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UAHCI 2015: 9th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Part III: Access to Learning, Health and Well-Being

Fullname:UAHCI 2015: 9th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Part III: Access to Learning, Health and Well-Being
Note:Volume 9 of HCI International 2015
Editors:Margherita Antona; Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:2015-Aug-02 to 2015-Aug-07
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9177
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-20684-4 hcibib: UAHCI15-3; ISBN: 978-3-319-20683-7 (print), 978-3-319-20684-4 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. UAHCI 2015-08-02 Volume 3
    1. Universal Access to Education
    2. Universal Access to Health Applications and Services
    3. Games for Learning and Therapy
    4. Cognitive Disabilities and Cognitive Support

UAHCI 2015-08-02 Volume 3

Universal Access to Education

Criteria for Designing Blended Learning Materials for Inclusive Education: Perspectives of Teachers and Producers BIBAKFull-Text 3-14
  Ingo K. Bosse
Interaction Design of Digital Teaching Improves Teaching and Learning Effectiveness BIBAKFull-Text 15-22
  Tsung-Chou Chang; Ya-Fen Tsai; Fong-Gong Wu
Exploring the Interactivity Issues of the Stereoscopic 3D Systems for Design Education BIBAKFull-Text 23-30
  Li-Chieh Chen; Yun-Maw Cheng; Po-Ying Chu; Frode Eika Sandnes
Enhancing Blended Environments Through Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping of LMS Users' Quality of Interaction: The Rare and Contemporary Dance Paradigms BIBAKFull-Text 31-42
  Sofia B. Dias; Sofia J. Hadjileontiadou; José Alves Diniz; Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis
Once Upon a Tablet: A School Toy in the Making BIBAKFull-Text 43-53
  Isabel Cristina G. Fróes
AfterNext: Decoding the Future of Higher Education in 2030 BIBAFull-Text 54-65
  Myk Garn
From Trebizond to Al-Andalus: Visualizing the Late Medieval Mediterranean BIBAKFull-Text 66-76
  Eurydice S. Georganteli; Ioanna N. Koukouni
STEM Scalable Model for Enhancing Secondary and Postsecondary Student On-Line Services BIBAKFull-Text 77-88
  Noel Gregg; April Galyardt; Robert Todd
A TUI-Based Storytelling for Promoting Inclusion in the Preschool Classroom BIBAKFull-Text 89-100
  Julián Esteban Gutiérrez Posada; Heiko Hornung; Maria Cecília Martins; Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas
Delivering User-Centered Content on an Inclusive Mobile Platform: How to Produce It and Use It! BIBAKFull-Text 101-108
  Valerie C. Haven
Preparing All Students for 21st Century College and Careers BIBAKFull-Text 109-119
  Margo Izzo; Alexa Murray; Andrew Buck; Victor Johnson; Eliseo Jimenez
Universal Access to Media and the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative BIBAKFull-Text 120-126
  Michael James Jayme Johnson
How Competency-Based Education Can Fulfill the Promise of Educational Technology BIBAKFull-Text 127-136
  Sally M. Johnstone; David E. Leasure
Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Electronic Mentoring BIBAKFull-Text 137-148
  Christopher Langston; Nathan Moon; Robert Todd; Noel Gregg; Gerri Wolfe
Integrating Motion-Capture Augmented Reality Technology as an Interactive Program for Children BIBAKFull-Text 149-156
  Chien-Yu Lin; Chien-Jung Chen; Yu-Hung Liu; Hua-Chen Chai; Cheng-Wei Lin; Yu-Mei Huang; Ching-Wen Chen; Chien-Chi Lin
A JBrick: Accessible Robotics Programming for Visually Impaired Users BIBAKFull-Text 157-168
  Stephanie Ludi; Scott Jordan
Effects of Superimposing Salient Graphics on Learning Material BIBAKFull-Text 169-178
  Shu Matsuura; Takumi Shigihara
Determining the Efficacy of Communications Technologies and Practices to Broaden Participation in Education: Insights from a Theory of Change BIBAKFull-Text 179-188
  Nathan W. Moon; Robert L. Todd; Noel Gregg; Christopher L. Langston; Gerri Wolfe
Enhancing Students' Motivation to Learn Software Engineering Programming Techniques: A Collaborative and Social Interaction Approach BIBAKFull-Text 189-201
  Ricardo Rodrigues Nunes; Daniela Pedrosa; Benjamim Fonseca; Hugo Paredes; José Cravino; Leonel Morgado; Paulo Martins
Guidelines for Designing Accessible Digital (Text) Books: The Italian Case BIBAKFull-Text 202-213
  Eliseo Sciarretta; Andrea Ingrosso; Alessandra Carriero
The Evolution of an Online Approach to Preparing Young Students with Disabilities for College and Careers BIBAKFull-Text 214-223
  Clark A. Shingledecker; Jennifer Barga
The Promise and Pitfalls of Virtual Worlds to Enhance STEM Education Success: Summary of the GSAA BreakThru Model BIBAKFull-Text 224-235
  Robert L. Todd
Quality Analysis of Polish Universities Based on POE Method -- Description of Research Experiences BIBAKFull-Text 236-242
  Dorota Winnicka-Jaslowska
E-mentoring Supports for Improving the Persistence of Underrepresented Students in On-line and Traditional Courses BIBAKFull-Text 243-251
  Gerri Wolfe; Noel Gregg
Comparison Research Between ICT-Based Design and Traditional Design for Hearing Impaired Children BIBAKFull-Text 252-263
  Ying Yang; Junnan Yu; Wenyi Cai; Ting Han

