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ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems 3

Editors:Robert B. Allen
Standard No:ISSN 1046-8188; HF S548.125 A33
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  1. TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 3
  4. TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 4

TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1
  Robert B. Allen

Research Contributions

A Database Design Methodology and Tool for Information Systems BIBAK 2-21
  Roger King; Dennis McLeod
Cursor Movement during Text Editing BIBAK 22-34
  John D. Gould; Clayton Lewis; Vincent Barnes
Query Optimization on Local Area Networks BIBAK 35-62
  Alan R. Hevner; O. Qi Wu; S. Bing Yao

Practice and Experience

A Prototype Electronic Encyclopedia BIBAK 63-88
  Stephen A. Weyer; Alan H. Borning
Electronic Calendars in the Office: An Assessment of User Needs and Current Technology BIBAK 89-102
  Christine M. Kincaid; Pierre B. Dupont; A. Roger Kaye

TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 2

Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue

Transportable Natural Language Processing BIB 105-106
  Bruce W. Ballard

Research Contributions

Transportable Natural Language Processing through Simplicity -- The PRE System BIBAK 107-120
  Samuel S. Epstein
Transporting the Linguistic String Project System from a Medical to a Navy Domain BIBAK 121-140
  Elaine Marsh; Carol Friedman
Portability of Syntax and Semantics in Datalog BIBAK 141-164
  Carole D. Hafner; Kurt Godden
Problems and Some Solutions in Customization of Natural Language Database Front Ends BIBAK 165-184
  Fred J. Damerau
ASK is Transportable in Half a Dozen Ways BIBAK 185-203
  Bozena Henisz Thompson; Frederick B. Thompson
Transportability to Other Languages: The Natural Language Processing Project in the AI Program at MCC BIBAK 204-230
  Jonathan Slocum; Carol F. Justus

TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 3


Processing Manuscripts Electronically BIB 233
  Robert B. Allen

Research Contributions

A Butler Process for Resource Sharing on Spice Machines BIBAK 234-252
  Roger B. Dannenberg; Peter G. Hibbard
A Federated Architecture for Information Management BIBAK 253-278
  Dennis Heimbigner; Dennis McLeod
A Prototype System for the Electronic Storage and Retrieval of Document Images BIBAK 279-291
  G. R. Thoma; S. Suthasinekul; F. L. Walker; J. Cookson; M. Rashidian

Practice and Experience

Design Implications of a Task-Driven Approach to Unstructured Cognitive Tasks in Office Work BIBAK 292-306
  Sidney E. Harris; Harvey J. Brightman
Usage Patterns in an Integrated Voice and Data Communications System BIBAK 307-314
  Robert T. Nicholson

TOIS 1985 Volume 3 Issue 4

Research Contributions

An Imperative Sentence Processor for Voice Interactive Office Applications BIBAK 321-346
  Alan W. Biermann; Linda Fineman; Kermit C. Gilbert
Document Architecture and Text Formatting BIBAK 347-369
  Arno J. H. M. Peels; Norbert J. M. Janssen; Wop Nawijn
Productivity Trends in Certain Office-Intensive Sectors of the U.S. Federal Government BIBAK 370-379
  Raymond R. Panko

Practice and Experience

DITROFF/FFORTID, An Adaptation of the UNIX DITROFF for Formatting Bidirectional Text BIBAK 380-397
  Cary Buchman; Daniel M. Berry; Jakob Gonczarowski
Ensuring the Court Admissibility of Computer-Generated Records BIBAK 398-412
  Roger King; Carolyn Stanley