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Romanian National Conference of Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2010

Fullname:National Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2010
Editors:Costin Pribeanu; Adriana Elena Reveiu
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Dates:2010-Sep-02 to 2010-Sep-03
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460; hcibib: RoCHI10
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page | SIGCHI Romania Home Page
Patterns of HCI Design and Design of Patterns BIBAKPDF 1-6
  Ahmed Seffah
The Pedagogical Usability -- Methodological and Practical Considerations BIBAKPDF 7-10
  Ana-Maria Borozan; Ileana Trandafir
Software for Access Of Persons with Disabilities to Scientific Content BIBAKPDF 11-14
  Ion Smeureanu; Narcisa Isaila
Testing With Visual Impairment Users of a Local Public Administration Web Site BIBAKPDF 15-18
  Iulian Lesneanu; Dragos Daniel Iordache
MOSpy -- Software Instrument for Accessibility Analysis of Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 19-22
  Paul Fogarassy-Neszly; Iuliu Szijjarto
A Case Study in Formative Usability Evaluation Of a Local Public Administration Web Site BIBAKPDF 23-28
  Dragos Daniel Iordache; Ruxandra Dora Marinescu; Maria Gheorghe-Moisii; Costin Pribeanu
Facial Expression Recognition Based On Computer-Vision Specific Methods BIBAKPDF 29-32
  Delia Mitrea; Sergiu Nedevschi; Dorian Gorgan
Principles Of Olfactory Human-Computer Interfaces BIBAKPDF 33-36
  Iulian Popescu
User Interaction Techniques Regarding Satellite Image Processing -- Greenview and Greenland Exemplification BIBAKPDF 37-44
  Danut Mihon; Victor Bacu; Teodor Stefanut; Dorian Gorgan
R³ -- A Configurable Input Device for Free-Space Interaction BIBAKPDF 45-50
  Daniel Cernea; Achim Ebert; Andreas Kerren; Valentina Morar
Depth Perception Evaluation of 3d Virtual Prototypes Using Immersive Cave Systems BIBAKPDF 51-54
  Florin Garbacia; Andreea Beraru; Eugen Butila
A Ball Tracking Technique for Augmented Reality Applications BIBAKPDF 55-58
  Dragos Catalin Barbu; Silvia-Ramona Bunea; Stefan Magureanu
Didactics in Assisted Instruction BIBAKPDF 59-64
  Gabriel Zamfir
Interactive Tools for Lessons Development in Collaborative Elearning Systems BIBAKPDF 65-70
  Mircea Marginean; Teodor Stefanut
Improving a Elearning System Using Specific Elements Of a Question-Answering System BIBAKPDF 71-74
  Adrian Iftene; Ancuta Rotaru
MDL -- Computer Assisted Lesson Development Module BIBAKPDF 75-80
  Daniel Safta; Dorian Gorgan
Development of Multimedia Components for Educational Mobile Systems BIBAKPDF 81-84
  Adriana Elena Reveiu; Marian Dardala
Improving the Relevance of Search Engine Results Using Semantic Information from Wikipedia BIBAKPDF 85-90
  Cristina Scheau; Traian Eugen Rebedea; Costin Chiru; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Using Design Patterns to Redesign The Search Engine of an Academic Web Site BIBAKPDF 91-94
  Sabin-Corneliu Buraga; Ecaterina Valica
Evaluation and Automatic Summarization of Chat Conversations BIBAKPDF 95-100
  Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Philippe Dessus
Location-Based Services Personalization Using Genetic Algorithms and Intelligent Agents BIBAKPDF 101-104
  Liviu Adrian Cotfas; Andreea Diosteanu
Extracting Implicit Opinions of Economic Texts BIBAKPDF 105-108
  Claudiu Cristian Musat; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Interactive Components in a Environment for Grid Applications Development BIBAKPDF 109-114
  Victor Bacu; Dorian Gorgan
Task Modeling at Operational Level in the Context of Model-Based Design BIBAKPDF 115-118
  Costin Pribeanu
Using Software for Decoding and Analysis of Physiological Reactivity in Human Higher Cognitive Processes BIBAKPDF 119-122
  Mihai Anitei; Mihaela Chraif; Andrei Neacsu; Claudiu Papasteri; Mihai Ciolacu
Designing and Developing an Interactive System for the Management of the Organizations Involved in the Transport Research Activities BIBAKPDF 123-126
  Ionut Petre; Dragos Marian Smada
New Technologies and Children's Cognitive Development: Some Guidelines and Recommendations for Design BIBAKPDF 127-130
  Ana-Maria Marhan
Medical Assistance Through the Internet for Persons with Mobility Impairments and for Persons Residing in Rural and Medically Under-Served Areas BIBAKPDF 131-134
  Adriana Alexandru; Cristina Simona Alecu