Universal Access to Health Applications and Services

Haptics-Enabled Surgical Training System with Guidance Using Deep Learning BIBAKFull-Text 267-278
  Ehren Biglari; Marie Feng; John Quarles; Edward Sako; John Calhoon; Ronald Rodriguez; Yusheng Feng
A Goal- and Context-Driven Approach in Mobile Period Tracking Applications BIBAKFull-Text 279-287
  Richard A. Bretschneider
Unforeseen Challenges BIBAKFull-Text 288-299
  Mads Christophersen; Peter Mørck; Tue Odd Langhoff; Pernille Bjørn
Rehabilitation of Balance-Impaired Stroke Patients Through Audio-Visual Biofeedback BIBAKFull-Text 300-311
  Cristina Gheorghe; Thomas Nissen; Daniel Christensen; Paula Epure; Anthony Brooks; Eva Petersson Brooks
Speech Driven by Artificial Larynx: Potential Advancement Using Synthetic Pitch Contours BIBAKFull-Text 312-321
  Hua-Li Jian
Multimodal Feedback for Balance Rehabilitation BIBAKFull-Text 322-330
  Bruce J. P. Mortimer; Braden J. McGrath; Greg R. Mort; Gary A. Zets
A Virtual Reality System for Occupational Therapy with Hand Motion Capture and Force Feedback BIBAKFull-Text 331-337
  Kouki Nagamune; Yosuke Uozumi; Yoshitada Sakai
Methodology for Evaluating the Usability of Public Equipment for Physical Activity: An Approach to Interface with Blind and Low Vision Individuals BIBAKFull-Text 338-344
  Sabrina Talita de Oliveira; Maria Lucia Leite Ribeiro Okimoto
Virtual Liver Surgical Simulator by Using Z-Buffer for Object Deformation BIBAKFull-Text 345-351
  Katsuhiko Onishi; Hiroshi Noborio; Masanao Koeda; Kaoru Watanabe; Kiminori Mizushino; Takahiro Kunii; Masaki Kaibori; Kosuke Matsui; Masanori Kon
Fashion Design for Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach BIBAKFull-Text 352-363
  Mariana Rachel Roncoletta
Smart Mirror Where I Stand, Who Is the Leanest in the Sand? BIBAKFull-Text 364-373
  Marianna Saba; Riccardo Scateni; Fabio Sorrentino; Lucio Davide Spano; Sara Colantonio; Daniela Giorgi; Massimo Magrini; Ovidio Salvetti; Novella Buonaccorsi; Ilaria Vitali
A Virtual Reality Lower-Back Pain Rehabilitation Approach: System Design and User Acceptance Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 374-382
  Wu-Chen Su; Shih-Ching Yeh; Si-Huei Lee; Hsiang-Chun Huang
'Weather' Wearable System: A Design Exploration to Facilitate the Collaboration and Communication with Chronic Pain Patients BIBAKFull-Text 383-393
  Xin Tong; Diane Gromala; Amber Choo; Mahsoo Salimi; Jeewon Lee
The Benefits of Haptic Feedback in Telesurgery and Other Teleoperation Systems: A Meta-Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 394-405
  Bernhard Weber; Clara Eichberger

