregory D. Abowd

Domestic Environments and Healthcare

Finding a Place for UbiComp in the Home BIBAFull-Text 208-226
  Andy Crabtree; Tom Rodden; Terry Hemmings; Steve Benford
New Perspectives on Ubiquitous Computing from Ethnographic Study of Elders with Cognitive Decline BIBAFull-Text 227-242
  Margaret Morris; Jay Lundell; Eric Dishman; Brad Needham
Practical Considerations of Context for Context Based Systems: An Example from an Ethnographic Case Study of a Man Diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease BIBAFull-Text 243-255
  Tony Salvador; Ken Anderson
"Playing with the Bits" User-Configuration of Ubiquitous Domestic Environments BIBAFull-Text 256-263
  Jan Humble; Andy Crabtree; Terry Hemmings; Karl-Petter Åkesson; Boriana Koleva; Tom Rodden; Pär Hansson

Social Aspect and Privacy

IntelliBadge™: Towards Providing Location-Aware Value-Added Services at Academic Conferences BIBAFull-Text 264-280
  Donna Cox; Volodymyr Kindratenko; David Pointer
UbiTable: Impromptu Face-to-Face Collaboration on Horizontal Interactive Surfaces BIBAFull-Text 281-288
  Chia Shen; Katherine Everitt; Kathleen Ryall
Social Network Computing BIBAFull-Text 289-296
  Nathan Eagle; Alex (Sandy) Pentland
The Design of a Context-Aware Home Media Space for Balancing Privacy and Awareness BIBAFull-Text 297-314
  Carman Neustaedter; Saul Greenberg

New Interfaces

Context-Aware Computing with Sound BIBAFull-Text 315-332
  Anil Madhavapeddy; David Scott; Richard Sharp
An Architecture and Framework for Steerable Interface Systems BIBAFull-Text 333-348
  Anthony Levas; Claudio Pinhanez; Gopal Pingali; Rick Kjeldsen; Mark Podlaseck; Noi Sukaviriya
Evaluation of Visual Notification Cues for Ubiquitous Computing BIBAFull-Text 349-366
  Peter Tarasewich; Christopher S. Campbell; Tian Xia; Myra Dideles