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UAHCI 2009: 5th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Part III: Applications and Services

Fullname:UAHCI 2009: 5th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Part III: Applications and Services
Note:Volume 7 of HCI International 2009
Editors:Constantine Stephanidis
Location:San Diego, California
Dates:2009-Jul-19 to 2009-Jul-24
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5616
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-642-02712-3 (print), 978-3-642-02713-0 (online); hcibib: UAHCI09-3
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  1. UAHCI 2009-07-19 Volume 3
    1. Universal Access to Learning and Education
    2. Interaction and Navigation in Physical and Virtual Environments
    3. Universal Access to On-Line Communities, eServices and Work
    4. Language, Text, Voice, Sound, Images and Signs
    5. Universal Access to the World Wide Web

UAHCI 2009-07-19 Volume 3

Universal Access to Learning and Education

Building a Programmable Architecture for Non-visual Navigation of Mathematics: Using Rules for Guiding Presentation and Switching between Modalities BIBAKFull-Text 3-13
  Iyad Abu Doush; Enrico Pontelli
Mixing Content and Endless Collaboration -- MashUps: Towards Future Personal Learning Environments BIBAKFull-Text 14-23
  Andreas Auinger; Martin Ebner; Dietmar Nedbal; Andreas Holzinger
When You Can't Read It, Listen to It! An Audio-Visual Interface for Book Reading BIBAKFull-Text 24-33
  Carlos Duarte; Luís Carriço
A Study on the Compatibility of Ubiquitous Learning (u-Learning) Systems at University Level BIBAKFull-Text 34-43
  Martin Ebner; Christian Stickel; Nick Scerbakov; Andreas Holzinger
Intuitive E-Teaching by Using Combined HCI Devices: Experiences with Wiimote Applications BIBAKFull-Text 44-52
  Andreas Holzinger; Selver Softic; Christian Stickel; Martin Ebner; Matjaz Debevc
Assistive Tool for Collaborative Learning of Conceptual Structures BIBAKFull-Text 53-62
  Lauri Lahti
Influence of Students' Motivation on Their Experience with E-Learning Systems: An Experimental Study BIBAKFull-Text 63-72
  Rosa Lanzilotti; Francesca Montinaro; Carmelo Ardito
Automatically Structuring Text for Audio Learning BIBAKFull-Text 73-82
  Barbara Leporini; Maria Claudia Buzzi; Marina Buzzi; Giulio Mori
SeMap: A Concept for the Visualization of Semantics as Maps BIBAKFull-Text 83-91
  Kawa Nazemi; Matthias Breyer; Christoph Hornung
Interactive Game Based Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages BIBAKFull-Text 92-101
  Margit Pohl; Markus Rester; Peter Judmaier
Content Personalization for Inclusive Education through Model-Driven Engineering BIBAFull-Text 102-109
  Christopher Power; Richard F. Paige
How Should I Read This Word?: The Influence of Vowelization in a Deep Language Orthography on Online Text Comprehension BIBAFull-Text 110-119
  Karen Precel; Ronit Webman; Yoram Eshet; Batsheva Engelberg-Behr
A Contextualised Model for Accessible E-Learning in Higher Education: Understanding the Students' Perspective BIBAFull-Text 120-129
  Jane Seale
A Flexible Design for Accessible Spoken Math BIBAKFull-Text 130-139
  Neil Soiffer
Setting Up a Cross-Disciplinary Design Space for E-Learning Application Development BIBAFull-Text 140-149
  Chris Stary
Towards Intelligent Interaction in Classroom BIBAFull-Text 150-156
  Pengfei Xu; Guanghui Han; Wen Li; Zhongke Wu; Mingquan Zhou
Haptic Science Learning System for Students with Visual Impairments: A Preliminary Study BIBAKFull-Text 157-166
  Takehiko Yamaguchi; Steven L. Johnson; Hyung Nam Kim; Yueqing Li; Chang Soo Nam; Tonya L. Smith-Jackson
Building Problem Spaces for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Spatial Cognition in a Programming Language BIBAKFull-Text 167-175
  Nobuhito Yamamoto; Tomoyuki Nishioka; Syoko Shiroma