Games for Learning and Therapy

An Evaluation Method of Educational Computer Games for Deaf Children Based on Design Guidelines BIBAKFull-Text 409-419
  Rafael dos Passos Canteri; Laura Sánchez García; Tanya Amara Felipe; Diego Roberto Antunes; Carlos Eduardo Iatskiu
Resonance: An Interactive Tabletop Artwork for Co-located Group Rehabilitation and Play BIBAKFull-Text 420-431
  Jonathan Duckworth; Nick Mumford; Karen Caeyenberghs; Ross Eldridge; Scott Mayson; Patrick R. Thomas; David Shum; Gavin Williams; Peter H. Wilson
Increasing Super Pop VR™ Users' Intrinsic Motivation by Improving the Game's Aesthetics BIBAKFull-Text 432-441
  Sergio García-Vergara; Hongfei Li; Ayanna M. Howard
Games for Change: The Strategic Design of Interactive Persuasive Systems BIBAKFull-Text 442-453
  Igor Revoredo Hosse; Rachel Zuanon
Developing a Digital Game for Domestic Stroke Patients' Upper Extremity Rehabilitation -- Design and Usability Assessment BIBAKFull-Text 454-461
  Lan-Ling Huang; Mei-Hsiang Chen; Chao-Hua Wang; Chang-Franw Lee
An Integrated Playful Music Learning Solution BIBAKFull-Text 462-471
  Kristoffer Jensen; Søren Frimodt-Møller
A Game-like Application for Dance Learning Using a Natural Human Computer Interface BIBAKFull-Text 472-482
  Alexandros Kitsikidis; Kosmas Dimitropoulos; Deniz Ugurca; Can Bayçay; Erdal Yilmaz; Filareti Tsalakanidou; Stella Douka; Nikos Grammalidis
Augmentation of Board Games Using Smartphones BIBAKFull-Text 483-492
  Arturas Kulšinskas; Ciatialin Bialan; Nicholas Bukdahl; Anthony Lewis Brooks
Games Accessibility for Deaf People: Evaluating Integrated Guidelines BIBAKFull-Text 493-504
  Ana L. K. Waki; Guilherme S. Fujiyoshi; Leonelo D. A. Almeida
Enhancing Self-Motivation Through Design of an Accessible Math App for Children with Special Needs BIBAKFull-Text 505-513
  J. MacCalla; Jin Xu; Ayanna Howard
The Use of Multisensory User Interfaces for Games Centered in People with Cerebral Palsy BIBAKFull-Text 514-524
  Eliza Oliveira; Glauco Sousa; Icaro Magalhães; Tatiana Tavares
SPELTRA: A Robotic Assistant for Speech-and-Language Therapy BIBAKFull-Text 525-534
  Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev; Martín López-Nores; Juan Ochoa-Zambrano; Jorge García-Duque; José Juan Pazos-Arias
Multimodal Videogames for the Cognition of People Who Are Blind: Trends and Issues BIBAKFull-Text 535-546
  Jaime Sánchez; Ticianne Darin; Rossana Andrade
Designing Accessible Games with the VERITAS Framework: Lessons Learned from Game Designers BIBAKFull-Text 547-554
  Michael James Scott; Fotios Spyridonis; Gheorghita Ghinea
Gaze Interaction and Gameplay for Generation Y and Baby Boomer Users BIBAKFull-Text 555-564
  Mina Shojaeizadeh; Siavash Mortazavi; Soussan Djamasbi
Ludic Educational Game Creation Tool: Teaching Schoolers Road Safety BIBAKFull-Text 565-576
  Nikolas Vidakis; Efthymios Syntychakis; Kostantinos Kalafatis; Eirini Christinaki; Georgios Triantafyllidis
Employing Ambient Intelligence Technologies to Adapt Games to Childrens' Playing Maturity BIBAKFull-Text 577-589
  Emmanouil Zidianakis; Ioanna Zidianaki; Danae Ioannidi; Nikolaos Partarakis; Margherita Antona; George Paparoulis; Constantine Stephanidis

