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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 4

Editors:Dan R. Olsen, Jr.
Standard No:ISSN 1073-0516
Links:Table of Contents
  1. TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 4

TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 1

Special Issue on Speech as Data

Introduction to the Special Issue on Speech as Data BIBPDF 1
  Chris Schmandt; Nicole Yankelovich
SpeechSkimmer: A System for Interactively Skimming Recorded Speech BIBAKPDF 3-38
  Barry Arons
Hanging on the 'Wire: A Field Study of an Audio-Only Media Space BIBAKPDF 39-66
  Mark S. Ackerman; Debby Hindus; Scott D. Mainwaring; Brian Starr

TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 2

Working-Memory Failure in Phone-Based Interaction BIBAKPDF 67-102
  Brian R. Huguenard; F. Javier Lerch; Brian W. Junker; Richard J. Patz; Robert E. Kass
Nanites: An Approach to Structure-Based Monitoring BIBAKPDF 103-136
  Kenneth J. Rodham; Dan R., Jr. Olsen
TeleNotes: Managing Lightweight Interactions in the Desktop BIBAKPDF 137-168
  Steve Whittaker; Jerry Swanson; Jakov Kucan; Candy Sidner
Hands-On Practice in Learning to Use Software: A Comparison of Exercise Exploration, and Combined Formats BIBAKPDF 169-196
  Susan Wiedenbeck; Patti L. Zila

TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 3

Drawing Graphs to Convey Proximity: An Incremental Arrangement Method BIBAKPDF 197-229
  Jonathan D. Cohen
Predictive Engineering Models Based on the EPIC Architecture for a Multimodal High-Performance Human-Computer Interaction Task BIBAKPDF 230-275
  David E. Kieras; Scott D. Wood; David E. Meyer
Graphical Representation of Programs in a Demonstrational Visual Shell -- An Empirical Evaluation BIBAKPDF 276-308
  Francesmary Modugno; Albert T. Corbett; Brad A. Myers

TOCHI 1997 Volume 4 Issue 4

Selection using a One-Eyed Cursor in a Fish Tank VR Environment BIBAKPDF 309-322
  Colin Ware; Kathy Lowther
Managing Level of Detail Through Peripheral Degradation: Effects on Search Performance with a Head-Mounted Display BIBAKPDF 323-346
  Benjamin Watson; Neff Walker; Larry F. Hodges; Aileen Worden
Pavlov: An Interface Builder for Designing Animated Interfaces BIBAKPDF 347-386
  David Wolber