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ACM SIGCHI Bulletin 23

Editors:Bill Hefley
Standard No:ISSN 0736-6906; QA 76.9 P75 555
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  1. SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 1
  2. SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 2
  3. SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 3
  4. SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 4

SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 1

Human Values and the Future of Technology: A Declaration of Responsibility BIBA 11-16
  Ben Shneiderman

Workshop Report

Report on the CHI'90 Workshop on Computer-Human Interaction in Aerospace Systems BIB 17-23
  Sharon Irving; Christine M. Mitchell

CHI'90 Posters

Poster Paper Introduction BIB 24
  Joseph W. Sullivan
A Context for Designing Adaptations: The Multi-Oriented Structured Task Analysis (MOST) Methodology BIBA 25-29
  James A., Jr. Carter; James P. Hancock
The Interface Specialist: Contrasting Opinions on Role Content BIBA 30-32
  Lorraine F. Normore
Simulation and Information Order as Influences in the Development of Mental Models BIB 33-35
  Matthew A. Augustine; Michael D. Coovert
New User Interface Strategies for Public Telephones BIB 36-37
  Lisa Fast
Cognitive Issues in Representing Design Reasoning as Hypertext BIBA 38-40
  Simon Shum
Four Generic Communication Tasks which Must be Supported in Electronic Conferencing BIBA 41-43
  John C. McCarthy; Victoria C. Miles; Andrew F. Monk; Michael D. Harrison; Alan J. Dix; Peter C. Wright
The Design and Maintenance of the Andrew Help System: Providing a Large Set of Information to a Large Community of Users BIB 44-47
  Ayami Ogura; Terilyn Gillespie
Helping the User by Helping the Developer: The Role of Guidelines in a Multimedia Context BIB 48-51
  Maria G. Wadlow; Christina Haas; Dan Boyarski; Paul G. Crumley
Claims, Observations and Inventions: Analysing the Artifact BIBA 52-54
  Andrew F. Monk; Peter C. Wright
The Use of Think-Aloud Evaluation Methods in Design BIBA 55-57
  Peter C. Wright; Andrew F. Monk
Specifying Metaphors Algebraically BIB 58-60
  Werner Kuhn; Jeffrey P. Jackson; Andrew U. Frank
A Methodology for Taking Account of User Tasks, Goals and Behavior for Design of Computerized Library Catalogs BIB 61-65
  N. J. Belkin
The Impact of Organisations on Computers BIBA 66-67
  Matthew R. Jones
Initiating Usability Methods with a New Engineering Design Tool BIBA 68-70
  Aita Salasoo
LEGALESE: A Legal Argumentation Tool BIB 71-74
  D. Charles Hair
KARMA: Knowledge Acquisition, Retention and Maintenance Analysis BIB 75-77
  M. Czerwinski; R. Schumacher; B. Duba
Psychometric Evaluation of an After-Scenario Questionnaire for Computer Usability Studies: The ASQ BIBA 78-81
  James R. Lewis
Privacy, Anonymity and Interpersonal Competition Issues Identified During Participatory Design of Project Management Groupware BIBA 82-87
  Michael J. Muller; John G. Smith; J. Zachary Shoher; Harry Goldberg
A New Framework for Separating User Interfaces from Application Programs BIBA 88-91
  Hisashi Nakatsuyama; Makoto Murata; Koji Kusumoto
ConMod: A System for Conceptual Consistency Verification and Communication BIBA 92-94
  Robert E. Braudes; John L. Sibert
Properties of Thinking and Feeling Transferred from Human Computer Interaction to Social Interaction BIB 95
  Ethel H. Hanson
Auditory Icons in Large-Scale Collaborative Environments BIBA 96
  William W. Gaver; Randall B. Smith

SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 2

WIMPs and NERDs: An Extended View of the User Interface BIB 15-21
  Mark H. Chignell; John A. Waterworth
GEdit: A Test Bed for Editing by Contiguous Gestures BIB 22-26
  Gordon Kurtenbach; Bill Buxton
User Interface Programming Survey BIB 27-30
  Brad A. Myers; Mary Beth Rosson

Trip Report

UIST'90, The Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Snowbird, Utah, October 3-5, 1990 BIB 31-36
  Ellis S. Cohen
Usability Metrics and Methodologies British Computer Society, London, U.K., 21 May 1990 BIB 37-39
  Jakob Nielsen

Workshop Report

Report on the INTERACT'90 Workshop on Education in HCI: Transcending Disciplinary and National Boundaries BIB 40-45
  Marilyn M. Mantei; Thomas Hewett
CHI'90 Workshop on Visual Interfaces to Geometry BIB 46-55
  Werner Kuhn; Max J. Egenhofer

CHI'90 Posters

Poster Paper Introduction BIB 56
  Joseph W. Sullivan
Information Exchange Patterns in a Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Environment BIB 57-58
  Gary J. Cook; Cheryl L. Dunn; Severin V. Grabski
Users' Errors and Error Handling: Its Relationships with Task Structure and Social Support BIB 59-62
  Michael Frese; Felix C. Brodbeck; Dieter Zapf; Jochen Prumper
Errors in Computerized Office Work: Differences Between Novice and Expert Users BIBA 63-66
  Jochen Prumper; Michael Frese; Dieter Zapf; Felix C. Brodbeck
Hand Gesture Coding Based on Experiments Using a Hand Gesture Interface Device BIB 67-74
  Tomoichi Takahashi; Fumio Kishino
Jeepers: An Interface Perception Research Tool BIBA 75-80
  Suzanne Weghorst; Werner Stuetzle

SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 3


A Concern about the Samuelson-Glushko Survey BIBK 12-14
  Jef Raskin
The HCI Bibliography Project BIBAKWeb Page 15-20
  Gary Perlman

Special Issue on Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Introduction to the Special Issue on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) BIBAK 21
  Marilyn M. Mantei
A Tale of Two Cities: Reflections on CSCW in Europe and the United States BIBK 22-24
  Jonathan Grudin
Computer Systems Supporting Cooperative Work: A CSCW'90 Trip Report BIBAK 25-28
  Scott Henninger
An Annotated Bibliography of Computer Supported Cooperative Work BIBAK 29-62
  Saul Greenberg
A Reflective Perspective of CSCW BIBAK 63-68
  Andrew J. G. Cockburn; Harold Thimbleby

SIGCHI 1991 Volume 23 Issue 4

International Perspectives

International Perspectives: Some Thoughts on Differences between North American and European HCI BIBK 9-10
  John Karat
The First Moscow International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 11-12
  Allen Cypher; Jonathan Grudin; Allan MacLean; Michael Naimark; Ken-ichi Okada; Mukesh Patel; Larry Press; Blaine Price; Carlo Tarantola; Marilyn Welles


An Agenda for Human-Computer Interaction: Science and Engineering Serving Human Needs: Report of an Invitational Workshop Sponsored by The National Science Foundation BIBAK 17-32
  Gary Marchionini; John Sibert

CHI'91 Posters and Short Talks

Abstracts of CHI'91 Interactive Posters and Short Talks BIBK 33
  Dennis E. Egan

CHI'91 Posters: Managing the Design Process

Technology Transfer of User Centered Architecture in a Large U.S. Corporation BIB 34-35
  Kathleen D. Cebulka; Michael J. Muller; Lillian Ruston
Human-Computer Interaction Design Must be Embedded in System Design: Lessons from NASA Intelligent Systems BIB 35-36
  Jane Malin; Debra Schreckenghost; Carroll Thronesbery
Integrating Usability and Marketing Activities: A Method for Supporting Accelerated Design Strategies BIBA 36
  R. Jay Ritchie; Judith A. List
Artist-Designers and Interaction Design BIB 36-37
  Gillian Crampton Smith

