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Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Persuasive Technology

Fullname:Persuasive Technology: Second International Conference on Persuasive Technology, PERSUASIVE 2007
Editors:Yvonne de Kort; Wijnand IJsselsteijn; Cees Midden; Berry Eggen; B. J. Fogg
Location:Palo Alto, California
Dates:2007-Apr-26 to 2007-Apr-27
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4744
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-77006-0; ISBN: 978-3-540-77005-3 (print), 978-3-540-77006-0 (online); hcibib: Persuasive07
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. Technology That Motivates Health Behavior
  2. Persuading People with Video Games
  3. New Form Factors for Persuasive Technology
  4. Surrounded by High-Tech Persuasion
  5. Controlling People by Using Digital Punishment
  6. Technology That Motivates Groups to Unify
  7. How Peers Influence You Online
  8. New Insights Into Web Persuasion
  9. Persuasive Agents on the Screen
  10. Using Digital Images to Persuade
  11. Persuasion Via Mobile Phones
  12. Insights Into Persuasion Principles
  13. Perspectives on Persuasive Technology

Technology That Motivates Health Behavior

Persuasion, Task Interruption and Health Regimen Adherence BIBAKFull-Text 1-11
  Timothy W. Bickmore; Daniel Mauer; Francisco Crespo; Thomas Brown
Promoting Physical Activity Through Internet: A Persuasive Technology View BIBAFull-Text 12-17
  Weimo Zhu
Digital Therapy: The Coming Together of Psychology and Technology Can Create a New Generation of Programs for More Sustainable Behavioral Change BIBAKFull-Text 18-23
  Pål Kraft; Harald Schjelderup-Lund; Håvar Brendryen
Designing Persuasion: Health Technology for Low-Income African American Communities BIBAKFull-Text 24-35
  Andrea Grimes; Rebecca E. Grinter

Persuading People with Video Games

Fine Tuning the Persuasion in Persuasive Games BIBAFull-Text 36-47
  Rilla Khaled; Pippin Barr; James Noble; Ronald Fischer; Robert Biddle
Captivating Patterns -- A First Validation BIBAKFull-Text 48-54
  Sabine Niebuhr; Daniel Kerkow

New Form Factors for Persuasive Technology

Promoting New Patterns in Household Energy Consumption with Pervasive Learning Games BIBAFull-Text 55-63
  Magnus Bång; Anton Gustafsson; Cecilia Katzeff
iParrot: Towards Designing a Persuasive Agent for Energy Conservation BIBAFull-Text 64-67
  Abdullah Al Mahmud; Pavan Dadlani; Omar Mubin; Suleman Shahid; Cees J. H. Midden; Oliver Moran
The Pet Plant: Developing an Inanimate Emotionally Interactive Tool for the Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 68-79
  Teddy McCalley; Alain Mertens

Surrounded by High-Tech Persuasion

Distributed User Experience in Persuasive Technology Environments BIBAKFull-Text 80-91
  Katarina Segerståhl; Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
The PerCues Framework and Its Application for Sustainable Mobility BIBAFull-Text 92-95
  Wolfgang Reitberger; Bernd Ploderer; Christoph Obermair; Manfred Tscheligi
Persuasive Technologies Should Be Boring BIBAKFull-Text 96-99
  Conrad Wai; Pete Mortensen

Controlling People by Using Digital Punishment

Electronic Monitoring of Offenders: Can a Wayward Technology Be Redeemed? BIBAKFull-Text 100-104
  Robert S. Gable
Logical Modeling of Deceptive Negative Persuasion BIBAFull-Text 105-108
  Neil C. Rowe
Surveillance, Persuasion, and Panopticon BIBAKFull-Text 109-120
  Julie Leth Jespersen; Anders Albrechtslund; Peter Øhrstrøm; Per F. V. Hasle; Jørgen Albretsen

