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Proceedings of the 2014 ACM Symposium Spatial User Interaction

Fullname:SUI'14: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction
Editors:Andy Wilson; Frank Steinicke; Evan Suma; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Dates:2014-Oct-04 to 2014-Oct-05
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2820-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: SUI14
Links:Conference Website
  1. Keynote address
  2. Flat surfaces in 3d space
  3. Spatial gestures
  4. Seeing, walking and being in spatial VEs
  5. Hybrid interaction spaces
  6. Spatial pointing and touching
  7. Poster session

Keynote address

The coming age of computer graphics and the evolution of language BIBAKFull-Text 1
  Ken Perlin

Flat surfaces in 3d space

Ethereal planes: a design framework for 2D information space in 3D mixed reality environments BIBAFull-Text 2-12
  Barrett Ens; Juan David Hincapié-Ramos; Pourang Irani
Combining multi-touch input and device movement for 3D manipulations in mobile augmented reality environments BIBAFull-Text 13-16
  Asier Marzo; Benoît Bossavit; Martin Hachet
HOBS: head orientation-based selection in physical spaces BIBAFull-Text 17-25
  Ben Zhang; Yu-Hsiang Chen; Claire Tuna; Achal Dave; Yang Li; Edward Lee; Björn Hartmann
AnnoScape: remote collaborative review using live video overlay in shared 3D virtual workspace BIBAFull-Text 26-29
  Austin Lee; Hiroshi Chigira; Sheng Kai Tang; Kojo Acquah; Hiroshi Ishii

Spatial gestures

GestureAnalyzer: visual analytics for pattern analysis of mid-air hand gestures BIBAFull-Text 30-39
  Sujin Jang; Niklas Elmqvist; Karthik Ramani
Exploring gestural interaction in smart spaces using head mounted devices with ego-centric sensing BIBAFull-Text 40-49
  Barry Kollee; Sven Kratz; Anthony Dunnigan
VideoHandles: replicating gestures to search through action-camera video BIBAFull-Text 50-53
  Jarrod Knibbe; Sue Ann Seah; Mike Fraser

Seeing, walking and being in spatial VEs

Fisheye vision: peripheral spatial compression for improved field of view in head mounted displays BIBAFull-Text 54-61
  Jason Orlosky; Qifan Wu; Kiyoshi Kiyokawa; Haruo Takemura; Christian Nitschke
Human sensitivity to dynamic translational gains in head-mounted displays BIBAFull-Text 62-65
  Ruimin Zhang; Bochao Li; Scott A. Kuhl
A self-experimentation report about long-term use of fully-immersive technology BIBAFull-Text 66-69
  Frank Steinicke; Gerd Bruder

Hybrid interaction spaces

Coordinated 3D interaction in tablet- and HMD-based hybrid virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 70-79
  Jia Wang; Robert Lindeman
Making VR work: building a real-world immersive modeling application in the virtual world BIBAFull-Text 80-89
  Mark Mine; Arun Yoganandan; Dane Coffey
T(ether): spatially-aware handhelds, gestures and proprioception for multi-user 3D modeling and animation BIBAFull-Text 90-93
  David Lakatos; Matthew Blackshaw; Alex Olwal; Zachary Barryte; Ken Perlin; Hiroshi Ishii
RUIS: a toolkit for developing virtual reality applications with spatial interaction BIBAFull-Text 94-103
  Tuukka M. Takala

Spatial pointing and touching

Void shadows: multi-touch interaction with stereoscopic objects on the tabletop BIBAFull-Text 104-112
  Alexander Giesler; Dimitar Valkov; Klaus Hinrichs
Object-based touch manipulation for remote guidance of physical tasks BIBAFull-Text 113-122
  Matt Adcock; Dulitha Ranatunga; Ross Smith; Bruce H. Thomas
Are 4 hands better than 2?: bimanual interaction for quadmanual user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 123-126
  Paul Lubos; Gerd Bruder; Frank Steinicke
Visual aids in 3D point selection experiments BIBAFull-Text 127-136
  Robert J. Teather; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Poster session

