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Romanian National Conference of Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2015

Fullname:National Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2015
Editors:Marian Dârdala; Traian Rebedea
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Dates:2015-Sep-24 to 2015-Sep-25
Publisher:MatrixRom Publishing House
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460; hcibib: RoCHI15
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page | SIGCHI Romania Home Page
Human Computer Interaction and societal impact -- Can HCI influence public policy making and IT politics? BIBAKPDF 1-4
  Gulliksen Jan
Social Computing, HCI, Social Change and Peace BIBAKPDF 5-10
  Zaphiris Panayiotis
Multi-Criteria Decision Making Software Products -- A Comparison and Ranking in Terms of Usability and Functionality BIBAKPDF 11-14
  Constanta Zoie Radulescu; Alexandru Balog; Lidia Bajenaru; Delia Mihaela Radulescu
Seeking New Insights: A Design Thinking Approach to the Development of Persuasive Technology Aimed at Supporting Clients on a Weight Management Program BIBAKPDF 15-20
  Paul Doney; Marc Fabri
A Motivational Model for Facebook Acceptance by University Students BIBAKPDF 21-24
  Dragos Daniel Iordache; Alexandru Balog; Costin Pribeanu; Vincentas Lamanauskas
Accessibility of Romanian Municipal Websites -- Conformance with WCAG2 BIBAKPDF 25-28
  Costin Pribeanu; Maria Gheorghe-Moisii; Paul Fogarassy-Neszly
Realistic Simulation of Environmental Phenomena -- Snow Fall and Accumulation BIBAKPDF 29-36
  Sandra Al-Assaf; Dorian Gorgan
Gamepad Vibration Methods to Help Blind People Perceive Colors BIBAKPDF 37-40
  Vlad Trifanica; Alexandru Butean; Alin Moldoveanu
Analyzing Computer Game Strategies through Visual Techniques BIBAKPDF 41-48
  Mircea Catalin Catana; Dorian Gorgan
Developing a Navigational 3D Audio Game with Hierarchical Levels of Difficulty for the Visually Impaired Players BIBAKPDF 49-54
  Oana Balan; Alin Moldoveanu; Florica Moldoveanu; Alexandru Butean
Text Generation Starting From an Ontology BIBAKPDF 55-60
  Dragos Alexandru Cojocaru; Stefan Trausan-Matu
A Design Framework for Foreign Language Learning Applications BIBAKPDF 61-66
  Mihaela Colhon
Opinion Summarization for Hotel Reviews BIBAKPDF 67-74
  Bogdan Cristian Marchis; Alexandru Tifrea; Mihai-Cristian Volmer; Traian Rebedea
Automated Paper Annotation with ReaderBench BIBAKPDF 75-80
  Ionut Cristian Paraschiv; Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Philippe Dessus
Conversational Agent that Models a Historical Personality BIBAKPDF 81-86
  Adrian Bogatu; Dorin Rotarescu; Traian Rebedea; Stefan Ruseti
Disruptive Technologies -- UV Protect -- Smart Watch Application BIBAKPDF 87-90
  Andrei-Bogdan Baran; Adrian Iftene
Introducing Basic Geometric Shapes to Visually Impaired People Using a Mobile App BIBAKPDF 91-94
  Bogdan Troanca; Alexandru Butean; Alin Moldoveanu; Oana Balan
Indoor Localization and Navigation Using Phone Sensors and a 3D Model of the Building BIBAKPDF 95-100
  Szabolcs Orban; Teodor Stefanut
An Approach for Detecting ID Frauds in a Traditional Voting System Using a Smartphone Stand BIBAKPDF 101-104
  Paul Strimbeanu; Alexandru Butean; Diana Butean; Florica Moldoveanu
Socialization Techniques in Virtual 3D Space BIBAKPDF 105-110
  George Marian Hotca; Teodor Stefanut; Dorian Gorgan
Gestural Recognition by a Four-Kinect Module in a CAVE "Le SAS" BIBAKPDF 111-114
  Saleh Salous; Julien Newton; Laure Leroy; Safwan Chendeb
Real Time Visualization of Crowd Dynamics Scenarios BIBAKPDF 121-128
  Dan Razvan Ilies; Adrian Sabou; Dorian Gorgan
Real-time Video Processing in Web Applications BIBAKPDF 129-132
  Cristian Ionita; Alexandru Barbulescu
Diversifying Search Results Using Semantic Resources BIBAKPDF 133-136
  Cristian Neamtu; Adrian Iftene
Motives and Characteristics of Facebook Use by Students from a Romanian University BIBAKPDF 137-140
  Alexandru Balog; Costin Pribeanu; Ion Ivan
Movies Classification BIBAKPDF 141-144
  Daniel Gavril; Adrian Iftene
A Software Component for Polyglot Text-to-Speech Synthesis: User Interface and Beta Testing Results BIBAKPDF 145-148
  Paul Fogarassy-Neszly; Zlatomir Zinveliu; Costin Pribeanu