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Proceedings of the 2005 Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security

Fullname:Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security
Editors:Lorrie Faith Cranor; Mary Ellen Zurko
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dates:2005-Jul-06 to 2005-Jul-08
Standard No:ISBN 1-59593-178-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: SOUPS05
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Usable Security
  2. Usable Privacy
  3. Visualizing Security

Usable Security

Authentication using graphical passwords: effects of tolerance and image choice BIBAFull-TextPDF 1-12
  Susan Wiedenbeck; Jim Waters; Jean-Camille Birget; Alex Brodskiy; Nasir Memon
Johnny 2: a user test of key continuity management with S/MIME and Outlook Express BIBAFull-TextPDF 13-24
  Simson L. Garfinkel; Robert C. Miller
Two experiences designing for effective security BIBAFull-TextPDF 25-34
  Rogério de Paula; Xianghua Ding; Paul Dourish; Kari Nies; Ben Pillet; David Redmiles; Jie Ren; Jennifer Rode; Roberto Silva Filho

Usable Privacy

Usable security and privacy: a case study of developing privacy management tools BIBAFull-TextPDF 35-43
  Carolyn Brodie; Clare-Marie Karat; John Karat; Jinjuan Feng
Stopping spyware at the gate: a user study of privacy, notice and spyware BIBAFull-TextPDF 43-52
  Nathaniel Good; Rachna Dhamija; Jens Grossklags; David Thaw; Steven Aronowitz; Deirdre Mulligan; Joseph Konstan
Making PRIME usable BIBAFull-TextPDF 53-64
  John Sören Pettersson; Simone Fischer-Hübner; Ninni Danielsson; Jenny Nilsson; Mike Bergmann; Sebastian Clauss; Thomas Kriegelstein; Henry Krasemann
Developing privacy guidelines for social location disclosure applications and services BIBAFull-TextPDF 65-76
  Giovanni Iachello; Ian Smith; Sunny Consolvo; Mike Chen; Gregory D. Abowd

Visualizing Security

The battle against phishing: Dynamic Security Skins BIBAFull-TextPDF 77-88
  Rachna Dhamija; J. D. Tygar
Attacking information visualization system usability overloading and deceiving the human BIBAFull-TextPDF 89-100
  Gregory Conti; Mustaque Ahamad; John Stasko
Social navigation as a model for usable security BIBAFull-TextPDF 101-108
  Paul DiGioia; Paul Dourish