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Proceedings of the 2013 ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Pervasive Displays
Editors:Bill N. Schilit; Roy Want; Timo Ojala
Location:Mountain View, California
Dates:2013-Jun-04 to 2013-Jun-05
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2096-2; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: PerDis13
Links:Conference Website
  1. Proxemic interaction
  2. Applications
  3. Projection and 3D
  4. Architecture and space
  5. Mobile interaction
  6. Users and communities

Proxemic interaction

Multi-view proxemics: distance and position sensitive interaction BIBAFull-Text 1-6
  Jakub Dostal; Per Ola Kristensson; Aaron Quigley
Waving to a touch interface: descriptive field study of a multipurpose multimodal public display BIBAFull-Text 7-12
  Marko Jurmu; Masaki Ogawa; Sebastian Boring; Jukka Riekki; Hideyuki Tokuda
Cognitive effects of interactive public display applications BIBAFull-Text 13-18
  Florian Alt; Stefan Schneegass; Michael Girgis; Albrecht Schmidt
Conveying interactivity at an interactive public information display BIBAFull-Text 19-24
  Kazjon Grace; Rainer Wasinger; Christopher Ackad; Anthony Collins; Oliver Dawson; Richard Gluga; Judy Kay; Martin Tomitsch


Yarely: a software player for open pervasive display networks BIBAFull-Text 25-30
  Sarah Clinch; Nigel Davies; Adrian Friday; Graham Clinch
Application discoverability on multipurpose public displays: popularity comes at a price BIBAFull-Text 31-36
  Simo Hosio; Jorge Goncalves; Vassilis Kostakos
A comparison of two display models for collaborative sensemaking BIBAFull-Text 37-42
  Haeyong Chung; Sharon Lynn Chu; Chris North
HydraScope: creating multi-surface meta-applications through view synchronization and input multiplexing BIBAFull-Text 43-48
  Björn Hartmann; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Wendy E. Mackay

Projection and 3D

Displaydrone: a flying robot based interactive display BIBAFull-Text 49-54
  Jürgen Scheible; Achim Hoth; Julian Saal; Haifeng Su
Be green: implementing an interactive, cylindrical display in the real world BIBAFull-Text 55-60
  Rouien Zarin; Nicholas True; Nigel Papworth; Kent Lindberg; Daniel Fallman
Perceiving layered information on 3D displays using binocular disparity BIBAFull-Text 61-66
  Nora Broy; Florian Alt; Stefan Schneegass; Niels Henze; Albrecht Schmidt
Towards a framework for projection installations BIBAFull-Text 67-72
  Hans William Falck; Kim Halskov

Architecture and space

Extending architectural theories of space syntax to understand the effect of environment on the salience of situated displays BIBAFull-Text 73-78
  Nick Dalton; Paul Marshall; Ruth Dalton
Exploring the effect of spatial layout on mediated urban interactions BIBAFull-Text 79-84
  Moritz Behrens; Ava Fatah gen. Schieck; Efsathia Kostopoulou; Steve North; Wallis Motta; Lei Ye; Holger Schnadelbach
Clearing the virtual window: connecting two locations with interactive public displays BIBAFull-Text 85-90
  Jonna Häkkilä; Olli Koskenranta; Maaret Posti; Leena Ventä-Olkkonen; Ashley Colley
Beyond the vision paradigm: design strategies for crossmodal interaction with dynamic digital displays BIBAFull-Text 91-96
  Claude Fortin; Kate Hennessy; Ruedi Baur; Pierre Fortin

Mobile interaction

Mobile applications for open display networks: common design considerations BIBAFull-Text 97-102
  Rui José; Jorge Cardoso; Florian Alt; Sarah Clinch; Nigel Davies
PresiShare: opportunistic sharing and presentation of content using public displays and QR codes BIBAFull-Text 103-108
  Matthias Geel; Daniel Huguenin; Moira C. Norrie
Wordster: collaborative versus competitive gaming using interactive public displays and mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 109-114
  Petri Luojus; Jarkko Koskela; Kimmo Ollila; Saku-Matti Mäki; Raffi Kulpa-Bogossia; Tommi Heikkinen; Timo Ojala
GPS lens: GPS based controlling of pointers on large-scale urban displays using mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 115-120
  Sven Gehring; Christian Lander

Users and communities

OpenWindow: citizen-controlled content on public displays BIBAFull-Text 121-126
  Niels Wouters; Jonathan Huyghe; Andrew Vande Moere
Tethered or free to roam: the design space of limiting content access on community displays BIBAFull-Text 127-132
  Nemanja Memarovic; Keith Cheverst; Marc Langheinrich; Ivan Elhart; Florian Alt
Street infographics: raising awareness of local issues through a situated urban visualization BIBAFull-Text 133-138
  Sandy Claes; Andrew Vande Moere
A practical framework for ethics: the PD-net approach to supporting ethics compliance in public display studies BIBAFull-Text 139-143
  Marc Langheinrich; Albrecht Schmidt; Nigel Davies; Rui José