Interaction and Navigation in Physical and Virtual Environments

"Where Did I Put That?" -- Effectiveness of Kinesthetic Memory in Immersive Virtual Environments BIBAKFull-Text 179-188
  Achim Ebert; Matthias Deller; Daniel Steffen; Matthias Heintz
Study on Motivation in Healthcare Treatment Using a Networked Healthcare Guidance System BIBAKFull-Text 189-196
  Kaori Fujimura; Masahiro Shiraishi; Kenji Ogura; Yuji Maeda
Navigation Support for the Walking Wounded BIBAKFull-Text 197-206
  Lucy T. Gunawan; Augustinus H. J. Oomes; Zhenke Yang
Process and Location-Aware Information Service System for the Disabled and the Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 207-215
  Manchul Han; Gunhee Kim; Se Hyung Park; Laehyun Kim; Sungdo Ha
The Influence of Cognitive and Personality Characteristics on User Navigation: An Empirical Study BIBAKFull-Text 216-225
  Nikola Marangunic; Andrina Granic
A Modality Replacement Framework for the Communication between Blind and Hearing Impaired People BIBAKFull-Text 226-235
  Konstantinos Moustakas; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Laila Dybkjær; Niels Ole Bernsen
Indoor Position and Orientation for the Blind BIBAKFull-Text 236-245
  Mauricio Sáenz; Jaime Sánchez
3D Virtual Environments for the Rehabilitation of the Blind BIBAFull-Text 246-255
  Julio Villane; Jaime Sánchez
Non-complete Topological Analysis in Image-Based 3D Building Reconstruction BIBAKFull-Text 256-261
  Yu Wang; Xin Zheng
Identifying Proper Scales on Digital Maps for In-Vehicle Navigation Systems BIBAKFull-Text 262-270
  Anna Wu; Xiaolong Zhang
A Hardware Accelerated Algorithm for Terrain Visualization BIBAKFull-Text 271-280
  Mao-Jin Xie; Wei-Qun Cao
Robust Pose Estimation for Outdoor Mixed Reality with Sensor Fusion BIBAFull-Text 281-289
  Steven Zhiying Zhou; Jayashree Karlekar; Daniel Hii; Miriam Schneider; Weiquan Lu; Stephen Wittkopf

Universal Access to On-Line Communities, eServices and Work

Effects of Multimodal Feedback on the Usability of Mobile Diet Diary for Older Adults BIBAKFull-Text 293-302
  Miroslav Bojic; Olivier A. Blanson Henkemans; Mark A. Neerincx; Charles van der Mast; Jasper Lindenberg
Social Practice: Becoming Enculturated in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 303-313
  Justine Cassell
Impact of Gaze Analysis on the Design of a Caption Production Software BIBAKFull-Text 314-323
  Claude Chapdelaine; Samuel Foucher; Langis Gagnon
Everyone Counts: Voting Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 324-332
  E. Vincent, II Cross; Shaneé Dawkins; Jerome McClendon; Tony Sullivan; Gregory Rogers; Arit Erete; Juan E. Gilbert
A Study on the Consumers' Brand Cognition and Design Strategy by ZMET BIBAKFull-Text 333-342
  Chen-hao Fan
The WORKPAD User Interface and Methodology: Developing Smart and Effective Mobile Applications for Emergency Operators BIBAKFull-Text 343-352
  Shah Rukh Humayoun; Tiziana Catarci; Massimiliano de Leoni; Andrea Marrella; Massimo Mecella; Manfred Bortenschlager; Renate Steinmann
On-Line Communication Interface Design for Visually Impaired Users BIBAKFull-Text 353-358
  Sheue-Ling Hwang; Che-Wei Chang
Accessing Positive and Negative Online Opinions BIBAKFull-Text 359-368
  Hanhoon Kang; Seong Joon Yoo; Dongil Han
Web 3D Challenges on the Socialization and Integration of People with Activity Limitations BIBAKFull-Text 369-374
  Yiannis Laouris
"Art-sonomy": Social Bookmarking of Real Artworks via Mobile Applications with Visual Tags BIBAKFull-Text 375-384
  Stefano Levialdi Ghiron; Carlo Maria Medaglia; Amedeo Perrone
Interactive Accessible Notifications for Emergency Notification Systems BIBAKFull-Text 385-394
  Alessio Malizia; Teresa Onorati; Andrea Bellucci; Paloma Díaz; Ignacio Aedo
Users Can Do Better with PDAs Than Paper: A Usability Study of PDA-Based vs. Paper-Based Nursing Documentation Systems BIBAKFull-Text 395-403
  Néstor J. Rodríguez; José A. Borges; Gilberto Crespo; Carlos Pérez; Carlos Martinez; Celia R. Colón-Rivera; Aixa Ardín
Groupware Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities BIBAKFull-Text 404-413
  John G. Schoeberlein; Yuanqiong (Kathy) Wang
Evaluating Groupware Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 414-423
  John G. Schoeberlein; Yuanqiong (Kathy) Wang
Enhancing the Creativity Process by Adding Context Awareness in Creativity Support Tools BIBAKFull-Text 424-433
  George A. Sielis; Aimilia Tzanavari; George A. Papadopoulos
Models of Culture for Virtual Human Conversation BIBAKFull-Text 434-440
  David R. Traum
Generations in the Workplace: An Exploratory Study with Administrative Assistants BIBAKFull-Text 441-450
  Lisa M. Vizer; Vicki L. Hanson
The Role of Intermediaries in the Development of Asynchronous Rural Access BIBAKFull-Text 451-459
  Jerry Watkins; Jo Tacchi; M. S. Kiran