CHI'91 Posters: Experiments on Design Issues

The Misunderstood Picture: A Study of Icon Recognition BIB 37-38
  Michael D. Byrne
The Effects of Warnings and Display Similarity on Interruption in Multitasking Environments BIB 38-39
  Mary Czerwinski; Steve Chrisman; Bob Schumacher
An Evaluation of Alternative Designs for Variable Selection Lists BIB 39
  Alan J. Happ; Sharon L. Stanners
Deciding through Doing: The Role of Sketching in Typographic Design BIB 39-40
  Rachel Hewson
Gesture Consistency for Text, Spreadsheet, Graphic and Form Fill Editing BIBA 40-41
  Mary J. LaLomia; Karen C. Cohen
Consistency versus Mnemonics in Text Editor Command Sets BIB 41
  Adrienne Y. Lee; Peter W. Foltz; Peter G. Polson

CHI'91 Posters: User Models

User Testing a Programming Language: Experience and Methodology BIB 42
  Adriane Donkers; Marta Arnaldo; Richard Dillon; Jo Tombaugh
A Task Analytic Methodology for Predicting Ease of Learning of Interactive Computer Systems BIB 43
  Mohamed Khalifa
Understanding Errors in Human Computer Interaction BIB 43-45
  Kathy L. Lang; Arthur C. Graesser; Darold D. Hemphill
Transfer of General Skills Across Domains: Computer Program Debugging and Troubleshooting of Circuits BIBA 45
  Adrienne Y. Lee
Controlling Interaction with Meta-Acts BIBA 45-46
  David G. Novick
What Do Programmers Really Look At in a Program: A Pilot Study BIB 46-47
  Jean Scholtz; Julie Csoppenszky
Changes in User Task Strategy Due to System Response Delay BIB 47-48
  Steven L. Teal; Alexander I. Rudnicky

CHI'91 Posters: Development Tools

A Tour through the Avis UIMS BIB 49-50
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Michel Thiellement
Empowering Industrial Designers BIBA 50-51
  L. Colgan; A. Gupta; P. J. Rankin; R. Spence
The Druid User Interface Management System BIB 51-52
  Eelco Vriezekolk
Task Protocol Specification: A Workstation Independent Specification Technique for Human-Computer Interaction BIB 52-53
  Paul M. Mullins; Siegfried Treu
Designing Graphical User Interfaces Using TAE Plus BIB 53-54
  Martha R. Szczur

CHI'91 Posters: Evaluation Methods

A Validation of Ergonomic Criteria for the Evaluation of User Interfaces BIB 54-55
  Christian Bastien; Dominique L. Scapin
Explanations of Artifacts for Design: The Use of Task Strategies BIB 55-56
  Rachel Bellamy
Use of the Eyegaze System in a Usability Laboratory BIB 56-57
  Denise C. R. Benel; Donald, Jr. Ottens; Richard Horst
Computerized Task Analysis BIB 57-58
  Maxine S. Cohen; David G. Payne; Richard E. Pastore
Empiricism versus Judgement: Comparing User Interface Evaluation Methods on a New Telephone-Based Interface BIB 58-59
  Heather Desurvire; Debbie Lawrence; Michael Atwood
Usability Analysis with Artifacts on Panels BIB 59-60
  Rumi Hiraga; Yeong-Chang Lien
Making Marks Self-Revealing BIB 60-61
  Gordon Kurtenbach
User Interface Design Expertise and Learning in the Software Industry BIB 61-62
  Lori Marchak; Teresa Forster; Robert Braudes

