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Romanian Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 2

Editors:Dorian Gorgan; Costin Pribeanu
Publisher:MATRIX ROM
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460
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  1. RRIOC 2009 Volume 2 Issue 1
  2. RRIOC 2009 Volume 2 Issue 2

RRIOC 2009 Volume 2 Issue 1

Language Resources for a Question-Answering System for Romanian BIBAKPDF 1-17
  Verginica Barbu Mititelu; Alexandru Ceausu; Radu Ion; Elena Irimia; Dan Stefanescu; Dan Tufis
WebVOX -- a Solution for Web Page Accessibility Improvement for Persons with Reading Deficiency BIBAKPDF 18-30
  Paul Fogarassy-Neszly
A task-based design approach to the design of a software assistant for usability evaluation BIBAKPDF 31-44
  Costin Pribeanu
Non-conventional User-Interaction. General Considerations and Case Studies BIBAKPDF 45-72
  Sabin-Corneliu Buraga; Stefan Ceriu; Anca-Paula Luca; Eduard Moraru; Stefan Negru; Stefan Prutianu
An Ontology-centered Approach for Designing an Interactive Competence Management System for IT Companies BIBAKPDF 73-88
  Cristina Niculescu; Stefan Trausan-Matu

RRIOC 2009 Volume 2 Issue 2

Cognitive task analysis: theoretical and methodological aspects BIBAKPDF 89-104
  Ana Maria Marhan
Practical Approaches for Interdisciplinary Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 105-118
  Adriana-Mihaela Guran; Daniela-Maria Andrei
Using Synchronization of Interaction Techniques for Implementing a Hypervideo System BIBAKPDF 119-130
  Marian Dardala; Adriana Reveiu; Titus Felix Furtuna
Ch.A.M.P. -- Modeling and Assessment System for Chat Evaluation BIBAKPDF 131-146
  Mihai Dascalu; Stefan Trausan-Matu
Theories and models for technology acceptance BIBAKPDF 147-160
  Alexandru Balog; Irina Cristescu