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Romanian National Conference of Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2014

Fullname:National Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2014
Editors:Dorin Mircea Popovici; Dragos Daniel Iordache
Location:Constanta, Romania
Dates:2014-Sep-04 to 2014-Sep-05
Publisher:MatrixRom Publishing House
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460; hcibib: RoCHI14
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page | SIGCHI Romania Home Page
  1. Invited talks
  2. Virtual reality and natural interaction
  3. Communication in natural language
  4. Educational interactive systems
  5. Evaluation of interactive systems
  6. Interactive applications
  7. Interaction techniques and visualization

Invited talks

engage! and converse! -- Designing Interactive Creative Spaces BIBAKPDF 1-4
  Jens Gerken
On the Enhancement of Augmented Reality-based Tele-Collaboration with Affective Computing Technology BIBAKPDF 5-14
  Dragos Datcu

Virtual reality and natural interaction

Increasing immersion in virtual reality through natural movement, using body tracking equipment BIBAKPDF 15-18
  Valentin Dobre; Alin Moldoveanu; Victor Asavei
Finger tracking based on Computer Vision for use in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 19-24
  Bradi Rares; Dorian Gorgan
Natural user interface applied in computer aided design BIBAKPDF 25-28
  Florin Gîacia; Teodora Gîacia
Comparative study of the main Virtual Dressing Room applications BIBAKPDF 29-34
  Oana Balan; Alin Moldoveanu; Florica Moldoveanu

Communication in natural language

Chronotopic Analysis of Discourse in Texts and Conversations BIBAKPDF 35-40
  Stefan Trausan-Matu
RoboBraille -- transform documents inaccessible for users who have visual impaired and learning disabilities BIBAKPDF 41-44
  Lars Ballieu Christensen; Marian Padure
CSCL chats Analysis using R package BIBAKPDF 45-50
  Iulia Badea; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Applications for dynamic language identification BIBAKPDF 51-54
  Paul Fogarassy-Neszly; Vasile Gherhes

Educational interactive systems

Automatic Textual Complexity Analysis of French Textbooks BIBAKPDF 55-60
  Mihai Dascalu; Larise Lucia Stavarache; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Philippe Dessus; Maryse Bianco
Development of Interaction Techniques for Augmented Reality Applications in the field of Education BIBAKPDF 61-64
  Levente-Lóránt Nagy; Dorian Gorgan
Using visual interfaces in human-machine interaction. Case study: MyDearDaisy BIBAKPDF 65-68
  Laurentiu Tanase; Dorin-Mircea Popovici
A study of gender differences in evaluating the quality of the e-learning service BIBAKPDF 69-74
  Alexandru Balog

Evaluation of interactive systems

Use of haptic feedback in simulation of medical procedure BIBAKPDF 75-80
  Dorin-Mircea Popovici; Felix G. Hamza-Lup; Crenguta M. Bogdan; Elena Bautu; Cristian A. Corleanca
A predictive model to analyze the innovative learning with an augmented reality-based application BIBAKPDF 81-84
  Costin Pribeanu
A framework proposal for performance-based usability metrics automatic evaluation using AOP BIBAKPDF 85-90
  Adriana-Mihaela Guran; Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar
Characteristics of the Facebook use by students -- a qualitative approach BIBAKPDF 91-94
  Dragos Daniel Iordache

Interactive applications

Centralised management of the social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and user activity monitoring BIBAKPDF 95-98
  Claudia-Elena Juncu; Adrian Iftene
User context in railway applications BIBAKPDF 99-104
  Vlad Colceriu; Victor Bâcu; Teodor Stefanut; Dorian Gorgan
Interactive system for the management and promotion of the multicultural content from the Romanian space BIBAKPDF 105-108
  Ion Alexandru Marinescu; Lidia Bajenaru; Mihaela Tomescu
Interactive system for virtual enterprise agility evaluation BIBAKPDF 109-112
  Lidia Bajenaru; Ana-Maria Borozan; Mihaela Tomescu; Daniel Savu

Interaction techniques and visualization

Real-time visualization and processing of large volumes of medical data BIBAKPDF 113-116
  Andrei Simion; Florica Moldoveanu; Victor Asavei; Alin Moldoveanu
Image search based on the content and on associated metadata BIBAKPDF 117-122
  Adrian Iftene; Lenuta Alboaie; Cristina Serban; Alexandra Siriteanu
Graphic editor used to draw the phasor diagrams of electric circuits operating under sinusoidal conditions BIBAKPDF 123-128
  Marinel Popescu; Claudiu-Mihai Balan
eCulturalHighway -- web portal for promoting cultural tourism BIBAKPDF 129-133
  Valentin Radut; Ionut Petre; Dragos Marian Smada