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ACM Transactions on The Web 6

Editors:Marc Najork
Standard No:ISSN:1559-1131 EISSN:1559-114X
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  1. TWEB 2012-03 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. TWEB 2012-05 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. TWEB 2012-09 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. TWEB 2012-11 Volume 6 Issue 4

TWEB 2012-03 Volume 6 Issue 1

A Practical Architecture for an Anycast CDN BIBAFull-Text 1
  Hussein A. Alzoubi; Seungjoon Lee; Michael Rabinovich; Oliver Spatscheck; Jacobus Van Der Merwe
Efficient Search Engine Measurements BIBAFull-Text 2
  Ziv Bar-Yossef; Maxim Gurevich
Characterizing Organizational Use of Web-Based Services: Methodology, Challenges, Observations, and Insights BIBAFull-Text 3
  Phillipa Gill; Martin Arlitt; Niklas Carlsson; Anirban Mahanti; Carey Williamson
Camera Brand Congruence and Camera Model Propagation in the Flickr Social Graph BIBAFull-Text 4
  Adish Singla; Ingmar Weber
A Specialized Search Assistant for Learning Objects BIBAFull-Text 5
  Cecilia Curlango-Rosas; Gregorio A. Ponce; Gabriel A. Lopez-Morteo

TWEB 2012-05 Volume 6 Issue 2

Editorial BIBFull-Text 6
  Helen Ashman; Arun Iyengar; Marc Najork
Integrating trust management and access control in data-intensive Web applications BIBAFull-Text 7
  Sabrina De Capitani Di Vimercati; Sara Foresti; Sushil Jajodia; Stefano Paraboschi; Giuseppe Psaila; Pierangela Samarati
A hybrid approach for efficient Web service composition with end-to-end QoS constraints BIBAFull-Text 8
  Mohammad Alrifai; Thomas Risse; Wolfgang Nejdl
Modellus: Automated modeling of complex internet data center applications BIBAFull-Text 9
  Peter Desnoyers; Timothy Wood; Prashant Shenoy; Rahul Singh; Sangameshwar Patil; Harrick Vin
Friendship prediction and homophily in social media BIBAFull-Text 10
  Luca Maria Aiello; Alain Barrat; Rossano Schifanella; Ciro Cattuto; Benjamin Markines; Filippo Menczer

TWEB 2012-09 Volume 6 Issue 3

A model-driven methodology to the content layout problem in web applications BIBAFull-Text 11
  Sara Comai; Davide Mazza
Extracting information networks from the blogosphere BIBAFull-Text 12
  Yuval Merhav; Filipe Mesquita; Denilson Barbosa; Wai Gen Yee; Ophir Frieder
FoXtrot: Distributed structural and value XML filtering BIBAFull-Text 13
  Iris Miliaraki; Manolis Koubarakis
Navigating tomorrow's web: From searching and browsing to visual exploration BIBAFull-Text 14
  Marian Dörk; Carey Williamson; Sheelagh Carpendale

TWEB 2012-11 Volume 6 Issue 4

Cache-Based Query Processing for Search Engines BIBAFull-Text 15
  B. Barla Cambazoglu; Ismail Sengor Altingovde; Rifat Ozcan; Özgür Ulusoy
A Methodology for SIP and SOAP Integration Using Application-Specific Protocol Conversion BIBAFull-Text 16
  Goran Delac; Ivan Budiselic; Ivan Zuzak; Ivan Skuliber; Tomislav Stefanec
Workload Characterization and Performance Implications of Large-Scale Blog Servers BIBAFull-Text 17
  Myeongjae Jeon; Youngjae Kim; Jeaho Hwang; Joonwon Lee; Euiseong Seo
Beyond Social Graphs: User Interactions in Online Social Networks and their Implications BIBAFull-Text 18
  Christo Wilson; Alessandra Sala; Krishna P. N. Puttaswamy; Ben Y. Zhao
Exploiting External Collections for Query Expansion BIBAFull-Text 19
  Wouter Weerkamp; Krisztian Balog; Maarten de Rijke