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ACM SIGCHI Bulletin 21

Editors:Peter Orbeton
Standard No:ISSN 0736-6906; QA 76.9 P75 555
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  1. SIGCHI 1989 Volume 21 Issue 1
  2. SIGCHI 1989 Volume 21 Issue 2
  3. SIGCHI 1990 Volume 21 Issue 3
  4. SIGCHI 1990 Volume 21 Issue 4

SIGCHI 1989 Volume 21 Issue 1

An Annotated Bibliography on User Interface Design BIB 17-28
  Bruce P. Fraser; David Alex Lamb
Methodology for Comparative Selection of Interactive Database Interface Types BIBA 29-36
  Lenya K. Cristiano
Stimulating Change Through Usability Testing BIBA 37-44
  Joseph S. Dumas
Teaching User Interface Design Based on Usability Engineering BIB 45-48
  Jakob Nielsen; Rolf Molich

Trip Report

The 1988 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work BIB 49-55
  Saul Greenberg
Interfaces for Cooperative Work: An Eclectic Look at CSCW'88 BIB 56-64
  Thomas D. Erickson

Workshop Report

HyperHyper: Developments Across the Field of Hypermedia -- A Mini Trip Report: BCS Workshop, London, UK, 23 February 1989 BIB 65-67
  Jakob Nielsen

Trip Report

International Conference on Fifth Generation Computer Systems 1988, Tokyo, Japan, 28 November - 2 December 1988 BIB 68-71
  Jakob Nielsen
Walking on an Electric Treadmill While Performing VDT Office Work BIBAK 72-77
  Nathan Edelson; Jerome Danoff
Information Detective: A Workstation for Exploring Three Dimensional Information Space BIBA 78-79
  Kiyonobu Kojima

CHI'89 Interactive Poster Session Papers and Abstracts

CHI'89 Interactive Poster Session Papers and Abstracts BIB 80
  Robin Jeffries
Item Selection from Menus: The Influence of Menu Organization, Query Interpretation, and Programming Experience on Selection Strategies BIB 81-85
  Lola M. Arnold
Creating Consistency in the User Interface: Opinions and Procedures of Software Development Experts BIB 85-87
  Alan J. Happ; Karen C. Cohen
An Empirical Approach to the Evaluation of Icons BIBA 87-90
  Jayson M. Webb; Paul F. Sorenson; Nic P. Lyons
Beacons and Initial Program Comprehension BIB 90-91
  Susan Wiedenbeck; Jean Scholtz
A Transfer of Skill Between Programming Languages BIB 91
  Jean C. Scholtz
Designing the "Cockpit": The Application of a Human-Centered Design Philosophy to Made Optimization Systems Accessible BIBA 92-95
  L. Colgan; R. Spence; P. Rankin; M. D. Apperley
FINGER -- Formalization Interaction for Gesture Recognition BIB 96-97
  Gerhard Weber; Peter Wetzel
A Process-Oriented Extensible Hypertext Architecture BIBA 98-101
  Charles J. Kacmar

SIGCHI 1989 Volume 21 Issue 2

Draft for ACM Self-Assessment Procedure on Human-Computer Interaction BIB 17-24
  Tom Carey

Trip Report

CHI'89 BIB 28-40
  Jakob Nielsen
Hypertext II BIB 41-47
  Jakob Nielsen

Video Workshop

Introduction to the Special Issue on Video as a Research and Design Tool BIB 48-50
  Wendy E. Mackay; Deborah G. Tatar

Video Workshop Section I: Video as a Communication Medium

3D Scene on 2D Screen: The VISUALCAD Connection BIBA 52-53
  Nagi Kodali
Improving Aviation Accident Research Through the Use of Video BIB 54-56
  Herbert B. Armstrong
Using Video to Prototype User Interfaces BIBA 57-61
  Laurie Vertelney
Video: A Design Medium BIB 62-66
  Steve Harrison; Scott Minneman; Bob Stults; Karon Weber

Video Workshop Section II: Study and Management of Video

EVA: An Experimental Video Annotator for Symbolic Analysis of Video Data BIB 68-71
  Wendy E. Mackay
Computer Support for Transcribing Recorded Activity BIB 72-74
  Randall H. Trigg
Video in Applied Cognitive Research for Human-Centered Design BIB 75-77
  Renate J. Roske-Hofstrand
Structured Content Modeling for Cimematic Information BIB 78-79
  Benjamin Rubin; Glorianna Davenport
Integrating Motion Video into Computational Environments BIB 80-82
  Brian Michon
The Role of the Video Professional in a Research Environment BIBA 83-87
  Mark D. Chow

Video Workshop Section III: Quantitative Emphasis

Use of the EVTA Process in the Evaluation of Human/System Interaction and Performance BIBA 89-91
  Margaret T. Shaffer
Using Video in the BNR Usability Lab BIBA 92-95
  Sue Kennedy
Video as an Enabling Technology for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work BIB 96-99
  Marjorie Horton; Mary Elwart-Keys; Robert Kass
The Use of Video in Empirical Research BIB 100-102
  Lisa Neal