Technology That Motivates Groups to Unify

Support Services: Persuading Employees and Customers to Do what Is in the Community's Best Interest BIBAKFull-Text 121-124
  Mark Brodie; Jennifer Lai; Jonathan Lenchner; William Luken; Kavitha Ranganathan; Jung-Mu Tang; Maja Vukovic
Improving Cross-Cultural Communication Through Collaborative Technologies BIBAKFull-Text 125-131
  Alyssa J. O'Brien; Christine Alfano; Eva Magnusson
Group Reactions to Visual Feedback Tools BIBAKFull-Text 132-143
  Joan Morris DiMicco; Walter Bender
Can Brotherhood Be Sold Like Soap...Online? An Online Social Marketing and Advocacy Pilot Study Synopsis BIBAKFull-Text 144-147
  Brian Cugelman; Mike Thelwall; Phil Dawes

How Peers Influence You Online

Social Comparisons to Motivate Contributions to an Online Community BIBAKFull-Text 148-159
  F. Maxwell Harper; Sherry Xin Li; Yan Chen; Joseph A. Konstan
Can Companies Initiate Positive Word of Mouth? A Field Experiment Examining the Effects of Incentive Magnitude and Equity, and eReferral Mechanisms BIBAKFull-Text 160-163
  Jan Ahrens; Michal Ann Strahilevitz
Source Salience and the Persuasiveness of Peer Recommendations: The Mediating Role of Social Trust BIBAKFull-Text 164-175
  Peter de Vries; Ad Pruyn

New Insights Into Web Persuasion

An Examination of the Influence of Involvement Level of Web Site Users on the Perceived Credibility of Web Sites BIBAKFull-Text 176-186
  Susan Ferebee
Embedded Persuasive Strategies to Obtain Visitors' Data: Comparing Reward and Reciprocity in an Amateur, Knowledge-Based Website BIBAKFull-Text 187-198
  Luciano Gamberini; Giovanni Petrucci; Andrea Spoto; Anna Spagnolli
The Behavior Chain for Online Participation: How Successful Web Services Structure Persuasion BIBAKFull-Text 199-209
  B. J. Fogg; Dean Eckles

Persuasive Agents on the Screen

Exploring Persuasive Potential of Embodied Conversational Agents Utilizing Synthetic Embodied Conversational Agents BIBAKFull-Text 210-213
  John Shearer; Patrick Olivier; Marco De Boni; Robert Hurling
The Importance of Interface Agent Visual Presence: Voice Alone Is Less Effective in Impacting Young Women's Attitudes Toward Engineering BIBAKFull-Text 214-222
  Rinat B. Rosenberg-Kima; Amy L. Baylor; E. Ashby Plant; Celeste E. Doerr
Embodied Agents on a Website: Modelling an Attitudinal Route of Influence BIBAKFull-Text 223-230
  Pablo Lambert de Diesbach; David F. Midgley

Using Digital Images to Persuade

Is it Me or Is it what I say? Source Image and Persuasion BIBAFull-Text 231-242
  Hien Nguyen; Judith Masthoff
Digital Television as Persuasive Technology BIBAFull-Text 243-252
  Duane Varan; Steve Bellman

Persuasion Via Mobile Phones

The Use of Mobile Phones to Support Children's Literacy Learning BIBAKFull-Text 253-258
  Glenda Revelle; Emily Reardon; Makeda Mays Green; Jeanette Betancourt; Jennifer Kotler
Toward a Systematic Understanding of Suggestion Tactics in Persuasive Technologies BIBAKFull-Text 259-270
  Adrienne H. Andrew; Gaetano Borriello; James Fogarty

Insights Into Persuasion Principles

Modelling a Receiver's Position to Persuasive Arguments BIBAFull-Text 271-282
  Hien Nguyen; Judith Masthoff; Peter Edwards
Persuasive Recommendation: Serial Position Effects in Knowledge-Based Recommender Systems BIBAKFull-Text 283-294
  Alexander Felfernig; Gerhard Friedrich; Bartosz Gula; Martin Hitz; Thomas Kruggel; Gerhard Leitner; Rudolf Melcher; D. Riepan; S. Strauss; Erich Teppan; O. Vitouch

Perspectives on Persuasive Technology

Persuade Into What? Why Human-Computer Interaction Needs a Philosophy of Technology BIBAKFull-Text 295-306
  Daniel Fallman
Classical Rhetoric and a Limit to Persuasion BIBAKFull-Text 307-310
  Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen; Per F. V. Hasle
Persuasion Theories and IT Design BIBAKFull-Text 311-314
  Marja Harjumaa; Harri Oinas-Kukkonen