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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 3

Editors:Dan R. Olsen, Jr.
Standard No:ISSN 1073-0516
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  1. TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 3
  4. TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 4

TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 1

An Experimental Investigation of the Interactive Effects of Interface Style, Instructions, and Task Familiarity on User Performance BIBAKPDF 1-37
  Kai H. Lim; Izak Benbasat; Peter A. Todd
Creating Presentation Slides: A Study of User Preferences for Task-Specific versus Generic Application Software BIBAKPDF 38-65
  Jeff A. Johnson; Bonnie A. Nardi
Building Real-Time Groupware with GroupKit, a Groupware Toolkit BIBAKPDF 66-106
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg

TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 2

High-Speed Visual Estimation Using Preattentive Processing BIBAKPDF 107-135
  Christopher G. Healey; Kellogg S. Booth; James T. Enns
Browsing and Querying in Online Documentation: A Study of User Interfaces and the Interaction Process BIBAKPDF 136-161
  Morten Hertzum; Erik Frokjaer
Navigating Hierarchically Clustered Networks through Fisheye and Full-Zoom Methods BIBAKPDF 162-188
  Doug Schaffer; Zhengping Zuo; Saul Greenberg; Lyn Bartram; John Dill; Shelli Dubs; Mark Roseman

TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 3

A Field Study of Exploratory Learning Strategies BIBAKPDF 189-218
  John Rieman
The Reuse of Uses in Smalltalk Programming BIBAKPDF 219-253
  Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll
The Partial-Occlusion Effect: Utilizing Semitransparency in 3D Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 254-284
  Shumin Zhai; William Buxton; Paul Milgram

TOCHI 1996 Volume 3 Issue 4

Using GOMS for User Interface Design and Evaluation: Which Technique? BIBAKPDF 287-319
  Bonnie E. John; David E. Kieras
The GOMS Family of User Interface Analysis Techniques: Comparison and Contrast BIBAKPDF 320-351
  Bonnie E. John; David E. Kieras
Predicting Document Access in Large Multimedia Repositories BIBAKPDF 352-375
  Margaret M. Recker; James E. Pitkow