Language, Text, Voice, Sound, Images and Signs

WordTree: Results of a Word Prediction System Presented Thanks to a Tree BIBAFull-Text 463-471
  Georges Badr; Mathieu Raynal
Sign Language Recognition: Working with Limited Corpora BIBAKFull-Text 472-481
  Helen Cooper; Richard Bowden
Evaluation of a Voice-Based Internet Browser with Untrained and Trained Users BIBAKFull-Text 482-491
  Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht; Craig Wootton; Ina Wechsung; Sebastian Möller
Sign Language Online with Signlink Studio 2.0 BIBAKFull-Text 492-501
  Deborah I. Fels; Martin Gerdzhev; Ellen S. Hibbard; Abby Goodrum; Jan Richards; Jim Hardman; Norma Thompson
Towards a Modeling Language for Designing Auditory Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 502-511
  Mexhid Ferati; Davide Bolchini; Steven Mannheimer
Indoor Domain Model for Dialogue Systems BIBAKFull-Text 512-520
  Porfírio P. Filipe; Nuno J. Mamede
Using ASR for Transcription of Teleconferences in IM Systems BIBAFull-Text 521-529
  Ira R. Forman; Thomas Brunet; Paul Luther; Allen Wilson
Improving Spatial Reference in American Sign Language Animation through Data Collection from Native ASL Signers BIBAKFull-Text 530-539
  Matt Huenerfauth
An Interaction Based Approach to Document Segmentation for the Visually Impaired BIBAKFull-Text 540-549
  Robert Keefer; Dimitris Dakapoulos; Anna Esposito; Nikolaos G. Bourbakis
DocEmoX: A System for the Typography-Derived Emotional Annotation of Documents BIBAKFull-Text 550-558
  Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Dimitrios Tsonos; Eugenios Vlahos
Computer-Assisted Lip Reading Recognition for Hearing Impaired BIBAKFull-Text 559-568
  Yun-Long Lay; Hui-Jen Yang; Chern-Sheng Lin
Combining Color and Shape Features for Image Retrieval BIBAKFull-Text 569-576
  XiaoFu Lee; Qian Yin
Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) Technologies for Sign Language Based Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 577-586
  Sylvie C. W. Ong; David Hsu; Wee Sun Lee; Hanna Kurniawati
Acoustic Rendering of Data Tables Using Earcons and Prosody for Document Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 587-596
  Dimitris Spiliotopoulos; Panagiota Stavropoulou; Georgios Kouroupetroglou
Enhancing Web Document Accessibility by Authoring Texts and Text Comprehension Activities BIBAKFull-Text 597-606
  Grammatiki Tsaganou; Maria Samarakou; Panagiotis Blitsas; Maria Grigoriadou
A Similarity Measure for Vision-Based Sign Recognition BIBAKFull-Text 607-616
  Haijing Wang; Alexandra Stefan; Vassilis Athitsos