Getting yourself superimposed on a presentation screen BIBAFull-Text 138
  Kenji Funahashi; Yusuke Nakae
Measurements of operating time in first and third person views using video see-through HMD BIBAFull-Text 139
  Takafumi Koike
Re:form: rapid designing system based on fusion and illusion of digital/physical models BIBAFull-Text 140
  Keiko Yamamoto; Ichiroh Kanaya; Monica Bordegoni; Umberto Cugini
Supporting remote guidance through 3D annotations BIBAFull-Text 141
  Philipp Tiefenbacher; Tobias Gehrlich; Gerhard Rigoll; Takashi Nagamatsu
Simulator for developing gaze sensitive environment using corneal reflection-based remote gaze tracker BIBAFull-Text 142
  Takashi Nagamatsu; Michiya Yamamoto; Gerhard Rigoll
Emotional space: understanding affective spatial dimensions of constructed embodied shapes BIBAFull-Text 143
  Edward Melcer; Katherine Isbister
Augmented reality paper clay making based on hand gesture recognition BIBAFull-Text 144
  Pei-Ying Chiang; Wei-Yu Li
Projection augmented physical visualizations BIBAFull-Text 145
  Simon Stusak; Markus Teufel
Using LEGO to model 3D tactile picture books by sighted children for blind children BIBAFull-Text 146
  Jeeeun Kim; Abigale Stangl; Tom Yeh
Evaluating a SLAM-based handheld augmented reality guidance system BIBAFull-Text 147
  Jarkko Polvi; Takafumi Taketomi; Goshiro Yamamoto; Mark Billinghurst; Christian Sandor; Hirokazu Kato
Natural pointing posture in distal pointing tasks BIBAFull-Text 148
  Heejin Kim; Seungjae Oh; Sung H. Han; Min K. Chung
Real-time sign language recognition using RGBD stream: spatial-temporal feature exploration BIBAFull-Text 149
  Fuyang Huang; Zelong Sun; Qiang Xu; Felix Yim Binh Sze; Tang Wai Lan; Xiaogang Wang
Exploring tablet surrounding interaction spaces for medical imaging BIBAFull-Text 150
  Hanaë Rateau; Laurent Grisoni; Bruno Araujo
Proposing a classification model for perceptual target selection on large displays BIBAFull-Text 151
  Seungjae Oh; Heejin Kim; Hyo-Jeong So
Investigating inertial measurement units for spatial awareness in multi-surface environments BIBAFull-Text 152
  Alaa Azazi; Teddy Seyed; Frank Maurer
LeapLook: a free-hand gestural travel technique using the leap motion finger tracker BIBAFull-Text 153
  Robert Codd-Downey; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Safe-&-round: bringing redirected walking to small virtual reality laboratories BIBAFull-Text 154
  Paul Lubos; Gerd Bruder; Frank Steinicke
The significance of stereopsis and motion parallax in mobile head tracking environments BIBAFull-Text 155
  Paul Lubos; Dimitar Valkov
Depth cues and mouse-based 3D target selection BIBAFull-Text 156
  Robert J. Teather; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
An in-depth look at the benefits of immersion cues on spatial 3D problem solving BIBAFull-Text 157
  Cassandra Hoef; Jasmine Davis; Orit Shaer; Erin T. Solovey
HoloLeap: towards efficient 3D object manipulation on light field displays BIBAFull-Text 158
  Vamsi Kiran Adihikarla; Pawel Wozniak; Robert Teather
Real-time and robust grasping detection BIBAFull-Text 159
  Chih-Fan Chen; Ryan Spicer; Rhys Yahata; Mark Bolas; Evan Suma
A raycast approach to hybrid touch / motion capture virtual reality user experience BIBAFull-Text 160
  Ryan P. Spicer; Rhys Yahata; Evan Suma; Mark Bolas
Augmenting views on large format displays with tablets BIBAFull-Text 161
  Phil Lindner; Adolfo Rodriguez; Thomas D. Uram; Michael E. Papka; Michael Papka
Hidden UI: projection-based augmented reality for map navigation on multi-touch tabletop BIBAFull-Text 162
  Seungjae Oh; Hee-seung Kwon; Hyo-Jeong So