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ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems 2

Editors:Anthony Jameson; John Riedl
Standard No:ISSN 2160-6455, EISSN 2160-6463
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  1. TIIS 2012-03 Volume 2 Issue 1
  2. TIIS 2012-06 Volume 2 Issue 2
  3. TIIS 2012-09 Volume 2 Issue 3
  4. TIIS 2012-12 Volume 2 Issue 4

TIIS 2012-03 Volume 2 Issue 1

Introduction to the special issue on affective interaction in natural environments BIBAFull-Text 1
  Ginevra Castellano; Laurel D. Riek; Christopher Peters; Kostas Karpouzis; Jean-Claude Martin; Louis-Philippe Morency
Emotional body language displayed by artificial agents BIBAFull-Text 2
  Aryel Beck; Brett Stevens; Kim A. Bard; Lola Cañamero
Eliciting caregiving behavior in dyadic human-robot attachment-like interactions BIBAFull-Text 3
  Antoine Hiolle; Lola Cañamero; Marina Davila-Ross; Kim A. Bard
Spotting laughter in natural multiparty conversations: A comparison of automatic online and offline approaches using audiovisual data BIBAFull-Text 4
  Stefan Scherer; Michael Glodek; Friedhelm Schwenker; Nick Campbell; Günther Palm
Continuous body and hand gesture recognition for natural human-computer interaction BIBAFull-Text 5
  Yale Song; David Demirdjian; Randall Davis
A multitask approach to continuous five-dimensional affect sensing in natural speech BIBAFull-Text 6
  Florian Eyben; Martin Wöllmer; Björn Schuller
Affect recognition based on physiological changes during the watching of music videos BIBAFull-Text 7
  Ashkan Yazdani; Jong-Seok Lee; Jean-Marc Vesin; Touradj Ebrahimi

TIIS 2012-06 Volume 2 Issue 2

A Computational Framework for Media Bias Mitigation BIBAFull-Text 8
  Souneil Park; Seungwoo Kang; Sangyoung Chung; Junehwa Song
Influencing Individually: Fusing Personalization and Persuasion BIBAFull-Text 9
  Shlomo Berkovsky; Jill Freyne; Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
Adaptive Persuasive Systems: A Study of Tailored Persuasive Text Messages to Reduce Snacking BIBAFull-Text 10
  Maurits Kaptein; Boris De Ruyter; Panos Markopoulos; Emile Aarts
Investigating the Persuasion Potential of Recommender Systems from a Quality Perspective: An Empirical Study BIBAFull-Text 11
  Paolo Cremonesi; Franca Garzotto; Roberto Turrin
System Personality and Persuasion in Human-Computer Dialogue BIBAFull-Text 12
  Pierre Y. Andrews

TIIS 2012-09 Volume 2 Issue 3

The Tag Genome: Encoding Community Knowledge to Support Novel Interaction BIBAFull-Text 13
  Jesse Vig; Shilad Sen; John Riedl
Introduction to the Special Issue on Common Sense for Interactive Systems BIBAFull-Text 14
  Henry Lieberman; Catherine Havasi
Capturing Common Knowledge about Tasks: Intelligent Assistance for To-Do Lists BIBAFull-Text 15
  Yolanda Gil; Varun Ratnakar; Timothy Chklovski; Paul Groth; Denny Vrandecic
Say Anything: Using Textual Case-Based Reasoning to Enable Open-Domain Interactive Storytelling BIBAFull-Text 16
  Reid Swanson; Andrew S. Gordon
Planning for Reasoning with Multiple Common Sense Knowledge Bases BIBAFull-Text 17
  Yen-Ling Kuo; Jane Yung-Jen Hsu
Common Sense Reasoning for Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation of Cyberbullying BIBAFull-Text 18
  Karthik Dinakar; Birago Jones; Catherine Havasi; Henry Lieberman; Rosalind Picard

TIIS 2012-12 Volume 2 Issue 4

Introduction to the special issue on highlights of the decade in interactive intelligent systems BIBAFull-Text 19
  Anthony Jameson; John Riedl
People, sensors, decisions: Customizable and adaptive technologies for assistance in healthcare BIBAFull-Text 20
  Jesse Hoey; Craig Boutilier; Pascal Poupart; Patrick Olivier; Andrew Monk; Alex Mihailidis
Access to multimodal articles for individuals with sight impairments BIBAFull-Text 21
  Sandra Carberry; Stephanie Elzer Schwartz; Kathleen Mccoy; Seniz Demir; Peng Wu; Charles Greenbacker; Daniel Chester; Edward Schwartz; David Oliver; Priscilla Moraes
Multimodal behavior and interaction as indicators of cognitive load BIBAFull-Text 22
  Fang Chen; Natalie Ruiz; Eric Choi; Julien Epps; M. Asif Khawaja; Ronnie Taib; Bo Yin; Yang Wang
AutoTutor and Affective AutoTutor: Learning by talking with cognitively and emotionally intelligent computers that talk back BIBAFull-Text 23
  Sidney D'Mello; Art Graesser
Creating personalized systems that people can scrutinize and control: Drivers, principles and experience BIBAFull-Text 24
  Judy Kay; Bob Kummerfeld