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Proceedings of Pervasive 2006: International Conference on Pervasive Computing

Fullname:Pervasive 2006: Pervasive Computing, 4th International Conference
Editors:Kenneth P. Fishkin; Bernt Schiele; Paddy Nixon; Aaron J. Quigley
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Dates:2006-May-07 to 2006-May-10
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3968 Springer 2006
Standard No:ISBN 3-540-33894-2; hcibib: Pervasive06
Links:Online Proceedings
A Practical Approach to Recognizing Physical Activities BIBAFull-Text 1-16
  Jonathan Lester; Tanzeem Choudhury; Gaetano Borriello
Building Reliable Activity Models Using Hierarchical Shrinkage and Mined Ontology BIBAFull-Text 17-32
  Emmanuel Munguia Tapia; Tanzeem Choudhury; Matthai Philipose
"Need to Know": Examining Information Need in Location Discourse BIBAFull-Text 33-49
  Derek F. Reilly; David Dearman; Vicki Ha; Ian Smith; Kori Inkpen
Collaborative Localization: Enhancing WiFi-Based Position Estimation with Neighborhood Links in Clusters BIBAFull-Text 50-66
  Li-Wei Chan; Ji-Rung Chiang; Yi-Chao Chen; Chia-nan Ke; Jane Yung-jen Hsu; Hao-Hua Chu
Risks of Using AP Locations Discovered Through War Driving BIBAFull-Text 67-82
  Minkyong Kim; Jeffrey J. Fielding; David Kotz
Declarative Support for Sensor Data Cleaning BIBAFull-Text 83-100
  Shawn R. Jeffery; Gustavo Alonso; Michael J. Franklin; Wei Hong; Jennifer Widom
Detecting and Interpreting Muscle Activity with Wearable Force Sensors BIBAFull-Text 101-116
  Paul Lukowicz; Friedrich Hanser; Christoph Szubski; Wolfgang Schobersberger
The Design of a Portable Kit of Wireless Sensors for Naturalistic Data Collection BIBAFull-Text 117-134
  Emmanuel Munguia Tapia; Stephen S. Intille; Louis Lopez; Kent Larson
The Smart Tachograph -- Individual Accounting of Traffic Costs and Its Implications BIBAFull-Text 135-152
  Vlad Coroama
Domino: Exploring Mobile Collaborative Software Adaptation BIBAFull-Text 153-168
  Marek Bell; Malcolm Hall; Matthew Chalmers; Philip D. Gray; Barry Brown
Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Finger on the Trigger -- Designing for Mixed Focus of Attention in a Mobile Game for Brief Encounters BIBAFull-Text 169-186
  Liselott Brunnberg; Oskar Juhlin
Unobtrusive Multimodal Biometrics for Ensuring Privacy and Information Security with Personal Devices BIBAFull-Text 187-201
  Elena Vildjiounaite; Satu-Marja Mäkelä; Mikko Lindholm; Reima Riihimäki; Vesa Kyllönen; Jani Mäntyjärvi; Heikki Ailisto
LoKey: Leveraging the SMS Network in Decentralized, End-to-End Trust Establishment BIBAFull-Text 202-219
  Anthony J. Nicholson; Ian E. Smith; Jeff Hughes; Brian D. Noble
Scalability in a Secure Distributed Proof System BIBAFull-Text 220-237
  Kazuhiro Minami; David Kotz
Secure Mobile Computing Via Public Terminals BIBAFull-Text 238-253
  Richard Sharp; James Scott; Alastair R. Beresford
iCAP: Interactive Prototyping of Context-Aware Applications BIBAFull-Text 254-271
  Anind K. Dey; Timothy Sohn; Sara Streng; Justin Kodama
iCam: Precise at-a-Distance Interaction in the Physical Environment BIBAFull-Text 272-287
  Shwetak N. Patel; Jun Rekimoto; Gregory D. Abowd
Gesture Signature for Ambient Intelligence Applications: A Feasibility Study BIBAFull-Text 288-304
  Elisabetta Farella; M. Sile O'Modhrain; Luca Benini; Bruno Riccò
Exploring the Effects of Target Location Size and Position System Accuracy on Location Based Applications BIBAFull-Text 305-320
  Cliff Randell; Erik Geelhoed; Alan J. Dix; Henk L. Muller
Displays in the Wild: Understanding the Dynamics and Evolution of a Display Ecology BIBAFull-Text 321-336
  Elaine M. Huang; Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Jay P. Trimble
Modeling Human Behavior from Simple Sensors in the Home BIBAFull-Text 337-348
  Ryan Aipperspach; Elliot Cohen; John F. Canny
Using a Live-In Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing Research BIBAFull-Text 349-365
  Stephen S. Intille; Kent Larson; Emmanuel Munguia Tapia; Jennifer Beaudin; Pallavi Kaushik; Jason Nawyn; Randy Rockinson
The Diet-Aware Dining Table: Observing Dietary Behaviors over a Tabletop Surface BIBAFull-Text 366-382
  Keng-hao Chang; Shih-yen Liu; Hao-Hua Chu; Jane Yung-jen Hsu; Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen; Tung-yun Lin; Chieh-Yu Chen; Polly Huang
Lessons for the Future: Experiences with the Installation and Use of Today's Domestic Sensors and Technologies BIBAFull-Text 383-399
  Mark Stringer; Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Eric Harris