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Romanian National Conference of Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2009

Fullname:National Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- RoCHI 2009
Editors:Dorian Gorgan; Adriana Mihaela Guran
Location:Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Dates:2009-Sep-18 to 2009-Sep-19
Standard No:hcibib: RoCHI09
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page | SIGCHI Romania Home Page
Mirrors of the World -- Supporting Situational Awareness with Computer Screens BIBAKPDF 1-8
  Gerrit C. van der Veer; Olga Kulyk; Dhaval Vyas
User Experience in Windows 7 BIBAKPDF 9-10
  Ioan Lazarciuc
New directions in UI: WPF and Silverlight BIBAKPDF 11-12
  Dan Petric; Daniel Lacatus; Stefan Szasz
Creating and Visualizing Lessons in eGLE Elearning Platform BIBAKPDF 13-18
  Teodor Stefanut; Victor Bacu; Dorian Gorgan
Usage of Computer-Based Collaborative Interfacing Tools for Learning BIBAKPDF 19-24
  Stefan Trausan-Matu; Vlad Posea; Traian Rebedea
The Accessibility of Elearning Platforms for the Visually Impaired Students BIBAKPDF 25-30
  Marian Padure
A Study Regarding the Abstract Specification of the User Interface by Using USIXML and UIML Languages BIBAKPDF 31-34
  Simina Tofan; Anamaria Pradais; Sabin Buraga
The Components of a Text to Speech System BIBAKPDF 35-38
  Mihai Alexandru Ordean; Andrei Saupe; Mihaela Ordean; Dorian Gorgan
Synchronizing Video Sequences with Text Streams BIBAKPDF 39-42
  Marian Dardala; Adriana Reveiu; Titus Felix Furtuna
Interaction Techniques in Earth Science Applications BIBAKPDF 43-48
  Victor Bacu; Teodor Stefanut; Dorian Gorgan
A Generic Component Approach for Dynamic Generation of User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 49-56
  Cristian Frasinaru; Vlad Costel Ungureanu
Virtual Geographical Space Visualization Based on Graphics Cluster Using Hybrid Algorithms BIBAKPDF 57-60
  Cristinel Mihai Mocan
Recent Approaches in the Formative Usability Evaluation BIBAKPDF 61-64
  Costin Pribeanu; Ruxandra Dora Marinescu; Irina Cristescu; Lucretia Pirvu; Dragos Daniel Iordache
Efficiency Evaluation of First Person Interaction Metaphors for Manipulation of Virtual Prototypes BIBAKPDF 65-68
  Florin Girbacia; Doru Talaba
Evaluation of Motivational Value of an Augmented Reality System for Learning Biology BIBAKPDF 69-72
  Dragos Daniel Iordache; Costin Pribeanu
Emotional State Evaluation Based on the Human Body Position, Through Computer-Vision Methods BIBAKPDF 73-76
  Delia Mitrea; Sergiu Nedevschi; Dorian Gorgan
A User Centered Approach in Developing an Intelligent System for National Cancer Registry Management BIBAKPDF 77-82
  Adriana-Mihaela Guran; Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar; Luciana Neamtiu
An Ontology-Based Competence Management Interactive System for IT Companies BIBAKPDF 83-88
  Cristina Niculescu; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Applying Social Science Methods in Software Engineering -- A Practical Approach BIBAKPDF 89-94
  Daniela-Maria Andrei; Adriana-Mihaela Guran; Horia D. Pitariu
Critical Remarks on the Interaction of Users with File Systems BIBAKPDF 95-98
  Lucian Chetan
Current State of Research in Augmented Reality BIBAKPDF 99-104
  Dragos Catalin Barbu
Recommendations for E-Learning Solutions Development and Evaluation BIBAKPDF 105-110
  Daniel Safta; Dorian Gorgan