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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 7

Editors:Jonathan Grudin
Standard No:ISSN 1073-0516
Links:Table of Contents
  1. TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 4

TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 1

Past, Present, and Future of User Interface Software Tools BIBAKPDF 3-28
  Brad Myers; Scott E. Hudson; Randy Pausch
Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing BIBAKPDF 29-58
  Gregory D. Abowd; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Social Translucence: An Approach to Designing Systems that Support Social Processes BIBAKPDF 59-83
  Thomas Erickson; Wendy A. Kellogg
Transcending the Individual Human Mind -- Creating Shared Understanding through Collaborative Design BIBAKPDF 84-113
  Ernesto Arias; Hal Eden; Gerhard Fischer; Andrew Gorman; Eric Scharff
Creating Creativity: User Interfaces for Supporting Innovation BIBAKPDF 114-138
  Ben Shneiderman

TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 2

Supporting Cognitive Models as Users BIBAKPDF 141-173
  Frank E. Ritter; Gordon D. Baxter; Gary Jones; Richard M. Young
Distributed Cognition: Toward a New Foundation for Human-Computer Interaction Research BIBAKPDF 174-196
  James Hollan; Edwin Hutchins; David Kirsh
On the Effective Use and Reuse of HCI Knowledge BIBAKPDF 197-221
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Systems, Interactions, and Macrotheory BIBAKPDF 222-262
  Philip Barnard; Jon May; David Duke; David Duce
HCI in the Global Knowledge-Based Economy: Designing to Support Worker Adaptation BIBAKPDF 263-280
  Kim J. Vicente

TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 3

Exploiting Space and Location as a Design Framework for Interactive Mobile Systems BIBAKPDF 285-321
  Alan Dix; Tom Rodden; Nigel Davies; Jonathan Trevor; Adrian Friday; Kevin Palfreyman
Satchel: Providing Access to Any Document, Any Time, Anywhere BIBAKPDF 322-352
  Mik Lamming; Marge Eldridge; Mike Flynn; Chris Jones; David Pendlebury
Nomadic Radio: Speech and Audio Interaction for Contextual Messaging in Nomadic Environments BIBAKPDF 353-383
  Nitin Sawhney; Chris Schmandt
Improving Selection Performance on Pen-Based Systems: A Study of Pen-Based Interaction for Selection Tasks BIBAKPDF 384-416
  Xiangshi Ren; Shinji Moriya
Using while Moving: HCI Issues in Fieldwork Environments BIBAKPDF 417-437
  Jason Pascoe; Nick Ryan; David Morse

TOCHI 2000 Volume 7 Issue 4

Introduction to the Special Issue on Human-Computer Interaction and Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBPDF 439-441
  Steve Benford; Paul Dourish; Tom Rodden
An Experimental Study on the Role of Touch in Shared Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 443-460
  Cagatay Basdogan; Chih-hao Ho; Mandayam A. Srinivasan; Mel Slater
Supporting Presence in Collaborative Environments by Haptic Force Feedback BIBAKPDF 461-476
  Eva-Lotta Sallnas; Kirsten Rassmus-Grohn; Calle Sjostrom
Object-Focused Interaction in Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 477-509
  Jon Hindmarsh; Mike Fraser; Christian Heath; Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh
Inhabited Television: Broadcasting Interaction from Within Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 510-547
  Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh; Mike Craven; Graham Walker; Tim Regan; Jason Morphett; John Wyver