Cognitive Disabilities and Cognitive Support

Augmenting Speech-Language Rehabilitation with Brain Computer Interfaces: An Exploratory Study Using Non-invasive Electroencephalographic Monitoring BIBAKFull-Text 593-603
  Abeer Al-Nafjan; Areej Al-Wabil; Yousef Al-Ohali
Usability Heuristics for the Design of Interactive Attention Assessment and Rehabilitation Technologies BIBAKFull-Text 604-615
  Layla Al-Salhie; Weaám AlRashed; Areej Al-Wabil
The Effect of Dyslexia on Searching Visual and Textual Content: Are Icons Really Useful? BIBAKFull-Text 616-625
  Gerd Berget; Frode Eika Sandnes
Defining an Interaction Model for Users with Autism: Towards an Autistic User Model BIBAKFull-Text 626-636
  Andrés Mejía-Figueroa; J. Reyes Juárez-Ramírez
Analysis and Design of Three Multimodal Interactive Systems to Support the Everyday Needs of Children with Cognitive Impairments BIBAKFull-Text 637-648
  Stavroula Ntoa; Asterios Leonidis; Maria Korozi; Eleni Papadaki; Ilia Adami; George Margetis; Margherita Antona; Constantine Stephanidis
Toward a Piano Lesson System that Gives People with Reduced Cognitive Functioning a Sense of Accomplishment BIBAFull-Text 649-659
  Chika Oshima; Kimie Machishima; Koichi Nakayama
Jurojin: Designing a GPS Device for People Living with Dementia BIBAKFull-Text 660-668
  Mark Palmer; Jude Hancock
Understanding and Improving Collaborative Skills Among Individuals with ASD in a Distributed Virtual Environment BIBAKFull-Text 669-680
  Arpan Sarkar; Joshua Wade; Zachary Warren
Presence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in University Students: Implications for Education and HCI BIBAKFull-Text 681-688
  Debra Satterfield; Christopher Lepage; Nora Ladjahasan
A Virtual Reality Driving Environment for Training Safe Gaze Patterns: Application in Individuals with ASD BIBAKFull-Text 689-697
  Joshua Wade; Dayi Bian; Jing Fan; Lian Zhang; Amy Swanson; Medha Sarkar; Amy Weitlauf; Zachary Warren; Nilanjan Sarkar
Digital Play Therapy for Children with Developmental Disorders BIBAKFull-Text 698-708
  Yukako Watanabe; Yoshiko Okada; Hirotaka Osawa; Midori Sugaya
Multimodal Fusion for Cognitive Load Measurement in an Adaptive Virtual Reality Driving Task for Autism Intervention BIBAKFull-Text 709-720
  Lian Zhang; Joshua Wade; Dayi Bian; Jing Fan; Amy Swanson; Amy Weitlauf; Zachary Warren; Nilanjan Sarkar
Design of a Computer-Assisted System for Teaching Attentional Skills to Toddlers with ASD BIBAKFull-Text 721-730
  Zhi Zheng; Qiang Fu; Huan Zhao; Amy Swanson; Amy Weitlauf; Zachary Warren; Nilanjan Sarkar