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ACM Transactions on Information Systems 16

Editors:W. Bruce Croft
Standard No:ISSN 1046-8188; HF S548.125 A33
Links:Table of Contents
  1. TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 1
  2. TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 2
  3. TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 3
  4. TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 4

TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 1

Hyperdocuments as Automata: Verification of Trace-Based Browsing Properties by Model Checking BIBAKPDF 1-30
  P. David Stotts; Richard Furuta; Cyrano Ruiz Cabarrus
Evaluation of an Algorithm for Finding a Match of a Distorted Texture Pattern in a Large Image Database BIBAKPDF 31-60
  N. Vujovic; D. Brazakovic
Corpus-Based Stemming using Cooccurrence of Word Variants BIBAKPDF 61-81
  Jinxi Xu; W. Bruce Croft
Electronic Mail as a Coalition-Building Information Technology BIBAKPDF 82-100
  Celia T. Romm; Nava Pliskin

TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 2

The Knowledge in Multiple Human Relevance Judgments BIBAKPDF 101-126
  W. John Wilber
A Hypermedia Version Control Framework BIBAKPDF 127-160
  David L. Hicks; John J. Leggett; Peter J. Nurnberg; John L. Schnase
Self-Spatial Join Selectivity Estimation using Fractal Concepts BIBAKPDF 161-201
  Alberto Belussi; Christos Faloutsos

TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 3

Augmenting Organizational Memory: A Field Study of Answer Garden BIBAK 203-224
  Mark S. Ackerman
A Study of Probability Kinematics in Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 225-255
  F. Crestani; C. J. Van Rijsbergen
Arithmetic Coding Revisited BIBAKPDF 256-294
  Alistair Moffat; Radford M. Neal; Ian H. Witten

TOIS 1998 Volume 16 Issue 4

Metric Details for Natural-Language Spatial Relations BIBAKPDF 295-321
  Max J. Egenhofer; A. Rashid B. M. Shariff
A Semidiscrete Matrix Decomposition for Latent Semantic Indexing Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 322-346
  Tamara G. Kolda; Dianne P. O'Leary
Collaborative Conceptual Schema Design: A Process Model and Prototype System BIBAKPDF 347-371
  Sudha Ram; V. Ramesh
Structured Hypertext with Domain Semantics BIBAKPDF 372-412
  Weigang Wang; Roy Rada