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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 2

Editors:Dan R. Olsen, Jr.
Standard No:ISSN 1073-0516
Links:Table of Contents
  1. TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 1
  2. TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 2
  3. TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 3
  4. TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 4

TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Contributions

Coupling the User Interfaces of a Multiuser Program BIBAKPDF 1-39
  Prasun Dewan; Rajiv Choudhary
Developing a Reflective Model of Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 40-63
  Paul Dourish
User Interface Software Tools BIBAKPDF 64-103
  Brad A. Myers

TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Contributions

Chiron-1: A Software Architecture for User Interface Development, Maintenance, and Run-Time Support BIBAKPDF 105-144
  Richard N. Taylor; Kari A. Nies; Gregory Alan Bolcer; Craig A. MacFarlane; Kenneth M. Anderson; Gregory F. Johnson
Relief from the Audio Interface Blues: Expanding the Spectrum of Menu, List, and Form Styles BIBAKPDF 145-176
  Paul Resnick; Robert A. Virzi

TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 3

Special Issue on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

Introduction to the Special Issue on Virtual Reality Software and Technology BIBPDF 177-178
  Gurminder Singh; Steven K. Feiner
An Approach to Natural Gesture in Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 179-200
  Alan Wexelblat
Taking Steps: The Influence of a Walking Technique on Presence in Virtual Reality BIBAKPDF 201-219
  Mel Slater; Martin Usoh; Anthony Steed
HoloSketch: A Virtual Reality Sketching/Animation Tool BIBAKPDF 220-238
  Michael F. Deering
MASSIVE: A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Teleconferencing BIBAKPDF 239-261
  Chris Greenhalgh; Steven Benford

TOCHI 1995 Volume 2 Issue 4

Research Contributions

Evaluation of the CyberGlove as a Whole-Hand Input Device BIBAKPDF 263-283
  G. Drew Kessler; Larry F. Hodges; Neff Walker
Development and Evaluation of Hypermedia for Museum Education: Validation of Metrics BIBAKPDF 284-307
  Shoji Yamada; Jung-Kook Hong; Shigeharu Sugita
Demonstrational and Constraint-Based Techniques for Pictorially Specifying Application Objects and Behaviors BIBAKPDF 308-356
  Brad Vander Zanden; Brad A. Myers
Internal Representation and Rule Development in Object-Oriented Design BIBAKPDF 357-390
  Jinwoo Kim; F. Javier Lerch; Herbert A. Simon