Video Workshop Section IV: Qualitative Emphasis

Video and Design BIBA 104-107
  Austin Henderson
Using Video-Based Observation to Shape the Design of a New Technology BIB 108-111
  Deborah Tatar
Can Video Research Escape the Technology? Some Reflections on the Problems and Possibilities of A.V. Research BIB 112-114
  Kathy Carter; Bob Anderson
The Use of Video in Organizational Studies BIB 115-117
  Christina Allen
Thick Descriptions: A Tool for Designing Ethnographic Interactive Videodiscs BIBA 118-122
  Ricki Goldman Segall

SIGCHI 1990 Volume 21 Issue 3

CHI'89 Interactive Poster Session Papers and Abstracts

CHI'89 Interactive Poster Session Papers and Abstracts BIB 16
  Robin Jeffries
Getting There When You Don't Know Where 'There' Is: Navigational Strategies in a Hypertext Help System BIB 17-18
  F. R. Campagnoni; Kate Ehrlich
Expected and Unexpected Effects of Computer Media on Group Decision Making BIB 18-20
  Vitaly Dubrovsky; Sara Kiesler; Beheruz N. Sethna
Comprehension of Pascal Statements by Novice and Expert Programmers BIB 20-23
  Jennifer L. Dyck; Brent Auernheimer
Iconer: A Tool for Evaluating Icons BIB 23-25
  Hendrika Alice Eisen
Computerized Performance Monitoring and Performance Appraisal BIB 25-29
  Deborah B. Fenner; F. Javier Lerch; Carol T. Kulik
The Development of a Task-Oriented, Minimal Content User's Manual BIB 29-33
  Richard Gong
Object Identification by Language in a User Interface Using Language and Image Information BIB 33-36
  Akira Hakata; Tomoichi Takahashi; Yukio Kobayashi
Fragility in Expertise: A Study in Reactive Scheduling BIB 36-40
  Brian R. Huguenard; Michael J. Prietula; F. Javier Lerch
Usability Issues Related to Mapping a Command Language onto Interactive Software Panels BIB 40-41
  Barbara S. Isa; Deborah A. Krysiak
UNIXTUTOR: A Menu-Based Transitional Interface BIB 41-45
  Wesley Jamison; C. Michael Lewis
Using Electronic Mail: Themes Across Three User Interface Paradigms BIBA 45-48
  Sandy Jones; Geoffrey Bock; Alana Brassard
Computer-Mediated Group Processes in Distributed Command and Control BIB 48-53
  J. M. Linville; R. W. Obermayer; J. J. Fallesen
IDEA: From Advising to Collaboration BIB 53-59
  James R. Miller; William C. Hill; Jean McKendree; Timothy P. McCandless; Loren Terveen
TANGO: A Framework and System for Algorithm Animation BIB 59-60
  John T. Stasko
Designing Collaborative User Interfaces: Lessons from Writer/Graphic Designer Interaction BIB 60-63
  Wendie Wulff

Workshop Report

Report on the CHI'89 Workshop on Real-Time, Decision Support Computer-Human Interaction BIB 64-70
  Steven M. Jacobs; William E. Hefley
Laboratory Exercises for a Graduate/Undergraduate Course in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 71-75
  Arthur F. Kramer; Robert M. Schumacher
Climbing the Smalltalk Mountain BIB 76-79
  Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll
Evaluation of the NeXT Interface Builder for Prototyping a Smart Telephone BIBA 80-85
  Umesh Thakkar; Gary Perlman; Dave Miller
Video: A Design Medium BIB 86-90
  Steve Harrison; Scott Minneman; Bob Stults; Karon Weber

SIGCHI 1990 Volume 21 Issue 4

Readings on Human Factors in Computer Systems: The 1989 List BIB 20-26
  Paul Green
A Taxonomy of User Interface Terminology BIBA 27-34
  Mark H. Chignell
The Perceived Usefulness of Computer Information Sources: A Field Study BIBA 35-43
  Richard E. Granda; Richard Halstead-Nussloch; Joan M. Winters
Computer-Human Interface Issues in the Design of an Intelligent Workstation for Scientific Visualization BIBA 44-49
  Marian G. Williams; Stuart Smith; Giampiero Pecelli
International User Interfaces: An Exercise BIB 50-51
  Jakob Nielsen

Trip Report

Hypertext'89 BIB 52-61
  Jakob Nielsen
Preparing a Presentation BIB 62-64
  Martin Smith
Pioneering HCI Down Under: A Mixture of Perseverance and Fun BIB 65-69
  Gitte Lindgaard
PUMS and Programmers BIB 70
  Andrew Clement; Marilyn Mantei