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Romanian Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 1

Editors:Dorian Gorgan; Costin Pribeanu
Publisher:MATRIX ROM
Standard No:ISSN 1843-4460
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  1. RRIOC 2008 Volume 1 Issue 1
  2. RRIOC 2008 Volume 1 Issue 2

RRIOC 2008 Volume 1 Issue 1

e-Learning Applications based on 3D Graphics Annotation Techniques BIBAKPDF 1-24
  Dorian Gorgan; Teodor Stefanut; Madalina Veres; Istvan Gabos
Finding flow: some implications for the utilization of new technologies BIBAKPDF 25-38
  Ana Maria Marhan
Usability evaluation of a learning scenario for Biology implemented onto an augmented reality platform BIBAKPDF 39-56
  Costin Pribeanu; Dragos Daniel Iordache; Alexandru Balog
Paronym Generation Algorithms for Malapropism Correction BIBAKPDF 57-72
  Costin-Gabriel Chiru; Stefan Trausan-Matu; Traian Rebedea
Approaches in Automatic Usability Evaluation. Comparative Study BIBAKPDF 73-84
  Adriana-Mihaela Guran; Grigoreta Sofia Cojocar

RRIOC 2008 Volume 1 Issue 2

Web-based application for the management of online debates BIBAKPDF 91-110
  Oana Secasiu; Vlad Posea; Stefan Trausan-Matu
The educational added value of augmented reality technology for a school environment BIBAKPDF 111-132
  Dragos Daniel Iordache; Ioan Neacsu
The Role and the Importance of Adaptated Information Technology (AIT) in the Process of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities BIBAKPDF 133-144
  Maria-Elena Osiceanu; Silviu Ghioc
Collaboration within co-operative tasks: the use of augmented reality in schools environments BIBAKPDF 145-162
  Irina Cristescu
Access control in e-Commerce applications by using state machines BIBAKPDF 163-186
  Mihaela Ordean; Dorian Gorgan