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Proceedings of OZCHI'92, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'92, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:Interface Technology: Advancing Human-Computer Communications
Editors:Michael J. Rees; Renato Iannella
Location:Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
Dates:1992-Nov-26 to 1992-Nov-27
Publisher:Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group Ergonomics Society of Australia, Inc. Canberra Business Centre Bradfield Street Downer, ACT 2602 AUSTRALIA
Standard No:ISBN 0-9595349-9-7; hcibib: OZCHI92
Links:Conference Series Home Page | Scanned Proceedings PDF 29 Mb
  1. Opening Keynote
  2. User Interface Design
  3. User Interface Case Studies
  4. Groupware
  5. Education
  6. Closing Keynote
  7. Poster Abstracts

Opening Keynote

A Vision of Universal Functionality for Tomorrow's User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 1-14
  Gary Perlman

User Interface Design

Personal Productivity Tools as User Interface Type Managers BIBAK 15-21
  Robert M. Colomb; Yongyuth Chongvilaiwan
Notation Systems in Software Engineering BIBA 22-28
  E. Chang; Douglas D. Grant
Gizmos: An OO UI Toolkit in Prolog BIBAK 29-35
  Neil Leslie; James Lothian
Usability Testing of a Scheduling System: How Different Usability Testing Methods Support Redesign of the User Interface BIBAK 36-43
  Jukka Rantanen
Designing at a Distance: Experiments in Remote-Synchronous Design BIBAK 44-53
  Stephen A. R. Scrivener; Sean Clark; David Harris; Michael Smyth; Todd Rockoff
User Interface Design and Multimedia BIBAK 54-61
  Sarah Bloomer; Fiona Ingram
How to Evaluate Prototyping Tools (Allowing Designers to Design) BIBAK 62-69
  Penny Collings; James Mackay
Supporting Up-Stream User Interface Design Activities BIBAK 70-77
  K. Mouzakis; S. Howard

User Interface Case Studies

Constructing New Front-Ends to Existing Software: Re-Use and Integration BIBAK 78-84
  Ernest Edmonds; Bryan Murray; Nick Rousseau
A Visually Programmed Modeller for Workplace Design BIBAK 85-92
  Douglas Seeley; Riccardo Macri
Grue: A Graphical User Environment BIBAK 93-101
  Andrew J. Herbert; Leslie M. Goldschlager
The Pictoid Package -- Extending HyperCard BIBAK 102-109
  Nigel Perry
Directory Systems Interfaces BIBAK 110-117
  Renato Iannella
Developing FormsDesigner: A New Interface Technology for Advanced Human Computer Communication BIBAK 118-125
  David Sless


Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Design Reviews: Face-to-Face Groupwork Factors and a Groupwork Example BIBAK 126-133
  Mark Andrew
Designing Computer Systems to Support Collaborating Authors BIBAK 134-141
  Steve Jones
Automatic Conversational Context: Avoiding Dependency on User Effort in Groupware BIBAK 142-149
  Andy Cockburn; Harold Thimbleby
Extending Electronic Mail for Coordination in Groupware BIBAK 150-157
  Martin Leadbeater; Douglas Seeley


Computer-Based Education: Does On-Line Help Help? BIBA 158-165
  Bernie Winter
Usefulness of Online Help to Novice Users in a Supportive Learning Environment BIBAK 166-173
  Charmaine Ryan
Designing and Evaluating User Interfaces for Electronic Examinations BIBAK 174-181
  Michael J. Rees

Closing Keynote

Getting HCI on the Agenda: What's the Message? BIBAK 182-189
  Gitte Lindgaard

Poster Abstracts

Warning: Computers are a Health Hazard BIBAK 190
  V. Coomb; K. Cooper
The Pictoid Package -- Extending HyperCard -- Sticky Buttons BIBAK 190
  Nigel Perry
Design and Implementation of a Postgraduate Computer Human Interaction Subject BIBAK 191
  Ron Balsys
Developing Guidelines and Standards for Usability BIBA 191
  Judy Hammond
Participatory Research for Knowledge Support Systems Development BIBA 192-193
  Linda Candy
Explanations and Communication of Knowledge from Computer to Human BIBAK 193-194
  Shirley Gregor
Towards a Design for HyperCompass -- An Intelligent Software Agent BIBA 194
  Daniel Jitnah; John Lenarcic
Quasi-Experimental Studies of E-Mail Usage and Usability BIBA 195
  Perry Morrison
Executive-Computer Interfaces -- A Case Study BIBA 195-196
  Helen Hasan
Teaching the Environment of Systems Design BIBA 196-197
  Penny Collings; Anne McMahon; David Walker