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ACM Transactions on Information Systems 22

Editors:W. Bruce Croft
Standard No:ISSN 1046-8188; HF S548.125 A33
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  1. TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 1
  2. TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 2
  3. TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 3
  4. TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 4

TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 1

Introduction to recommender systems: Algorithms and Evaluation BIBFull-Text 1-4
  Joseph A. Konstan
Evaluating collaborative filtering recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 5-53
  Jonathan L. Herlocker; Joseph A. Konstan; Loren G. Terveen; John T. Riedl
Ontological user profiling in recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 54-88
  Stuart E. Middleton; Nigel R. Shadbolt; David C. De Roure
Latent semantic models for collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 89-115
  Thomas Hofmann
Applying associative retrieval techniques to alleviate the sparsity problem in collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 116-142
  Zan Huang; Hsinchun Chen; Daniel Zeng
Item-based top-N recommendation algorithms BIBAFull-Text 143-177
  Mukund Deshpande; George Karypis

TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 2

A study of smoothing methods for language models applied to information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 179-214
  Chengxiang Zhai; John Lafferty
Multidocument summarization: An added value to clustering in interactive retrieval BIBAFull-Text 215-241
  Manuel J. Mana-Lopez; Manuel De Buenaga; Jose M. Gomez-Hidalgo
Anchor text mining for translation of Web queries: A transitive translation approach BIBAFull-Text 242-269
  Wen-Hsiang Lu; Lee-Feng Chien; Hsi-Jian Lee
Streams, structures, spaces, scenarios, societies (5s): A formal model for digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 270-312
  Marcos Andre Goncalves; Edward A. Fox; Layne T. Watson; Neill A. Kipp
XIRQL: An XML query language based on information retrieval concepts BIBAFull-Text 313-356
  Norbert Fuhr; Kai Grossjohann

TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 3

Relevance models to help estimate document and query parameters BIBAFull-Text 357-380
  David Bodoff
Efficient mining of both positive and negative association rules BIBAFull-Text 381-405
  Xindong Wu; Chengqi Zhang; Shichao Zhang
Trustworthy 100-year digital objects: Evidence after every witness is dead BIBAFull-Text 406-436
  Henry M. Gladney
PocketLens: Toward a personal recommender system BIBAFull-Text 437-476
  Bradley N. Miller; Joseph A. Konstan; John Riedl
Distributed content-based visual information retrieval system on peer-to-peer networks BIBAFull-Text 477-501
  Irwin King; Cheuk Hang Ng; Ka Cheung Sia

TOIS 2004 Volume 22 Issue 4

Qualitative decision making in adaptive presentation of structured information BIBAFull-Text 503-539
  Ronen I. Brafman; Carmel Domshlak; Solomon E. Shimony
Analysis of lexical signatures for improving information persistence on the World Wide Web BIBAFull-Text 540-572
  Seung-Taek Park; David M. Pennock; C. Lee Giles; Robert Krovetz
Fast phrase querying with combined indexes BIBAFull-Text 573-594
  Hugh E. Williams; Justin Zobel; Dirk Bahle
Information systems interoperability: What lies beneath? BIBAFull-Text 595-632
  Jinsoo Park; Sudha Ram