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Proceedings of the 2013 AIS SIGHCI Workshop on HCI Research in MIS

Fullname:Proceedings of the 12th Annual Workshop on HCI Research in MIS
Editors:Richard Johnson; Soussan Djamasbi; Alexandra Durcikova; Hong Sheng; Miguel Aguire-Urreta
Location:Milan, Italy
Standard No:hcibib: SIGHCI13
Links:Workshop Proceedings | Workshop Program
Not Right Now! Cognitive and Behavioral Impacts of IT interruption Timing BIBAWeb Page 1
  Shamel Addas; Christopher M. Conway
IT Interruptions and Coordination Effectiveness in Software Development Groups: A Conceptual, Multilevel Model BIBAWeb Page 26
  Shamel Addas; Alain Pinsonneault
Cognitive Workload Induced by Information Systems: Introducing an Objective Way of Measuring based on Pupillary Diameter Responses BIBAWeb Page 20
  Ricardo Buettner; Barbara Daxenberger; Andreas Eckhardt; Christian Maier
Genetic Basis of Behavioral Security BIBAWeb Page 9
  Rachel Chung; Dennis F. Galletta
A Contextual Messaging Framework: Informing the Design of Effective Social Media Marketing Messages BIBAWeb Page 22
  Contantinos K. Coursaris; Wietske Van Osch
App-Like Mobile Optimization and User Experience BIBAWeb Page 12
  Soussan Djamasbi; Wilman Gomez; Georgi Kardzhaliyski; Tammy Liu; Frank Oglesby
IS Cognitive Load: An Examination of Measurement Convergence BIBAWeb Page 10
  Mary Dunaway; Zachary Steelman
A First Perspective on Requirements of New-Generation Managers for Collaboration Technology to be Integrated into Management Support Systems BIBAWeb Page 23
  Hannes Feistenauer; Reiner Quick; Jörg H. Mayer
The Persuasive Effect of Privacy Recommendations BIBAWeb Page 16
  Bart Knijnenburg; Hongxia Jin
An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Online Product Presentation on Hedonic Web Shopping BIBAWeb Page 5
  Eric Lim; Chee-Wee Tan; Dongback Seo; Dianne Cyr; Karsten de Vries
Information Sharing in the Context of Social Media: An Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action and Social Capital Theory BIBAWeb Page 17
  Xiaolin Lin; Mauricio Featherman; Saonee Sarker
Multimedia in Requirements Elicitation: When to Show, to Speak, to Animate, or to Simulate BIBAWeb Page 13
  Michaela Luecke; Chen Zhang; William J. Kettinger
Selective Attention in Viewing Webpages: The Effects of Perceptual Salience and Content Relevance on Attention and Memory BIBAWeb Page 19
  Cheng Luo; Zhenhui Jiang
How do You Choose What to Use? Technology Choice When You Have So Much BIBAWeb Page 3
  Tamilla Mavlanova; Sidne Ward; Mark Silver
Investigating the Effect of Input Device on Memory Retrieval: Evidence from Theta and Alpha Band Oscillations BIBAWeb Page 15
  Seyedmohammadmahdi Mirhoseini; Pierre-Majorique Leger; Sylvain Senecal; Marc Fredette; Ann-Frances Cameron; René Riedl
Are You Annoyed? The Effects of Mobile Device User Interface and Intrusiveness of Security Notifications on User Security Perceptions BIBAWeb Page 7
  Gregory Moody; Dezhi Wu
Applying Extended Adaptive Structuration Theory to Qualitative Research on Human-Computer Interaction BIBAWeb Page 2
  Michael J. Scialdone; Ping Zhang
On the Impact of Stereo 3D Image on User Learning in the Web Environment BIBAWeb Page 4
  Heshan Sun; Mary Peterson
Forced or Inspired: Understanding Consumers' Cognitive Appraisals and Behavioral Responses towards Online Advertising BIBAWeb Page 21
  Jian Tang; Ping Zhang
Priming System 1 Influences User Acceptance BIBAWeb Page 25
  Hans van der Heijden
Does Human Warmth Matter? -- An Experiment on User Profiles in Initial Business Interaction BIBAWeb Page 18
  Nicolai Walter
The Role of Content and Interface Design in Mobile Tablet Training BIBAWeb Page 11
  Dezhi Wu; Iris Reychav
What Do Patients Want? Medical Expertise vis-a-vis Peer Support: Visitor Behaviors in Healthcare Social Infomediaries BIBAWeb Page 8
  Dobin Yim; Young Eun Lee
Emotional Labor in the Moderation of Online Communities BIBAWeb Page 14
  Amber Young; Sheila Miranda; Jama Denae Summers
Using Lexicons Obtained from Online Reviews to Classify Computer Games BIBAWeb Page 24
  Miaoqi Zhu; Xiaowen Feng
Information Technology Addiction: Construct Development and Effects on Work Performance BIBAWeb Page 6
  Sander Paul Zwanenburg