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ACM Transactions on Graphics 10

Editors:R. Daniel Bergeron
Standard No:ISSN 0730-0301; T 385 A23
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  1. TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 1
  2. TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 2
  3. TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 3
  4. TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 4

TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 1

Research Contributions

A General Framework for Visualizing Abstract Objects and Relations BIBAK 1-39
  Tomihisa Kamada; Satoru Kawai
Depth-Order Point Classification Techniques for CSG Display Algorithms BIB 40-70
  Frederik W. Jansen
Efficient Delaunay Triangulation Using Rational Arithmetic BIB 71-91
  Michael Karasick; Derek Lieber; Lee R. Nackman
Drawing Antialiased Cubic Spline Curves BIB 92-108
  R. Victor Klassen

TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 2

Research Contributions

A Task-Analytic Approach to the Automated Design of Graphic Presentations BIBAK 111-151
  Stephen M. Casner
Integer Forward Differencing of Cubic Polynomials: Analysis and Algorithms BIB 152-181
  R. Victor Klassen
A Triangulation Algorithm from Arbitrary Shaped Multiple Planar Contours BIB 182-199
  A. B. Ekoule; F. C. Peyrin; C. L. Odet

The Interaction Technique Notebook

Interactive Measurement of Three-Dimensional Objects Using a Depth Buffer and Linear Probe BIB 200-207
  Shawn C. Becker; William A. Barrett; Dan R., Jr. Olsen

TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 3

Editorial: New Editor-in-Chief BIB 209-210
  John Beatty

Research Contributions

Automating the Lexical and Syntactic Design of Graphical User Interfaces: The UofA* UIMS BIBAK 213-254
  Gurminder Singh; Mark Green
Numerically Stable Implicitization of Cubic Curves BIB 255-296
  John D. Hobby
Turning Point Preserving Planar Interpolation BIB 297-311
  D. J. Walton; R. Xu
A Linear Time Oslo Algorithm BIB 312-318
  Alan Meyer

TOG 1991 Volume 10 Issue 4

Editorial: Looking Back, Looking Ahead BIB 321-322
  Jim Foley

Research Contributions

Rendering Curves and Surfaces with Hybrid Subdivision and Forward Differencing BIB 323-341
  Ari Rappoport
Closed Smooth Piecewise Bicubic Surfaces BIB 342-365
  S. L. Lee; A. A. Majid
Locally Controllable Conic Splines with Curvature Continuity BIB 366-377
  Helmut Pottmann
Using Multivariate Resultants to Find the Intersection of Three Quadric Surfaces BIB 378-400
  Eng-Wee Chionh; Ronald N. Goldman; James R. Miller