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Universal Access in the Information Society 9

Editors:Constantine Stephanidis
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISSN 1615-5289 (print); 1615-5297 (electronic)
Links:Table of Contents
  1. UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 2
  3. UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 3
  4. UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 4

UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 1

Long Paper

Applying qualitative content analysis to study online support communities BIBAKWeb Page 1-16
  Ulrike Pfeil; Panayiotis Zaphiris
Accessibility and interoperability in e-government systems: outlining an inclusive development process BIBAKWeb Page 17-33
  Rodrigo Bonacin; Amanda M. Melo; Carlos A. C. Simoni; M. Cecília C. Baranauskas
Managing accessibility in local e-government websites through end-user development: a case study BIBAKWeb Page 35-50
  Daniela Fogli; Sergio Colosio; Matteo Sacco
Accessibility and findability of local e-government websites in the Czech Republic BIBAKWeb Page 51-61
  Hana Kopackova; Karel Michalek; Karel Cejna
Re-fashioning fashion: an exploratory study of a live audio-described fashion show BIBAKWeb Page 63-75
  J. P. Udo; D. I. Fels
GOMS analysis as a tool to investigate the usability of web units for disabled users BIBAKWeb Page 77-86
  Martin Schrepp


A web accessibility assessment on the Texas public school system BIBAKWeb Page 87-96
  Shane May; Qi Zhu

UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 2

Long Paper

Accessible presentation of information for people with visual disabilities BIBAWeb Page 97-119
  Christopher Power; Helmut Jürgensen
Understanding barriers to online experience for people with physical and sensory disabilities using discursive social psychology BIBAKWeb Page 121-136
  Natilene I. Bowker
Cognitive impairments and Web 2.0 BIBAKWeb Page 137-146
  Peter Fairweather; Shari Trewin

Short Paper

What we know about dyslexia and Web accessibility: a research review BIBAKWeb Page 147-152
  Jacob E. McCarthy; Sarah J. Swierenga

Long Paper

Developing multimedia interfaces for speech therapy BIBAKWeb Page 153-167
  Jennifer George; Paul Gnanayutham
Auditory universal accessibility of data tables using naturally derived prosody specification BIBAKWeb Page 169-183
  Dimitris Spiliotopoulos; Gerasimos Xydas; Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Vasilios Argyropoulos; Kalliopi Ikospentaki


An overview of web accessibility in Greece: a comparative study 2004-2008 BIBAKWeb Page 185-190
  Ioannis Basdekis; Iosif Klironomos; Ioannis Metaxas; Constantine Stephanidis

UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 3


Designing inclusive futures BIBWeb Page 191-193
  Patrick Langdon; John Clarkson; Peter Robinson

Long Paper

Using disability data to estimate design exclusion BIBAKWeb Page 195-207
  S. D. Waller; P. M. Langdon; P. J. Clarkson
Prior experience in the use of domestic product interfaces BIBAKWeb Page 209-225
  P. M. Langdon; T. Lewis; P. J. Clarkson
Policy development and access to wireless technologies for people with disabilities: results of policy Delphi research BIBAKWeb Page 227-237
  Paul M. A. Baker; Nathan W. Moon
Accessible privacy and security: a universally usable human-interaction proof tool BIBAKWeb Page 239-248
  Graig Sauer; Jonathan Holman; Jonathan Lazar; Harry Hochheiser; Jinjuan Feng
Designing technology to improve quality of life for people with dementia: user-led approaches BIBAKWeb Page 249-259
  R. Orpwood; J. Chadd; D. Howcroft; A. Sixsmith; J. Torrington; G. Gibson; G. Chalfont
Gaze interaction with virtual on-line communities: levelling the playing field for disabled users BIBAKWeb Page 261-272
  R. Bates; S. Vickers; H. O. Istance
Understanding the use of tools for opening packaging BIBAKWeb Page 273-281
  A. Yoxall; J. Langley; J. Luxmoore; R. Janson; J. C. Taylor; J. Rowson
Designing spaces for every listener BIBAKWeb Page 283-292
  Ann Heylighen; Monika Rychtáriková; Gerrit Vermeir

UAIS 2010 Volume 9 Issue 4

Long Paper

Accessibility of audio and tactile interfaces for young blind people performing everyday tasks BIBAKWeb Page 297-310
  Yayoi Shimomura; Ebba Thora Hvannberg; Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson
Making it easier for older people to talk to smart homes: the effect of early help prompts BIBAKWeb Page 311-325
  K. Maria Wolters; Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht; Florian Gödde; Sebastian Möller; Anja Naumann; Robert Schleicher
User-centered design in universal design resources? BIBAKWeb Page 327-335
  Chris M. Law; Paul T. Jaeger; Elspeth McKay
A unified methodology for the evaluation of accessibility and usability of mobile applications BIBAKWeb Page 337-356
  Marco Billi; Laura Burzagli; Tiziana Catarci; Giuseppe Santucci; Enrico Bertini; Francesco Gabbanini; Enrico Palchetti
Universal access in e-voting for the blind BIBAKWeb Page 357-365
  Juan E. Gilbert; Yolanda McMillian; Ken Rouse; Philicity Williams; Gregory Rogers; Jerome McClendon; Winfred Mitchell; Priyanka Gupta; Idong Mkpong-Ruffin; E. Vincent Cross
An application of the technology acceptance model to the level of Internet usage by older adults BIBAKWeb Page 367-374
  Laxman U. S. Nayak; Lee Priest; Allan P. White
Web popularity: an illusory perception of a qualitative order in information BIBAKWeb Page 375-386
  Stefano Federici; Simone Borsci; Maria Laura Mele; Gianluca Stamerra
Worth-centred mobile phone design for older users BIBAKWeb Page 387-403
  Karen Renaud; Judy van Biljon