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Romanian National Conference of Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2012

Fullname:National Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2012
Editors:Vlad Posea; Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Dates:2012-Sep-06 to 2012-Sep-07
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460; hcibib: RoCHI12
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page | SIGCHI Romania Home Page
Interactions in smart environments and the importance of modelling BIBAKPDF 1-12
  Peter Forbrig
A formative measurement model for the motivational value of an AR-based educational application BIBAKPDF 13-18
  Costin Pribeanu
The evaluation of two Augmented Reality applications for school environment -- Focus group with teachers BIBAKPDF 19-25
  Dragos Daniel Iordache; Ioan Neacsu
Prototypes of human-machine interactions and types of educational applications specific to mobile augmented rReality BIBAKPDF 26-30
  Livia Stefan
2D graphical interaction in e-learning BIBAKPDF 31-36
  Andreea Chiscari; Dorian Gorgan
Experimentation of an acceptance model of e-learning systems BIBAKPDF 37-40
  Alexandru Balog
Controlling the applications running on a Windows system by means of Android devices BIBAKPDF 41-44
  Cristina Serban; Irina Grosu; Alexandra Siriteanu; Alexandru Averescu; Adrian Iftene
Optimizing educational platforms interfaces BIBAKPDF 45-48
  Constantin-Gelu Apostol; Alina-Mihaela Ion; Dragos Vespan
The development of educational content based on Web services BIBAKPDF 49-54
  Arnold-Mihai Waldraf; Dorian Gorgan
Network based analysis of intertextual relations BIBAKPDF 55-64
  Ioan Cristian Ghiban; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Text-to-Speech synthesis for Romanian language BIBAKPDF 65-70
  Teodor Paul Alin Becan; Dorian Gorgan
Automatic analysis of self-explanations BIBAKPDF 71-76
  Bogdan Oprescu; Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Traian Rebedea; Philippe Dessus; Maryse Bianco
Web 2.0 recruiting BIBAKPDF 77-80
  Vlad Posea
Specific usability problems with municipal websites: A case study with five district halls BIBAKPDF 81-84
  Costin Pribeanu; Maria Gheorghe-Moisii; Dragos Daniel Iordache
Testing a component for learning mathematics with users BIBAKPDF 85-88
  Ion Smeureanu; Narcisa Isaila
Accessibility analysis of interactive systems using MOM tool BIBAKPDF 89-92
  Paul Fogarassy-Neszly
Personas method in the context of semantic Web BIBAKPDF 93-96
  Stefan Negru; Sabin Buraga
Team formation using psychological profiles BIBAKPDF 97-102
  Corina Ciubuc; Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Traian Rebedea
Mood and sentiment assessment using latent semantic analysis BIBAKPDF 103-108
  Diana Lupan; Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Traian Rebedea; Philippe Dessus; Maryse Bianco
Evolutionary social network analysis of Web-based educational environments BIBAKPDF 109-112
  Andrew Laghos
An analysis of the quality and accessibility of suicide information available to the Romanian-speaking user BIBAKPDF 113-116
  Ana Maria Marhan
Interactive video interface for embedded systems BIBAKPDF 117-120
  Dan Rotar; Dragos Andrioaia
Face recognition based authentication on mobile BIBAKPDF 121-124
  Julia Kovacs; Dorian Gorgan
Labview interfaces used to generate the waveforms and data files specific of electrical switching devices tests BIBAKPDF 125-128
  Marinel Popescu; Constantin Iancu
Description of satellite images processing in Greenland application BIBAKPDF 129-134
  Danut Mihon; Vlad Colceriu; Angela Minculescu; Victor Bacu; Dorian Gorgan