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ACM SIGDOC *Journal of Computer Documentation 23

Editors:T. R. Girill
Standard No:ISSN 0731-1001
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  1. SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 1
  2. SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 2
  3. SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 3
  4. SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 4

SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 1

Information, Technical Writing, Knowledge, and Power BIBA 3-18
  Mattio Valentino
Technical Writing and the Authority of Expertise BIBA 19-21
  Gregory Clark
Balance of Power BIBA 22-24
  Regina Lundgren
Commentary on a Case Study of NASA's Cassini Project BIBA 25-27
  Larry Shuman; Gerald Kayten
Home Sweet Home? Where Do Technical Communication Departments Belong BIBA 28-34
  Nina Wishbow
Looking Backward, Looking Forward BIBA 35-36
  Kathy Haramundanis

SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 2

Supporting Learners as Users BIBA 3-13
  Mark Guzdial
How Should Students Learn? BIBA 14-18
  Andrea DiSessa
Supporting Use, Learning, and Education BIBA 19-24
  Stephen Draper
Supporting the Reader as User BIBA 25-31
  Hans Van der Meij
Fifteen Ways of Looking at Minimalism BIBA 34-47
  James Dubinsky
The Proven and Potential Promises of Minimalism for Technical Communicators BIBA 48-56
  Eric Lodor
The Engineer as Technical Writer and Document Designer BIBA 57-61
  C. Hugh Marsh
SIGDOC 1999 Program Preview BIBA 62-63
  Stuart Selber

SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 3

Introduction to this Classic Reprint and Commentaries BIBA 2-3
  Bob Waite
Sequential Thematic Organization of Publications (STOP) BIBA 4-68
  J. R. Tracey; D. E. Rugh; W. S. Starkey
STOP: Light on the History of Outlining BIBA 69-78
  Jonathan Price
Anticipations of Hypertext: STOP and the Literary Machine BIBA 79-86
  Mark Bernstein
Two Approaches to Modularity: Comparing the STOP Approach with Structured Writing BIBA 87-95
  Robert Horn
Bits, Atoms, and the Technical Writer: The Rhetoric of STOP BIBA 96-101
  Edmond H. Weiss
Author's Response to Commentaries BIBA 102-103
  Wendel S. Starkey
SIGDOC99 Program, Travel, and Registration News BIBA 104-108
  Johndan Johnson-Eilola

SIGDOC 1999 Volume 23 Issue 4

Winograd, Terry. (1999)Documentation, Interaction, and Conversation BIBA 3-7
Documentation's Holistic Role BIBA 8-11
  Whitney Quesenbery
Rethinking Documentation and Interface: Reflections on Categorical Approaches BIBA 12-14
  Dennis Wixon
Assisting the Virtual User BIBA 15-21
  John Ober
Expanding English Studies to Include Workplace Writing BIBA 23-26
  M. Ann Brady
(Ex)panding (Lit)eracies: Taking English Out of Bounds BIBA 27-29
  Evelyn Johnson
Worries About the New Literacies BIBA 30-34
  Dale Sullivan
The HCI Bibliography and SIGDOC BIBA 36
  Gary Perlman
IPCC/SIGDOC 2000 Call for Papers BIBA 37-38
  Susan B. Jones