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ACM SIGDOC *Journal of Computer Documentation 24

Editors:T. R. Girill
Standard No:ISSN 0731-1001
Links:Table of Contents
  1. SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 1
  2. SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 2
  3. SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 3
  4. SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 4

SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 1

Editorial: a publishing plan fulfilled BIBPDF 1-2
  T. R. Girill
Intentional Learning in an Intentional World BIBAPDF 3-20
  Margaret Martinez
Expanding Beyond a Cognitivist Framework BIBAPDF 21-24
  Jamie Kirkley; Thomas Duffy
Intentionality and Other Nonsignificant Issues in Learning BIBAPDF 25-30
  Brad Mehlenbacher
Commentary on Intentional Learning BIBAPDF 31-32
  Thomas L. Russell
Integrating Academics and Industry: A Challenge for Both Sides BIBAPDF 33-38
  Kristene Sutliff

SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 2

CoRR: A Computing Research Repository BIBAPDF 41-48
  Joseph Halpern
Issues of Online Research Repositories from the Perspective of the Biomedical Sciences BIBAPDF 49-53
  David Armbruster
A Usage Based Analysis of CoRR BIBAPDF 54-59
  Les Carr
The Dilemma of Credibility versus Speed BIBAPDF 60-63
  James Prekeges
A Computing Research Repository: Why Not Solve the Problems First? BIBAPDF 64-71
  A. J. Van Loon
A response to the commentaries on CoRR BIBAKPDF 72-77
  Joseph Y. Halpern
Nardi and O'Day's information ecologies: using technology with heart BIBPDF 78
  Robert R. Johnson
Confessions of a Gardener: A Review of Information Ecologies BIBAPDF 79-84
  William Hart-Davidson
At the Heart of Information Ecologies: Invisibility and Technical Communication BIBAPDF 85-90
  Frances Ranney
A Review with Applications of Information Ecologies BIBAPDF 91-102
  Dickie Selfe; Dawn Hayden

SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 3

Introduction to this classic reprint and commentaries BIBPDF 105-106
  Bob Waite
The Measurement of Readability: Useful Information for Communicators BIBAPDF 107-121
  George Klare
Readability and Computer Documentation BIBAPDF 122-131
  Gretchen Hargis
Readability Formulas Have Even More Limitations Than Klare Discusses BIBAPDF 132-137
  Janice Redish
Readability Formulas in the New Millennium: What's the Use? BIBAPDF 138-140
  Karen Schriver
Klare's Useful Information is Useful for Web Designers BIBAPDF 141-147
  Kristin Zibell
Readable Computer Documentation BIBAPDF 148-168
  George Klare
Genre Ecologies: An Open-System Approach to Understanding and Constructing Documentation BIBAPDF 169-181
  Clay Spinuzzi; Mark Zachry

SIGDOC 2000 Volume 24 Issue 4

Product, Process, and Profit: The Politics of Usability in a Software Venture BIBAPDF 185-203
  Barbara Mirel
Information Technology and the Emergence of a Worker-Centered Organization BIBAPDF 204-212
  Patricia Carlson
Exploring the Blind Spot: Audience, Purpose, and Context in Products, Process, and Profit BIBAPDF 213-219
  Clay Spinuzzi
Deep Realities: The Fit of Usability in Business BIBAPDF 220-226
  Eric Wiebe
Participating from the Sidelines, Online: Facilitating Telementoring Projects BIBAPDF 227-236
  Judith Harris; Candace Figg
Metaphor in Theory and Practice: The Influence of Metaphors on Expectations BIBAPDF 237-253
  Anne Hamilton
A Conversational Commentary on From Millwrights to Shipwrights BIBAPDF 254-259
  Jack Jobst; Robert R. Johnson