CHI'91 Posters: Domain Specific Designs

Electronic Mail Standards: Reconciling Technology with Usability BIB 62-63
  Nigel Bevan
Menix: A UNIX User Adaptable Interface BIBA 64-65
  Yves Chauvin
Protocol Analysis of the Use of a CAD System in a Home Design Task BIB 65-66
  Armin Bruderlin; John Dickinson; John Dill; Lyn Bartram
VVM: An Exploration in Screen-Based Telephony BIBA 66
  Marc Fusco; Nicholas, Jr. Gattuso; Robert Schumacher
The Evaluation of Cursor Control Devices for Space Station Freedom BIB 66-67
  Kritina L. Holden; Debra Muratore; Marianne Rudisill
ClearFace: Translucent Multiuser Interface for TeamWorkStation BIB 67-68
  Hiroshi Ishii; Kazuho Arita
Usability Problems of Residential Multifunction Terminals BIB 68-69
  Michel Nael

CHI'91 Posters: Hypertext and Information Retrieval

Children's Use of a Direct Manipulation Library Catalog BIB 69-70
  Christine L. Borgman; Virginia A. Walter; Jason B. Rosenberg; Andrea L. Gallagher
A Text Comprehension Model of Hypertext: A Theory Based Approach to Design and Evaluation BIB 70
  Peter W. Foltz
Hello Central: An Object-Oriented Data Browser BIB 71-72
  Hans Brunner; Steve Fogel; Robert Cuthbertson; Randall Sparks

CHI'91 Short Talks: User Models and Behavior

Identifying High-Level UNIX Tasks BIB 73-74
  Russell J. Branaghan; James E. McDonald; Roger W. Schvaneveldt
Underutilization of Archival Facilities in a UNIX Environment: A Resource Allocation Problem BIB 74-75
  M. Elliott Familant
Two Methods for Producing Discriminable Colour Sets for Computer Displays BIB 75
  Darren Van Laar; Richard Flavell

CHI'91 Short Talks: Practical Design Methods

Insight from Situated Action Analysis: The Case of Telephone Operating Company Engineers BIB 76
  Aita Salasoo; Mark Rosenstein; George H. Collier

CHI'91 Short Talks: Collaborative Writing and Multimedia Authoring

A Collaborative Negotiation Tool BIB 77
  Beth Adelson

CHI'91 Short Talks: Use of Familiar Things in the Design of Interfaces

Experimental Evaluation of Icon Quality BIB 78
  Paul F. Sorenson; Jayson M. Webb

CHI'91 Short Talks: User Interface Design Process and Evaluation

An After-Scenario Questionnaire for Usability Studies: Psychometric Evaluation Over Three Trials BIB 79
  James R. Lewis

CHI'91 Short Talks: Design Tools and Methods

What Makes a Good Design Question? BIB 80-81
  Victoria Bellotti; Allan MacLean; Thomas Moran
Storyboard-Based Programming Tools BIB 81-82
  Michelle Fineblum; Henry Lieberman
An Object User Interface for an Environmental Information System BIB 82
  Ken Yap

CHI'91 Short Talks: Pointing, Gesture and Handwriting as Input Media

An Empirically Developed System for the Selection of Computer Input Devices for Users with Physical Disabilities BIB 83
  Sherry Perdue Casali
Perceptual-Motor Control in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 83-84
  Erik Nilsen

CHI'91 Short Talks: Programming

Reusing Solutions in Software Design Activity: An Empirical Study BIB 84-85
  Francoise Detienne

CHI'91 Short Talks: Multimedia Systems

A Multimedia Interactive Cultural Simulation: Learning to Analyze and Construct Arguments BIB 85-86
  Beth Adelson; Evelyn Schlusselberg

CHI'91 Short Talks: Sound

Auralization of Parallel Programs BIB 86-87
  Larry Albright; Jay Alan Jackson; Joan Francioni
Screen, Phone, and Voice User Interfaces BIBA 87-88
  Richard Halstead-Nussloch; Mary Jacobson; Chan Chuongvan

CHI'91 Short Talks: Information Retrieval

Interest Driven Exploration of an Information Space BIB 88
  J. M. Slack; C. Conati
The Mutual Adaptation of Technology and Organization During the Implementation of an Automated Library System BIB 88-89
  Cynthia Lopata