Universal Access to the World Wide Web

WCAG 2.0 Test Samples Repository BIBAFull-Text 619-627
  Shadi Abou-Zahra; Michael Cooper
An Acceptability Predictor for Websites BIBAKFull-Text 628-634
  Ray Adams; Anthony White; Efe Ceylan
Integrating Accessibility and Functional Requirements BIBAKFull-Text 635-644
  Rehema Baguma; Roger G. Stone; Jude T. Lubega; Theo P. van der Weide
Is It Possible to Predict the Manual Web Accessibility Result Using the Automatic Result? BIBAFull-Text 645-653
  Carlos Casado Martínez; Loïc Martínez Normand; Morten Goodwin Olsen
Assistive Tools to Reach European Accessibility Web Standards BIBAKFull-Text 654-663
  Sonia Colas; Nicolas Monmarché; Mohamed Slimane
Web Accessibility Metrics: Effects of Different Computational Approaches BIBAKFull-Text 664-673
  André Pimenta Freire; Christopher Power; Helen Petrie; Eduardo H. Tanaka; Heloisa V. Rocha; Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes
WCAG 2.0 for Designers: Beyond Screen Readers and Captions BIBAFull-Text 674-682
  Loretta Guarino Reid; Andi Snow-Weaver
Using Semantic-Level Tags in HTML/XML Documents BIBAFull-Text 683-692
  Lawrence J. Henschen; Julia C. Lee
Considerations of Efficiency and Mental Stress of Search Tasks on Websites by Blind Persons BIBAFull-Text 693-700
  Junichi Iizuka; Akira Okamoto; Yasuo Horiuchi; Akira Ichikawa
The Evolution of a Web Accessibility Testing Protocol BIBAKFull-Text 701-706
  Tom Jewett; Wayne Dick
Haptic Navigation in the World Wide Web BIBAKFull-Text 707-715
  Nikolaos Kaklanis; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Konstantinos Moustakas
The Usability of Web Accessibility Guidelines: An Approach for Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 716-724
  Maria Kapsi; Evangelos Vlachogiannis; Jenny S. Darzentas; Thomas Spyrou
MAID: A Multi-platform Accessible Interface Design Framework BIBAKFull-Text 725-734
  Maria Korozi; Asterios Leonidis; George Margetis; Constantine Stephanidis
On the Gap between Automated and In-Vivo Evaluations of Web Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 735-744
  Rui Lopes; Luís Carriço
Integrating HCI in a Web Accessibility Engineering Approach BIBAKFull-Text 745-754
  Lourdes Moreno; Paloma Martínez; Belén Ruíz-Mezcua
FireScanner: A Browser Scanning Add-On for Users with Motor Impairments BIBAKFull-Text 755-763
  Stavroula Ntoa; George Margetis; Constantine Stephanidis
Universal Access to the Internet Web Pages for Users with Special Needs BIBAKFull-Text 764-767
  Pavel Ocenasek
The Analysis and Assessment of Adjustment of Selected Web Sites and Web Browsers to the Needs of People with Disabilities BIBAKFull-Text 768-777
  Aleksandra Polak-Sopinska; Zbigniew Wisniewski
Development of an Agent Based Specialized Web Browser for Visually Handicapped Tamils BIBAKFull-Text 778-786
  R. Ponnusamy; T. Chitralekha; V. Prasanna Venkatesan; S. Kuppuswami
Vis-A-Wis: Improving Visual Accessibility through Automatic Web Content Adaptation BIBAKFull-Text 787-796
  Giuseppe Santucci
Dynamic Adaptation of Web 2.0 Applications by Combining Extended Device Profiles BIBAKFull-Text 797-802
  Carlos A. Velasco; Yehya Mohamad; Jaroslav Pullmann
A Semantic Accessibility Assessment Environment for Design and Development for the Web BIBAKFull-Text 803-813
  Konstantinos Votis; Rui Lopes; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Luís Carriço; Spiridon D. Likothanassis